Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with akshat calling avni and then they both going away. When they are going avni looks at the people fighting and spots raj whose also fighting, she gets shocked to see him and then raj sees avni there , he stops and avni fells disgusted and she goes. At home avni is telling god that today was a very good day and her new sister in law is so beautiful and that everything was decided only in one meet and she is very happy today. Avni tells god that everything rest is ok but that boy(raj) was fighting there and she thought that day he was from a good family so she helped him but he turned out to be a hooligan, there sis Is aiding raj and she tells him that why did he need to fight and he tells that the man had insulted jiju so he could not control, jiju tells is

to let it go as raj is big, sis tells him to shut up and tells jiju that its ok that raj is a child now but why did he fight, jiju tells that he is not a child and sis tells that they should have talked peacefully and why fight, she goes and jiju goes behind her, friend tells raj that now everything is ok and why is he sad, raj tells that he is sad because what will that girl think about him and she will think that he is such a hooligan.

At arpita’s home arpitas mom tells that she liked akshat that time when she saw him first, arpita smiles, dad tells that he is very happy for their relationship, suket(avni’s dad) calls arpitas dad tells that on pournima they should do the engagement and discuss of the marriage. Dad tells of course yes and then he keeps the phone and tells arpita that they are fixing the engagement and she gets happy and hugs him.

There at home avni is talking with devika and is telling her that she is very happy today and she will also get the permission for the concert and she keeps the phone. In akshats room bhavna is talking with him and avni comes and bhavna who is telling akshat that the engagement is close and even marriage so they have to do then preparations. Avni tells that she will also help and will do all the preparations by herself. Akshat tells that nowadays avni has become too responsible. Avni tells yes and bhavna tells her that whatever she does she will not send her to music concert, avni tells ok and tells that if she says no then she will not go. all updates only at desi tv There akshat is talking with arpita and tells her that he will come tomorrow early from office and then they can go to the concert, arpita tells that is avni coming, he tells that mom did not allow avni, arpita tells that they will go out after so many days. In avni’s room avni is telling devika that she will not come as mom did not allow her, devika tells that she has to come as concert comes only one time in the year and if she doesn’t comes then she will also not come and then she tells avni that even her favorite singer vivaan will come but avni tells that she cant come as if mom tells then only she will come and then they keep the phone and avni tells that they will meet tomorrow in college. Devika says to herself that she will do anything but not miss the concert as it comes only once and she will take avni with her at any cost.

Next day, bhavna tells narayan to make breakfast and then a call comes and she takes the call, devika is there and she is talking with mrs.maheshwari’s name, devika tells bhavna that it is mrs.maheshwari the college principal and that today evening there is a science seminar and the children have to wait at college for the seminar and that they will leave avni back home after the seminar, bhavna says ok and keeps the phone and she tells avni about it and avni says ok. Akshat comes down and comes and takes moms blessings and is going to office, when mom asks why so early akshat tells that he has to do work early as there is meeting in the evening. Then akshat goes and avni tells that she will also go as devika is coming to pick her up.

In the car, devika is telling avni to come to the concert as she only talked in the name of mrs.maheshwari and has taken permission. Avni gets sad and tells that she will not come as she cant lie to her mom and come for the concert, devika tells that she also bought the tickets and has spent her whole month pocket money in buying those tickets and that she has to come, avni says no and tells she cant come as she never lied to mom and went out, devika tells that now she has been permitted and she has to come but avni says no. there at raj’s home, raj is also having the tickets and jiju is telling him that this time they all have made the concert very good and have taken a bigger stage, raj tells that this time the concert will be very remembering for them and will rock the stage.

In the evening, when devika and avni are going home devika tells that now it is evening and what is she thinking of to do as she has bought tickets and they should go, avni tells no and then she gets down at her home. In the hall bhavna is telling dadaji that she is going to gift arpita her necklace which was given to her by mother in law, dadaji tells that let it be as if she gives this away then what will she give to avni and abhaas, dadaji tells that instead they should distribute the family jewellery to all three of them. Bhavna says ok. Avni comes in, bhavna asks that why didn’t she go for the seminar, avni tells her the truth and tells that she did not wanted to go to the concert on the basis of lying her. dadaji gets up and then taps avni at the back and tells that bhavna knew everything and that she had recognized devikas voice but she wanted to see that how true is her child so she did not tell anything. Dadaji then tells avni that she has done good and has been a truthful person and so she will get a gift, and he allows her to go for the concert, avni gets happy and says thank you and hugs bhavna and thanks dadaji and then she goes.

At the concert, devika and avni come but for the ticket checking there is a long line so they join another line. There in another line there is akshat and arpita, then akshat and arpita check in, there avni checks in and devika tells her to go and she will come. Avni goes and is walking and looking everywhere here and there. There raj who is the sponsorer and the is having the management is talking with some people and is telling to put this and that. Then he suddenly spots avni and he sends them and he is looking at her continuously and is smiling. Avni there comes near raj and is looking here and there and then she turns to go and Is going when her dupatta gets stuck in raj’s watch and raj is pulled towards her and is gong behind her he is continuously smiling and then a little ahead avni feels the pull of her dupatta from behind and she turns and sees that It is raj and she tells that it you!!!! She then remembers of the fights and she tells him that he came here also behind her, then raj shows her the dupatta, and avni looks and then removes it, then she sees devika at the back going downstairs and she runs behind her and calls her and goes, raj who is there also goes behind her but his friend comes in between and tells that come and there is a lot of work and some problem. They go backstage where even jiju is there.

In the audience everyone come and are cheering for their rockstar vivaan , avni and devika are standing on one side and on the other are arpita and akshat. At the backstage jiju tells that there has been a problem and that vivaan’s flight is late and they till then have to bring someone else so he should go. Raj tells no,no,no and tells that why will he go and he does not want to die there but jiju and friend pull him and send him on the stage, raj is scared but he stands there with his guitar, everybody who were cheering for vivaan now show signs of losing and stand quiet. Raj is scared and he looks back and tells in what difficulty they have put him. In the audience avni tells devika that he is there?!!!! And tells her that lets go and what to see him, raj then looks in the audience and spots avni and looks that she is going and he is smiling and is smiling continuously. Then when avni and devika are going he starts singing the song chahun main yaa naa from ashiqui 2, avni then turns and looks at him.

Precap: avni is dancing on the stage as she sings the girl part and she goes near raj and then touches his nose. Arpita is finding for avni near a building, she says to herself that where has this girl gone and when she looks up she sees avni standing on the small space outside the window and is scared as if she falls then will die to death. Arpita shouts loudly and says that what is she doing there and there avni has closed her eyes and is standing whereas arpita is helpless.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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