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Bhawna wipes her tears as everyone comes there. Avni asks who that lady was. Bhawna says she was from an NGO. Avni says she brought her a gift, Bhawna says she threw a big party for her and gave her a surprise. Avni gives her two vouchers of five-star hotel for them, and her children insist her to take it. Arpita asks Avni can she have a leave to go to her mother and give her a gift. Avni says she must go.
Suket talks to Mr. Chohan that they should ask their Shastri ji for Kundli of Samarth and Avni. A lady meets Abhaas in the market and he takes her along in his car. She tells him she came to meet someone and is worried because he isn’t picking up the call. She tries, Samarth picks up the call and tells her he was busy in a party and couldn’t hear the ring. Avni comes from behind and asks him is everything alright. He says yes, everything is fine and asks her to have dinner with him.
Sanvri tells Akshit to taste Avni’s dahi-baray. Askhit says these are same as mum’s taste. Sanvri asks where is Arpita, Avni is only busy alone with all the work. Akshit says she must be here or in the room. He comes in the room and calls her. She comes from behind and asks was he missing her. he asks where you were. She says she went to give her mother the gift she brought for her. Akshit scolds her that how irresponsible that is, she left in between the party. Arpita says why is he making a big issue of a small thing. She says while buying a gift for mother, she thought they should also give a gift to Sanvri bua. She says she must be angry with him not him as she also worked for his mother’s party, but he didn’t bother calling her mother once. Is it only her responsibility to get involved with his family, shouldn’t she be upset. She tells him to give the gift to Sanvri bua and leaves.
Avni tells Raj that the surprise was awesome and everyone was so happy. She says Raj is great. Raj says he is happy because you are. She says had you been there, this celebration would have been better. He says it will happen one day. She says she wants that everyone gets rid of the confusion about him so they can be together again. He says he is not going to lose and thinks he is coming to do the blast.
Samarth is telling some girl on phone that if she wants to come here and create a scene, she can do it. It will be of no use. Avni hears the conversation. Abhaas asks where she want to go. She tells him she wants to go to Khandelwal Nawaz. He asks who she want to meet, as it is his home. She says there is a party going on there, she want to meet someone in it. Abhaas thinks he will get to know in party who she wants to meet. They come inside; Abhaas tells Avni that Payal wants to meet someone in the party. Avni asks who? She says my boyfriend. Avni thinks about Samarth’s conversation on phone and thinks has this girl come to meet Samarth. Sanvri sees Avni lost and asks why is she holding ice cream in hand, it will get melt? Sanvri sees Raj coming and goes to ask why he came here. He says he just came to give Mansi these files. Sanri says Mansi is gone and she knows what he wants to do. He says he is not fond of any disgrace. She gets angry and tells him to go.
Avni comes to Payal and asks have you found who you were looking for. She says no but she knows he is in this party and points at a guy saying there he is. She points at Samarth and goes to him. Avni sees her in shock. Payal passes Samarth and goes straight to Raj and hugs him. He says I missed you too, what a surprise. Raj introduces her as his girlfriend to Sanvri.
Samarth comes to Avni and says Payal is saying hi to her. He asks is she ok? Avni says she thought it was Payal he was talking to on phone. He laughs saying those were the lines of a scene. Bhawna comes there too, Raj introduces her, she touches her feet and says she must not have come here like this but she knew Raj is here so she couldn’t resist. She says she hope you people didn’t dislike my coming here. Bhawna says we liked to meet you and take her along. Raj calls Avni and says Payal is cute na? She goes saying she will serve her snacks.
Arpita asks where this Payal come from. You forgot avni so soon to love Payal. He says can you think I can forget Avni. He says Suket, Bhawna and Sanvri will forget about him as a threat to Avni and Suket and Avni will also get insecure from her and she will realize his love then.
Samarth asks Avni she didn’t tell him Raj has a girlfriend. Avni says she also didn’t know. Raj says he doesn’t share his love life with people. Avni says he didn’t tell her eve, he says he did. Don’t you remember? She recalls a talk. She complains he didn’t tell her the details about them. Samarth suggests they shall sit in Avni’s room and listen to their love-story. They all go there. Raj says that they were meant to meet each other. Payal says she was going home, it started to rain. A guy came from front and kept umbrella on me, it was Raj. She asks does he remember he was walking outside the umbrella himself. Samarth remarks so this was their love at first sight. Raj looks at Avni and says he loved her in first sight. He says he liked the voice of her anklet. He hugs her while Avni dislikes it. She asks are your story also like ours. Raj says they have no story, because they are getting married in arranged way. Samarth says they have a whole life to write their magical story.
h says they have a whole life to write their magical story.
Bhawna says that Payal is a good girl. He cheers up saying he needs the approval of his elders as well as Avni as she is his best friend. Bhawna tells him that did he dislike whatever Sanvri said to him at his home. She asks him not to misunderstand her, she explains that they felt Avni gets distractedby his presence. He says he understands this so he left coming here. Arpita was also standing there, she says that now you can come here and no one will have problem with him. Bhawna says that there is no problem now. Arpita says infact you can come here any time.
Raj asks Bhawna that is it okay that Payal can come here too, she is here for a study project on the heritage and culture of Jaipur, so she needs her help. Bhawna looks at her talking to Suket and Sanvri. Bhawna says offcourse and you can also come along her.
Raj thinks his problems will get solved through Payal. Payal asked Avni can she come here regularly. Raj says he has already talked to aunty about it as he sits close to Payal. Avni dislikes their intimacy.

PRECAP:Shastri ji tells Samarth that as per Suket’s desire he wanted to look for Raj’s proposal while Raj’s jija also said for his proposal, but until he could talk about the proposal Suket had confirmed Avni’s proposal.

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