Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj packs his things, while Avni cries hugging her teddy. He talks on phone saying he has seen the place they will live, and will find a good job as well. A man comes to meet him and gives him the bag with whole money transacted from the bank. He says it seems you are going to make a big investment, Raj agrees that it is the biggest investment of my life.
Avni was cooking; Bhawna comes to ask why she is preparing everyone’s favorite. She asks what it is all about. Sanvri says she is making everyone’s mood, but they won’t work and takes Bhawna along. Abhaas comes to kitchen. He asks don’t you have to prepare; Avni says I want to make this day memorable. Abhaas says I want to see you happy at any cost.
Everyone appreciates the dinner. Bauji asks is everything ok. Sanvri says he must ask Avni. Avni says she just wanted to cook today. She serves the food, and tells Bhawna to sit. She says I am sorry I talked aloud to you people, she asks them to forgive her as she loves them all. Bhawna hopes Arpita hadn’t gone her home, she must be so happy seeing her. Avni cries and looks at the temple praying to keep her family happy in her absence.
At night, Avni was watching her parent’s photograph crying. Abhaas comes to ask that they will have to go in a while. Avni says it is alright. Akshit comes and asks what is alright. Abhaas says that he is going for a drive and wanted her to come along. Akshit says he must stay home and let Avni sleep.
Raj ate with jiji’s hands. Jija asks how he is eating with her hand. He says he just wanted to have food from her hand. Raj begins to leave saying he has to go to gym. Jija asks who goes to gym after meal; he says he has to meet Ankit first. Raj looks behind and thinks he isn’t telling anything to them so that they don’t have to suffer anything when he is gone. Pooja holds his hand and asks him to tell her a tale. He holds her hand and says your parents are better story-tellers. He takes her promise that she will take care of her.
Avni holds the bag; Sanvri knocks the door and comes inside to sleep with her. Avni hides the bag behind the curtain and come to bed.
Raj wonders what if he didn’t have to run this way. Someone stops him on the road, it was Akshit. Raj asks shall he drop him somewhere, as this place is deserted. Akshit sits in the car. Sanvri had kept hand on Avni, which she removes slowly and gets up. Abhaas meets her. She goes to see her maa papa and takes their blessings while they were asleep. She then comes to Bauji and touches his feet too.
Akshit asks Raj where he is going so late. Raj says that he is going for Jiju’s catering business. Akshit notices money in the car, Raj says this is the money for all the workers. Akshit leaves.
Abhaas and Avni were waiting for Raj outside the house. Abhaas feared had he changed his decision. Raj comes and tells him he met Akshit.
Abhaas asks are you both ready. He tells Avni to go somewhere far, as no one here can understand their love here. She hugs him, he tells Raj to take care of his sister. Avni says thank you. He says he could do nothing in return of her Raakhi’s. He gives her sweets to remember their old days; they place them in each other’s mouths. Raj assures him he will keep Avni happy. Abhaas gives Raj a phone to use. They leave.
Sanvri says to Avni to get her water, and doesn’t find her in bed. She wakes up looking for Avni in the house. Akshit comes to ask what happened. She tells him Avni isn’t in her room and goes to look in the garden. Akshit thinks about Raj and all the money.

PRECAP: Sanvri tells Suket and Bhawna that Avni has run away. Raj and Avni marry each other, while Akshit, Suket, Bhawna and Sanvri heads to find them.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Sanam and kristelle are right ((( but I don’t wanna argue on mishkat and Kaanchi)))

  2. This serial is basically defining the relationships.

  3. At some point parents need to be more open & understanding towards their children, and at the same time children should respect their parents decisions because parents are older & wiser! This series is depicting the wrong story, running away is not the solution. There’s a old saying “If you love something set it free, if it’s urs it will return to u, if it’s not urs it will never return to u” so what we are trying to say raj & Avni are making hasty decisions, they haven’t even tried to give their love a break away from each other to see if their love is real!!!

  4. Everyone as a right to small in love. We are also against arranged marriages. But do not go about falling in love the wrong way. I also agree with sanam & Jodha this show teaches u to go against ur parents & run away which is wrong. If ur love is true then even ur parents will agree but don’t run away. Parents bring us up into the people we are today & to break their hearts over a boy is sad!!! One day that same boy will leave u & ul cry running back to those same parents u hurt.

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