Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 18th April 2014 Written Update

Bhawna tells Bauji to have tea; everyone was sitting in the lawn. Sanvri also prays that it all goes well. Avni comes out; Sanvri asks all the questions in one breathe. Avni tells them she talked to him for a short while only. Suket asks her what was wrong. She says she has no problem, but she cannot speak to a stranger like this and know him. It doesn’t seem right to her. Arpita agrees with her saying it happened to her as well, when she was going to get married to Akshit. Bhawna also agrees. Bauji says it means we have not get as modern yet, as we should be, but don’t worry. He tells Suket to call Mr. Chohan.
Suket calls Mr. Chohan. Raj is listening. Mr. Chohan says his son told him about what they and Avni talked about. Suket suggests that they should let their children meet, so that they can know each other well. In fact Samarth should come and live with them for a few days. Mr. Chohan says it is a good idea. But his son will come in 2 weeks. Raj swings around the pole in happiness saying 2 weeks. Suket notices, Raj says ‘sir files! I have kept them in the study.’ Suket says okay, so leave now and goes away himself. Arpita comes in, appreciating Raj that he managed Avni does not talk to Samarth for long. Raj says ‘and now he will also not let them meet, and meanwhile try to change the directions of winds to himself.’ He tells Arpita that jiji has arranged a party tonight and she is responsible to get everyone there. He will let Bhawna realize that he can be a good option for Avni.
Sanvri was talking to Kavita on phone discussing about the renovation of house. Arpita brings juice but Sanvri refuses to take it and leave. She gives Pratab his glass. He takes it and stops Arpita from leaving. He tells her that he is not in a condition to buy the nearby house of her friend. She asks him he wanted to buy it after selling his old house. He tells her his old house in mortgaged to Arpita’s father because someone took their diamonds from him in place of the money he couldn’t return. Arpita says she will talk to her parents, they will return his papers. He asks her not to do it at any cost, just asks her friend to sell her house to someone else. He says when he will have money; he will buy another house for Sanvri nearby. He asks if she will do it for him. She nods and leaves.
Bhawna comes to Suket saying he again forgot they were invited to Raj’s jiju’s place. He tells them to go, but she says she won’t go if he doesn’t. Suket says he wants them to go so that Avni can enjoy. In a few days she will get married to Samart and she will be gone forever.
Raj was doing ‘bhangra’ when he sees Avni and family coming. He hears a bell ringing. He thinks his love bell has rung a long ago, why is he hearing it now. He turns around and sees jiji ringing the bell doing Arti of Jija. He tells them Avni is here. They go to them, and jiji does aarti of them. Avni asks if they did it to all their guests. Jiji says yes and Raj no at the same time. Then Raj explains it’s done with the family only. Jija mentions about the ‘langar’ (food-distribution). Avni says she will also help them. He was delighted to hear she knows about it. He explains how important it is for farmers to pray upon the first food of a crop, and he cooks and distributes from that crop, so this occasion is very important for him. They turn to leave; while jiji stops him and tells them that first there will be Bhangra performance. Avni gets excited saying she loves bhangra. Jiji says not just watch; she will have to do the bhangra as well, as she dances well. Avni says she does not know how to do bhangra. Arpita says Raj will teach her. Bhawna urges Avni to do it. Jiji says today it will happen in a traditional way, you will know in a short while.
Bhawna asks where Raj and Avni have gone. Jiji says they have just come, there appears Raj and Avni all dressed-up in Punjabi bhangra dresses. Jiji says how good the couple looks. They all enjoy the bhangra together. Jiji gets drinks for Bhawna and tells her they were looking for a girl for Raj to marry him soon. She asks if she knew any girl. Bhawna says ‘Avni…?’ jiji says excitedly ‘Avni!’ but Bhawna says she is getting it all wrong, she was just looking for her, and asks Arpita where Avni is. She says she must be in langar. Jiji excuses herself.
Avni was distributing the food, Raj comes to his help and hold the bucket of food. An old man blesses them that their couple continues forever. Raj says he will bring the sweet for him, Avni follows him.
Arpita tells Kavita that she wants to talk to you about her Banglow. Sanvri comes there wondering what they were doing together. Arpita returns the keys to Kavita so that she can show the Banglow to someone else as well. They hug as Kavita takes the keys. Sanvri gets angry watching this, she says she will not spare her today but stops as she remembered Bhawna favoring Arpita and shouting at her a few days back. She says she will not make a drama of it, Arpita has snatched her dream house for her, she will have to pay for her anyway.
They barbeque set up was on the balcony, beneath which were sitting the kids on stairs. Avni heads to the kids, Raj saves them by falling on them from the back. Avni sees Raj was burnt and asks him to let her put medicine as he forbid her to tell it to jiji. He says he will get it done by jija. Bhawna comes and tells Avni to go as Suket is calling. Raj watches them leave. Episode ends

PRECAP: Avni was painting. A young man comes and says Hi. She turns around; with paint all over her face. She asks if he wants to meet her dad, he is inside. He says I am Samart. She says ok, go inside!; turns around and realizes what he just said, she stiffens. She turns around and looks at the man.

Update Credit to: Sona

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