Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohit calls Arpita, he calls her and says that he has to share a good news with her, and is waiting out for her. She asks him to come in, but he refuses. She tells him to wait in the garden. Rohit tells her that her designs have done great in the Mumbai exhibition. He tells her that she will have her personal brand in their company and gives her the first cheque of 50,000. Akshit comes there, and shouts at Arpita that whatever is happening here, he can see well. Arpita is neither able to be called as his wife, nor a daughter-in-law. Rohit tries to interfere, while Akshit begins to fight. Arpita asks Rohit to leave, Akshit says you are disgusting and leaves Arpita crying.

Suket says to Arpita that they are waiting for Avni to return from shopping. Sanvri helps Bhawna sit in the lounge, while Avni comes there. She shows Bhawna all the shopping, and tells her she has brought a black-thread for her. She ties the thread on her hand and says that mantir. Arpita takes Avni to show her the design of the card. Bhawna recalls that this mantir was from a temple of Umad. She comes to the Avni and Arpita, who were talking about Umad. Bhawna tells Arpita to go downstairs, and asks Avni did she go to Umad? Avni tells her all the events there, while Bhawna slaps her. She shouts at Avni, why she went there; does she know anything about it, what happened there? She suddenly recalls Bauji’s words, and says that that place is so far away, she must not have gone there. Bhawna says that if she really wants serve her, she must not do this again. Avni tells Bhawna to relax, but she goes away in anger.

Bhawna comes to her room, and cries about hitting Avni. Bauji comes to her. She says Avni went there today, she doesn’t want that her past effect her daughter’s future. Bauji says that nothing is disturbing Avni’s future, but her fear is. He tells her to go to Avni. Bhawna says that she won’t go, Avni must understand that one must also listen to the parents as well.

Avni was crying, Raj calls her and asks how Bhawna reacted seeing the thread. Avni tells him that she was angry, and said that they must not have gone there. Avni says she must have thought before going. Raj says that she scolded you because you cares, while you also care a lot for her. He offers to talk to her, but Avni says she will be fine in a while. Raj tells her that she and Anjali will come for preparations tomorrow.

Bhawna was ready to go somewhere in morning. She tells Bauji that she is going to solve some land issues. Avni comes downstairs and asks did she take the medicines. Bhawna was still angry and goes to take her medicines herself.

Anjali comes there, and announces that Raj’s father is also coming for Sangeet. Bhawna meets Anjali, she asks her to sit as she has to leave. Anjali says that the designer is coming she must stay here, but she tells her that she is also her mother. Avni stops Bhawna but she says she is giving her the permission to do this.

Outside, Bhawna calls someone and says that she is Sangeeta and will be coming to market soon. Raj apologizes Bhawna, but she says it wasn’t his mistake. Bhawna sits in the car, and tells the driver to go to market. He agrees, she was shocked to see Suket. He asks her to sit in front now, she tells him she has to buy turmeric, and is worried how she will meet her now.

In the market, Bhawna heads to shop while Suket says he will also come here. She says that she just know the shop well, and will be back in a while. He waits for her near the car. Her bag fells down, as she comes across a bike. Suket picks her bag, and says he wants to take care of her. A lady calls Sangeeta, as she passes by. Bhawna stops.

PRECAP: Bhawna is shocked to see a man, she calls Vikaram. The man recognizes her as Sangeeta.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think Bhavna is crazy….she is overreacting to everything. She is so worried that her past will affect Avni when she is affecting her now!!! Silly woman and her secrets.

  2. Akshit brain is full of shit,he is driving his wife away.

  3. what can be the truth of Bhavna ???… any idea ???

  4. I just saw on tv that ‘Vickram’ is Raj’s dad. He is related to Bhawna’s past.

  5. Ye vikram will be raaj’s father

  6. vikrm might be bhavna’s x-boyfriend…. may be she tried to run away with him n was caught by the villagers n further becoz of dat she had to leave dat place n finally end up with suket…. lets wait for d twist…

  7. Akshit is sooo sooo stupid I so much hate him his a fool how can he just fustrate my beautiful arpita he should better change and that makes him sooooo ugly shwu

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