Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 16th April 2014 Written Update

Raj was a Suket’s office saying Good Morning. He was talking about the plans of hotels while Suket gets a call. He answers it saying ‘So he is here’. He tells Raj to go out and find all the best plans and ideas of the hotel. Raj says ok, extra cheerfully. Suket gives him looks, he apologizes and leaves. Suket welcomes Mr. Chohan. He excuses himself for leaving early that day because he remembered he had a meeting. Suket says he completely understands but before talking further about proposal, he should meet Mr. Chohan’s son as well. He promises he will surely bring his son to meet him and assures he would like him just he had liked Avni.
Avni was talking to Devika on phone telling her excitedly that she doesn’t believe what she just read. She asks her did she get

what it could mean. Arpita over-hears her and thinks Avni must have read the card she kept in her novel. Bhawna calls Arpita downstairs and she have to go. Kavita was there downstairs. Arpita hugs her, Sanvri tells her she called her to meet Pratab ji. She was asking about Arpita so she had to call her. Pratab arrives, Sanvri introduces them and he sits down. Sanvri says to Kavita that her husband wanted to wait till ‘Navrati’. Since now it’s over, they will buy her Banglow as soon as their own house is sold. Pratab says she must be having great offers about her Banglow, and they are not sure how much time their house will be sold in. so she can give their Banglow to someone else as well. Arpita says Kavita had promised her that she will only sale it to us if she does, as they are very good friends. Kavita agrees. Pratab ji thinks he should talk to Arpita about his position regarding house and tell him he cannot buy it now.
Sanvri comes to Bhawna’s room and sees Suket has also come home early. Suket tells them he talked to Mr. Chohan’s son on call today. He was surprised and pleased to know that the guy had his own business of serial production in Mumbai and was on an outdoor shooting in America these days. Bhawna says in aw that it was really great he had his own business in spite of a huge family business. Suket tells them he liked the guy, he is determined, mature and has a direction about his career and life. Bhawna asks what they should do now. He says he thinks they should proceed with the proposal. Bhawna and Sanvri cheer.
Arpita thinks that she forgot to ask Avni how she liked Raj’s card. She heads to her room. Avni was walking in the room; Arpita asks her why she was restless? Avni says since she has read it, she is very worried. Only raj can solve her problem. She calls Raj and tells him he should come here at once leaving whatever he was doing right now. She leaves the room. Arpita thinks her idea has worked now and calls Raj. He tells her Avni called him. She tells him that Avni has known about his feelings and tells how she had placed the card in the novel. She tells him she could not contain herself being his sister though he didn’t want to tell Avni like this. Raj was worried. Arpita tells her that Avni is feeling so happy after reading that note she can’t stop smiling. Raj got happy, and sits in the car.
At night he comes to Avni’s place. He was wearing a red jacket. She thinks its Avni’s favorite colour and Avni is his favorite. He is excited he is going to listen I love you from Avni today. He comes in. Arpita says someone is looking so dashing today. Raj says someone is so nervous today, he does not believe is it a reality or a dream. Arpita assures him it is real and tells him Avni is waiting upstairs for him. They hug as she wishes him luck.Avni was in her room when Raj arrives. He sees her smiling in her thoughts. He calls her name and comes in. She turns around saying thank god he came. She tells him her heart is beating so fast, and she is feeling very awkward since morning. She never felt this before, she couldn’t wait talking to him about it. Arpita was listening to their conversation. Raj asks what she wanted to say. She tells him she cannot believe she is going to talk to Samar today. She asks did he know who Samar is. She tells him he is the son of Mr. Chohan for whom she has a proposal. She is going to speak to him on phone. She tells him that yester-night when she was about to read the novel, she instead read her horoscope; it said she will speak to the love of her life. She told Devika about it in morning. Arpita thinks so Avni never read Raj’s note. Avni was telling him that sometime later he mother came to her room telling her that Samar will call her today from US and she should talk to him in a good way. Avni was worried about the call. She says she never interacted much with male except him and asks him to help what to say to him. Suket calls her from downstairs, she leaves saying she will be back soon and tells him not to leave.
Arpita sees Raj from behind the door; he was taken aback at what Avni had told him. She comes in but he leaves without saying anything. She sees the note below Avni’s bed and thinks had the note fallen from Avni’s novel? Raj comes in front of the temple downstairs. Arpita also comes there with the note and tells him it had fallen off the novel.. Raj says for the first time today, he heard another guy’s name from Avni’s mouth. He asks God they had only bring him close to Avni, now they will have to show him the way and write love in his fate. He kneels down in front of Gods. A flower falls on him, he picks it up, stands up and smile. He says Avni is his and no one else can come in his life. Arpita asks how he can say this so confidently. He says because these Gods are a symbol of love, and they also want to make his love exemplary. But only those people ever succeeded who faced difficulties. If Avni was not in his fate, he would never have met her in a temple. Today where he and Raj are standing, they had brought them there. Arpita asks then why had they brought Samar in between. Raj says because they wanted him to realize he will have to help himself. He has got their blessings, now he will get Avni too. Episode ends

PRECAP: Avni tells Samar that it is not a good idea to speak on call. They won’t know each other like this. He should sleep as it must be late there. Raj was standing behind her celebrating what she was saying to him. She says bye and hangs on the phone.

Update Credit to:Sona

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