Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Umatgaon
In the morning, as avni starts to ask questions about parvati from sumer, he says that she has been sent to her maternal place. Avni hesitatingly brings up the topic of Sangeeta, and he is enraged.Avni is shut by the person and asks her to stay as a guest here, and not take advantage of their hospitality, and just keep to her work and not interfere her nose in other matters. He leaves in a huff. She is tensed. raj arrives at the place and finds avni inside. raj comes inisde and tries to talk to avni, but she snubs him off, while he asks her to leave, as he keeps telling her that it isnt safe for her here. She asks who is he to to advise her about herself. raj says that he is doing this only. Avni reminds that he has no place for him in her life, the day she broke off their marriage. raj leaves. He wonders how to get avni to understand when she isnt even willing to talk. Avni is frustrated with the confusing stage of her life. She thinks that she would have to find out about sangeets from parvati. As she walks out, raj again tries to talk to avni, but she drives off. raj is tensed. his lodge owner comes and asks why is he so concerned for this girl, when all she tries is to get him in trouble. Raj says that she does this, as he broke her heart by calling off the marriage, and that things got ruined. The villager says that its evident that he loves her still, then why did he do that. raj says that her own mother asked him to do this. he remembers Bhawna coming to plead with him, to break off avni’s marriage with him, and he being dumbfounded. She begs him tyo do this for avni and her love and her happiness. he says that he cant do this as he made a promise to avni. bhawna reminds him of his promise to her too, and he gets tensed, and says that this is wrong, and that he cant betray avni. Bhawna asks what if avni would be terribly sad after marrying him, and that she would live like she’s in hell, and would suffocate in his family. He is tensed. Bhawna says that she knows avni’s heart would be broken, and that she would take a long time to recover, but after marriage, she would be ruined for life. raj asks why. She says that she cant divulge, but he says that she is making him sacrifice everything, and then she breaks down saying that her past has haunted their present and future, and that may god forgive her for what she did in Umatgaon. She finally coaxes him to break off his marriage with avni. the villager asks as to what happened. Raj tells him that it ruined his and avni’s life. He is instructed to go to a person, who would be able to tell him something. raj thinks that this person, or the nurse, or himself sumer singh would have to tell him the truth about Bhawna.

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Meanwhile, Virat too arrives in Umatgaon, evilly thinking about avni and spending time with her. He finds her interacting with villagers and gets tensed, but brights up too at the idea of seeing her. He is about to make a move, when he finds that she is with Sumer Singh, and wonders if she knows the truth. Avni while conducting the meeting, finds a lady, and then takes parvati’s number from her, thinking that she must be knwoing her. She stealthily escapes trying to call parvati, and asking her to please tell her the truth about her mother, and tries to manage a meeting with her, even threatening her to go to sumer and identify herself, if she doesnt comply. parvati hurriedly agrees to meet and asks avni to come. Virat thinks that he wont let avni get to know the truth, about what happened years long back. Just then, he overhears and finds raj too going aside with the villager, talking about Bhawna only. He thinks that both raj and avni are trying to find out about Bhawna and both would hev to be stopped. He turns to find avni gone, and while he turns around again, he finds raj gone too. He tries to search them too. Avni finally meets parvati, and raj too meets with the nurse, both of whom are shocked to see avni and raj respectively, and they both threaten them to tell the truth. Parvati tells avni that the villagers hate her, since she had gone against the traditions and fallen in love with someone. Avni gets to know from her aunty that Bhawna had fallen in love with a person, and that her name was Vikram Purohit. She is shocked to find that its raj’s father. Raj too gets to know the same truth, and is stunned. parvati tells that suitors were being called for both of them, for their arranged marriages. when avni’s grandpa came to meet sangeeta, he instantly liked her, but she told him about her affair with Vikram, that was a secret from the villagers. Parvati talks about the tortuee that sangeeta went through when she told them about the love of her life. parvati says that they loved each other, and snubbed by villagers and they decided to run away. The nurse tells the same thing to raj. Sangeets ran in the night, and her father got a call from someone, about her daughter’s disappearance. sangeeta found that Vikram didnt arrive. raj asks if he betrayed her. The nurse tells that vikram wanted to make some arrangements for his family before running away and got late due to the stormy weather. when he camehome, he found that his parents had been killed, and the villagers spread the news that sangeeta’s instructions were to kill his parents. He is furious and apalled, and rushes to sangeeta’s house. Meanwhile, parvatio tells avni that she had told sangeeta not to tell anyone for the sake of saving the reputation of their family, as sumer and avni’s grandpa had threatened that they would kill her mother. sangeeta is shocked. Just then, vikram arrives and asks if she did this, and she complies, to save her mother. Vikram is enraged but she shut the door on his face. vikram started hating her. And sangeeta’s family too started becoming embarassed of what sangeeta did to shame them. Her grandpa couldnt take it the insult and people’s taunts any longer, and hanged himself and committed suicide. Avni and raj are apalled to hear this. Both get to know that sangeeta was shunned off by them, but avni’s grandpa stopped her, as she tried to commit suicide, and saved her and helped her to start a new life. Avni and raj are apalled.

Virat is tensed thinking about where raj and avni are. Virat thinks that if his contribution comes to light, then he would be ruined. He overhears the villagers praising avni. He goes to them. Virat instigates everyone that the labourers think that avni is here to save them, when infact she is the daughter of the ill fated girl, sangeeta. they are furious to hear this, when they get to know that Avni has come back for revenge, and that she should be ruined before she tries anything against them. they leave to get to the girl, while virat thinks that avni’s game ends now, as if she dies, then only he lives on. The screen freezes on his evil face.

Precap: All the villagers tell sumet singh, that avni is sangeeta’s daughter, having come here to seek revenge. They are determined to kill her. They try to kill her with a sword. Raj comes to save Avni in the eleventh hour. He faces them all and then takes avni’s hands and goes onto run away, with the villagers in tow.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Finally the truth behind bhavana’s past revealed…update the rest fast…

  2. Episode was fabulous with twists and all other stuf and thnanks for posting

  3. intresting…i hate that evil virat!

  4. Yess the secret is o longer a suspence lol
    Awww poor bhavna but from wat ived read seems virat killed vickram parents….

  5. Bhavna is sooooooo selfish!!! If she had just told the truth to everyone including her husband and her children, she wouldn’t have broken Avni’s heart!!!! She could have told them Virat’s intentions if she wan’t keeping the truth from them!!! Idiot woman!

  6. Please do not drag the serial. It would be better if this serial finishes on high note rather than being boring and dull.

  7. wow all that suspense just because of THAT?! so what if she was in love with someone what the hell she couldve told her husband about all this way before they got married or just tell the truth to everyone before , what is so bad about being in love with someone? I thought she had s*x before marriage or something

    1. Easier said than done my dear……

  8. #RajstilllovesAvni #AvnistilllovesRaj #AvRaj #RajAv #Showgoeson #bestromanticshowiveseen !!

  9. intresting……

  10. Realiy Interesting

  11. i love this serial so much and atlast raj and avni get together. I love raj somuch

  12. That wasn’t so bad as I think, bhavna wasn’t at fault there, so y was she soo scared

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