Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 15th April 2014 Written Update

Raj was at Avni’s house. Suket tells him he met his jiju in the temple. Raj thinks that must be about him and Avni. Suket tells him that at the spot he didn’t know how to react but later on he thought it better to talk to you. Bauji asks Suket what the talk was about. He tells him that Sheru ji wants to extend his business in hotel industry and he wants him to give raj training under him. He was admirer of his hard work, conviction and vision; he respected a man like him. This was the reason he accepted his proposal. He gave him a time of seven days to prove himself as dedicated and hardworking man. Suket and Bauji go inside. Arpita and Raj were left alone in the hall. Arpita tells him that jija did this all only so that you can spend increased time with papa and gets his attention for Avni. She informs him about the proposal of Mr. Chohan’s son. Raj asks what Avni thought about it. Arpita says she also wants to know Avni’s opinion but right now she had gone shopping with bua sa. Raj asks Arpita if she could bring Avni to a star gazing night in a garden. Arpita agrees.
Arpita asks Bhawna what she was cooking. Bhawna tells her she was preparing ‘vegetable of gattay ’ for her. Arpita offers help, but she refuses saying Avni has specially requested her to prepare it for her. avni and Sanvri arrives, avni asking her to prepare ‘koki’ for her. Sanvri was making it to escape but avni insisted. She says that a family is just like a Rajasthani platter, the family members are all very different, still they lives together to complete each other. In the same way a platter is only complete when it contains a veriety of dishes. She wants the love of her mother and her bua sa together. Sanvri promises she will get both together. Avni and Arpita cheer up. Arpita and Avni leave Sanvri and Bhawna alone in the kitchen. They both were about to say sorry together. Sanvri asks her to let her speak first. She says she is so attached to everyone in the house, but she looks forward to meet Bhawna the most. Bhawna asks her to try to love Arpita as she does not want to get divided between her relations. They hug. Arpita enters the kitchen; Bhawna tells them both to hug too. Sanvri hugs her but thinks she will never forget about what was done to her because of this girl. Bauji and Avni also come in the kitchen. Sanvri says she was very happy and wants to give a gift to Avni. Avni says she doesn’t want anything, but to go to star gazing night with Arpita. Arpita thinks Avni also wants to go the place Raj wants to meet her. Bauji says she cannot be denied, but how will they both go alone. They suggest they will take Raj along.
Avni tells Raj she was very excited about tonight. Arpita asks him to talk to her but he says he should first let her enjoy the night. Avni comes and takes Raj along. Arpita goes to an idol shop and buys an idol, telling the sale-man she will pack it herself. She takes a red heart shaped card, writes I Love You on it and attaches it to the idol. She then puts the gift in a hand bag and gives it to Raj telling him he must give this to Avni, she will like it. Avni comes there too. Raj says he must bring ice-creams. Arpita says she is going out to call Akshit, she will get the ice creams too. Avni tells Raj there are so many people here, she fear if she will get to see the star or not. Raj tells her to come along him. Arpita thinks she did it fine to leave Raj and Avni alone so that they can talk to each other. She calls Akshit. He tells her that he has got a lot of work in the office. She argues that he promised Avni he will come. Akshit gets irritated saying Avni is young, but Arpita isn’t. She should understand he has work load, tells her to take Avni home and hangs up. Arpita was saddened but she thinks this night will be special for Raj atleast, if not for her.
Raj and Avni were lying on the car outside admiring the stars in the sky. She said these stars are special for her. He thinks she is only special for her. She puts her hand on his and shows him some more stars. He asks what she thinks about the proposal that came for her. She says she is not very sure. She gives him the gift she had bought for him. He opens it. It was a pen. She tells him Arpita told her he was going to take training under her dad so she bought it to wish him luck. Raj says he also has a gift for her. she sits excitedly as he holds the gift. He took out the idol, saw the tag with it, then stopped. As Avni snatched the gift from him, he tugged off the tag. Arpita sees this. Avni appraises his gift. Arpita comes forward, seeing chocolate ice-cream in her hands Avni goes to get it changed. Arpita asks Raj why he didn’t tell Avni when it was a great chance and she was also in a good mood. He says he doesn’t want to let her know about his feelings like this, she should understand. Arpita says she don’t want to understand, how would Avni know if he is not going to tell her.He leaves while Arpita thinks that Raj you do what you want to do, and I will do what I want to.
Arpita brings coffee in Avni’s room. Avni tells her that Raj’s gift is very special for her. Her mind got fresh because of Raj tonight as well. She takes a sip from coffee and goes to change. Arpita writes Raj’s name on the red heart and placed it in Avni’s novel. She thinks that being Raj’s sister, she will let Avni know about his feelings. Avni comes in bed and picks up the novel to read.

PRECAP: Avni calls Raj excitedly and tells him to come home asap. Arpita calls Raj to tell him she had kept the note in her novel, after reading it she was elated. Raj got excited too.

Update Credit to: Sona

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