Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjali comes out and teases Suket and Bhawna for doing romance alone here. She asks Bhawna how she is. She says she is just a bit tired. Suket asks does she want to go home. Bhawna sees Chacha ji leaving, and says that it’s a special party of Raj and Avni, they must go inside. She is feeling better now.

Avni asks Bauji to dance with her, but he denies. Anjali comes to dance with her, for which he was reluctantly. Avni and Raj enjoys the dance, while Arpita and Akshit do the dance with a sour-heart. Suket and Bhawna enjoys the dance too. The dancing ends, everyone claps while Avni and Raj are lost into the thoughts of each other. Jiji comes to withdraw their attentions.

Chacha ji comes from behind into the party. He heads to Bhawna, while Bauji stops him calling his name. Bhawna is alert; Chacha ji tells Bauji that he brought a gift for Avni. Bauji stops him and says he will just call Raj and Avni here.

Bhawna runs inside the room, where Anjali was arranging the gifts. Anjali asks her shall she call the doctor? Bhawna tells her to go downstairs, while she will come in a while. Anjali says that Bhawna is feeling weakness, and goes to get snacks for her.
Madhuri tells Anjali that Mr. and Mrs. Swaminath have arrives. Anjali regards that they have come so far on her invite and tells Madhuri that they are an important client, so she shall take this to Bhawna. Chacha ji asks Madhuri that he hasn’t met Avni’s mom yet, he will take the plate to her. Madhuri resists but he insists and takes the plate from her.

Bhawna was worried in the room, she thinks that her past must not interfere with the happiness in Avni’s life. Chacha ji knocks the room door. Jashan asks him what he is doing here. He tells him that he brought snacks for Avni’s mother, he had to meet her too. Bhawna comes to the door as Chacha ji told Jashan about the conditions of the village. She recalls the night, men ran behind her with torches in hands. Chacha ji told Jashan that a girl named Sangeeta ran from the village, and ruined all the reputation of the whole village. Chacha ji calls Bhawna to open the door, he is Ram Prasad here. Bhawna thinks she can’t go to this man, he knows me.

Suket comes there and asks Ram Prasad what happened. He tells him that he brought snacks for Bhawna. Bhawna is worried that he will recognize her in front of Suket. Suket offers him to help with the door. They struggle, when Ram Prasad slips the plate, his glass also fell down. Suket gives him his glasses, but he says that the glasses have broken. Suket says that he will get him make a new one. Chacha ji says sorry to Bhawna for all this. Anjali comes there, and tells Ram Prasad that he was called here to give his blessings and not work here. She tells him that she will tell the driver to drop him to Umad now. Suket asks Bhawna that she is really not well.

Sanvri finds Pooja’s mother drunk. Madhuri comes there and asks Sanvri what is happening. She was about to open her mouth in front of Madhuri, but Sanvri sends Madhuri away. Madhuri says that she will have to send her Pooja to this lady?

Jashan brings Raj to Bauji and Suket. He says that after the cocktail party, they must keep a Bachelors night for Raj to make it memorable for him. Bauji says that leaving Raj and Abhaas all men are married here. Jashan says that this party is for all the men. He says that all the friends of Raj and his relatives will make it memorable for him. Bauji asks what is Bachelor’s party all about? Suket asks what is wrong in bringing their wives along? Jashan says that this is important. Abhaas says that in such parties, grooms friends enjoy a lot. Bauji says that he won’t be able to come here as he has to go to a friend’s place. Raj asks Suket, he agrees and says that everything must be in limits. Raj says that it will even be less than limits. Jashan says that he will somehow send the ladies out. Anjali comes there. Raj tells her that Jiju is planning something. Anjali asks what plan? Jashan stammers that it is about wedding. Anjali tells him to relax, and tell her when the plan has finished. Jashan says that ladies must not know about it. Suket takes a leave.

At night, Bhawna sat on the sofa holding her head as she recalled what Ram Prasad had said. How vivid was his memory of the incident. She remembers all the scenes from the past. Avni comes and asks wasn’t she well in the party. Bhawna says that she just had a minor headache. Avni goes to massage her head and says that she must never hide her problems or pains from her. Bhawna says that how will she stay happy if she won’t hide. Avni asks the meaning. Bhawna recognizes her mistake and sits straight. Avni comes to sit beside, and says that each of your problem must pass her before going to Bhawna. Bhawna stops her. Avni holds her hand and says that she hopes to solve all her problems, always. Bhawna looks at her and thinks that she must face all the sins from the past.

PRECAP: Raj promotes about Dar-pan and Gannu Sahib for tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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