Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni suffers from bad flu, she is worried that she wanted it all perfect. Raj comes there and asks is it because of bathing in the cold water. Arpita goes to bring honey, Avni tells Raj to stay away from her so that he may also get the cold. She was worried, he says that if she doesn’t want, they won’t go downstairs but the guests are waiting so they must leave.

Sanvri asks Pooja did she eat anything. Pooja says that her maa went to bring something. Sanvri finds her mother eating food, she sees a leg piece and shouts what she did by touching a non-veg. She shouts that when they know, why they just kept the non-veg. Anjali comes there and says that there are people who take non-veg here, no one forced you to take such food. She asks her not to shout, as these are bad manners. Suket and Bauji both tells Sanvri to take care, as it is their party.

Raj comes to Avni, he says he made a ‘Kaara’ for her, she resists. He tells her to shut up and drink it. She does, he says that she will feel better. Bhawna and Arpita come there, Bhawna tells him to stay with Avni so that Arpita does her makeup.
Everyone asks about Raj and Avni in the party. They come downstairs arm in arm with each other. Everyone smiles looking at them.

Everyone appreciates Avni, Raj sneezes. Anjali tells them that Raj gets the infection quickly, she doesn’t let anyone near him whoever has infection. Raj excuses himself. Avni gives him the tissue. She is worried, and says it happened because of her; though she told him to stay away. He asks how can he stay away from her. She tells him to look at himself, he says that when such a beautiful life-partner is in front of me, I will only look at you. He says that you look perfect today, and to help you look perfect what if a got a little cold. He says that it doesn’t all need to be perfect as she is perfect. She tells him that he is also perfect.

People appreciated Arpita’s gown and jewellery. The men stop Akshit and tell him that Rohit appreciates Arpita’s talent a lot. They teases him that she might win over him. Akshit talks in a misbehaving way to them and leave. Arpita comes and asks what the way to talk like this is. Suket comes there and scolds him that why is he getting jealoused of Arpita. He tells Akshit to say sorry to Arpita and leaves. Arpita says she doesn’t need his sorry, he says he is never going to say sorry to her. Infact she must say sorry, as his dad accused him today because of her career. Arpita is left crying.

Some girls come to say to Raj that his fiancé is very beautiful. Raj introduces everyone to Avni. His sneezes begin again, he leaves Avni with the girls. Avni comes behind him, he asks her to enjoy the party and not spoil it because of him. Bhawna comes behind them, and blesses them that they keep caring for each other always. Bhawna goes to bring tea for Raj.

An old man in traditional dressing arrive. Anjali goes to greet him, he recognizes her as Anjali. Anjali asks how is his eye-sight. He hears hard. Anjali takes him to introduce him to his son and daughter-in-law to be.
Bauji notices Sanvri going out, he asks where she is going. She says she wants to eat something, as here non-veg and veg has been cooked in a single kitchen. Bauji says that these are sensible people, they cooked non-veg in Jashan’s kitchen and veg at home.

Anjali introduces Chacha ji to Avni and Raj. Bhawna comes to them with tea. Avni comes back to her before she could reach Chacha ji, and asks her some money. She tells Bhawna that Anjali mom’ s care-taker Chacha ji is here. Bhawna thinks that he might recognize her for what happened in Umad Village years ago in unforgettable for people.

Avni asks why is Bhawna sweating. She tells that she is worried about Raj. She says that she forgot to put clove in the tea, Avni must take the money from her father. Avni takes Bhawna to him saying she is younger but Bhawna calls Bauji, and tells him that Anjali’s care-taker has arrived from Umad. Bhawna tells him that Avni wants to gift him money, it would be better if you go. Avni goes forward, Bauji tells Bhawna to control herself. She is worried that he might recognize her, Bauji tells her to go from here.

Jashan announces couple dance for the couples. Suket notices Bhawna isn’t here. Bhawna stood out, and thinks it is important for her to go inside. Suket comes out and asks is she alright. She says she is fine, he says he recognizes it from her face that she is worried. She says that there is a lot of crowd inside. He says that he knows she isn’t used to it. Suket says that time is changing so fast, but it isn’t easy to forget the past and move on. He asks why is she worried, look at him as he is trying to walk along life. He tells her that she is the most important and beautiful part of his life. She has tears in her eyes, saying that he never said so to her. He says that for the first time, he wants to clarify that she is the reason of all the happiness of his life. She cries, and puts hand on his mouth. She tells him to be quiet, as he doesn’t know about her reality.

PRECAP: Bhawna was inside, Chacha ji calls from outside that he brought breakfast for her. She doesn’t open the door, but he unlocks it.

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