Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arpita stops Raj for lunch. He looks at Suket, who was sitting angrily. Avni comes downstairs and come along as Raj and Arpita heads towards the table. Sanvri says something into Akshit’s ears. Akshit says today is Raksha so he will give her a treat. Avni denies, but Suket says that when Akshit wants to take her out they will all go. He asks Bhawna, who and Bauji say they won’t. In the restaurant, Akshit asks Avni to order, but Avni says that if you want me to be happy, let me go home for lunch. She looks at some guys sitting and pointing at her, she asks Suket and Akshit to leave the place; but they say they will leave as soon as they are done with the lunch. The guys pointed Avni and passes remarks at her, but Suket and Akshit are quiet. She texts Raj.
At home, Arpita apologizes Raj saying she doesn’t understand why Akshit isn’t favoring him. Raj gets Avni’s text that some guys are misbehaving with me. Raj leaves in anger, Bauji and Bhawna follow.
Avni asks Akshit why he isn’t saying anything. Suket tells her to finish her food soon; they will leave after paying the bill. Avni stands up and goes to the boys. The elders stop her but she comes to them and asks haven’t you learnt to behave. A guy holds her hand asking her to teach them how to behave. Raj comes and holds the guys hand up Avni’s; and beats them to bits. He then says to Akshit that he is her elder brother, they were misbehaving with her and you did nothing; what is wrong with you? Raj reminds she tied Rakhi on your hand; at least you should have protected her today. Suket calls Raj, saying he did whatever was sensible. The police arrive; Suket tells him this is what Akshit did. Bauji also says that sometimes the other person might be better that you; how will you be able to protect Avni then. Suket says today it has been proved; you are not able for Avni in any way. He asks everyone to go. Avni stayed with Raj, Sanvri drags her saying there has already been a big drama.
At home, Avni asks does Raj needs to be the most perfect man of the world, it isn’t; I am also imperfect. She begs him not to do so, what wrong he did. Akshit asks wasn’t it wrong what he did there? She says no, she did alright, I feel safe with him. Sanvri asks what are you saying? She says the guy who doesn’t listen my insult and defend me with his hands; is the one I feel safe with.
Abhaas comes there and listens to the conversation. Avni asks Akshit did you think for once, how much I hated it when they were saying derogatory words for me. Bhawna asks do you think we don’t love you. Avni says she feels better with what Raj did. Suket scolds her to go to her room if done. She asks for an answer but Sanvri drags her to room. Abhaas comes clapping, he asks giving your daughter pain and sadness; what kind of betterment is this. He says you can’t separate Raj and Avni. Suket says at least we are fulfilling what our relations demand. You have failed to do that.
Abhaas comes to Avni’s room and takes her along. He brings her to a park, Raj was there too. They are both relieved to see each other and runs towards each other ending up hugging. She asks Raj if he is alright, and says he did the right thing to beat the goons. Abhaas comes to them, Raj thanks him for bringing her here. Abhaas says that our family wont ever accept you both, so I have found a solution. Raj says we are ready to do anything. Abhaas says that it is time I protect you both and your love. You will have to run away from home, they were both shocked. Abhaas explains that there is no other way.
He says that you can’t take it as your bad luck and leave each other. Avni objects, but Abhaas says he promised himself that he won’t make you both separate from each other. He asks Raj do you want that you are tested for small things, and in the end they say you are not worth Avni. He denies, Abhaas says that he will make the arrangements for them both to run tomorrow, so that they may marry and make their love story successful.
At night, Avni wakes up. Raj was there. Avni asks why we have to do so, she wishes she did not have to do so. Raj says they made much efforts for Akshit and Arpita so that their love gets accepted. But what happened. Raj says that Bhawna aunty understands, but she is hopeless in front of Suket. Avni says that the only way left is running away. She says that this is my last night at home, Raj says until their love is accepted he wont also contact his family; so as to share everything with her.

PRECAP: Sanvri comes worried to tell Suket and Bhawna that Avni ran away from home. Raj and Avni comes to temple and asks to marry. The mantri ji tells them Abhaas’ friend told them and the arrangements are complete.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Aaj ka episode thoda humpty sharma ki dulhaniya se inspired nahin tha.

  2. Savri wants someone to put her in her place. She claims to know everything. but she still lives in her father’s house rather than her own.. She is such a fraud.

  3. why savari eh look to make a child and mind her business

  4. Pls stop pleasing raj and Avni luckily she left the house and they get married I hope raj kicks her at the end and both of them should get punished:(

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