Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Payal says to Bhawna that she has seen her somewhere and recalls she saw her in her family album. She says her family must have known her. Bhawna denies saying she must be mistaken as she never went to Umad village. Bhawna says there can be more than one people of same faces. Bhawna comes to the room, closing the door she takes out an old photo of her and cries saying “Umad village- my village where I lived once”. She cries remembering it.
Raj tells Payal what Samarth talked to him about his proposal for Avni. Samarth comes there and goes to get fresh. Payal says Avni is must confused taking you and we should make her realize what she wants. Avni comes there in western dress; Raj keeps on looking at her remarking how you wear such dress. Raj thinks he once remarked her about floral dress so she wears it. Samarth comes and appreciates her dress too thinking he once said to her that he likes such dresses on girls so she wear it for him.
Raj invites them to have a seat. Raj offers Payal a seat while Samarth goes and sits there. Avni recalls Arpita’s advice about the qualities of men. Raj tells Payal that he brought a gift for her, he asks her to allow her help wear the necklace. She agrees. Samarth notices Avni’s discomfort about it. Avni was uncomfortable with her western dress, so Raj offers her the stroller of Payal and says she will like it. Samarth dislikes it.
Raj and Payal put meal into each other’s mouth. Payal suggests that she loves this date and should go camping to spend more time together. Raj asks Avni, but she says why she should go there to see their love display. Payal says she thinks they will have to go alone; Avni says no I and Samarth will also join you people. Raj and Payal take a leave and Payal poses to kiss Raj. When they come back on the table, there was lipstick mark on Raj’s shirt. Avni points it to him but Payal takes a tissue paper from Avni’s hand and removes it. Avni says she is leaving. Samarth also takes the leave. Raj is saddened and says he can’t see Avni sad.
Samarth says to Avni that she doesn’t like all these little things. Avni is irritated saying every girl likes such little things and goes inside. Samarth recalls how Raj told him Avni doesn’t like gentleman.
Bhawna packs Avni’s things. Avni says she has already checked her things thrice but Bhawna says she will check it for three times again. Samarth and Raj also comes there and makes Bhawna relax. Raj holds Avni’s bag but Samarth takes it from him. He says he will have to do it after marriage too.
Payal tells Bhawna that she has got her pic in her cell phone but the display goes out. They all leave. Outside Payal asks Avni to comes with her inside as she has forgotten the camera inside. Samarth tells Raj that he believed in his false advice till now that Avni doesn’t like gentlemen, he says he doesn’t understand why he did this to him. He says he disliked it but he will have to tell him why he gave him the wrong advice. Raj says you really want to know, you will understand in one word only and that word is ‘Masti!’ and laughs aloud. Samarth stands serious and confused. Raj says if there is no fun in life there is nothing interesting. Samarth smiles at Raj’s cheeriness while the girls also come out. Raj and Payal sit in the car, Samarth asks for Avni’s hand to help her get on the jeep. Raj gets upset.
Avni tells everyone she brought snacks for everyone. Raj asks to keep some for him as well. Payal puts one in his mouth. Avni sees this and puts a snack in Samarth’s mouth. Raj sees this in the back-view mirror as Samarth appreciates it.
Payal appreciates Raj’s hair, Raj touches her hair. Avni asks Samarth can she sit with him. He says sure; Avni puts her arm around Samarth’s. Raj takes a deliberate brake, Avni slips on another seat. Raj says sorry, an animal came in the way. Samarth thinks there is no animal, then why is Raj doing this all. He thinks he has many questions in mind and wants their answers from Raj.

PRECAP: Raj holds Avni’s hand and asks her Will you marry me?

Update Credit to:Sona

  1. that recap!!!… i hope its finally true!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is the precap is a real one or that darbok Raj’s dream. is there that much scene between that Mickey mouse face and chapathi face.

  3. No, may be he will make up by saying that should i propose payal for marriage this way or may be a dare in truthNdare .. can be anythjng except reality..

  4. IS IT TRUE ??
    No it can never be.. In zee,there are awesome movies, but they always drag
    And the people in it is 4ever dreaming… While we wish its real, but its not ..

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