Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj cries that he lost the one whom he loved the most, just in a day. He asks isn’t he able enough to get her, what will he do to life without Avni. Jija tells him Avni is such a brave girl. We will take it up if the family doesn’t agree and get you people marry.
Akshit wakes up and finds Arpita crying. She says she doesn’t feel sleepy. Akshit comes to her and says that whatever he is doing…. Arpita says she doesn’t want to talk. Akshit goes back to bed. She thinks I don’t know what to understand from you; I just know you have got stranger to me.
Suket says what has happened to their family. Bhawna says that we will fulfill our responsibilities as parents, I just want our children don’t have to go through the pain… she stops. Suket completes that the pain Akshit and Arpita had to go through.
Jashan gets coffee for Jiji. He says to Madhuri that sometimes the elders are in the wrong tract. Nothing can be done to them.
Raj thinks about Avni, Avni was worried in her room. She thinks about calling her, he calls her to. The numbers go busy. She thinks to try again, when someone knocks the door. It was Sanvri, she comes inside. The phone rings, it was Raj. Sanvri takes her phone, disconnects and says this is why she came here. She leaves with her phone. Avni cries.
In the morning, Avni was at the temple praying. She prays about her love, as love conquers. She prays for her dream with Raj and says she wont let this candle blow and asks for courage to make her family’s mind. She says she knows where to start.
Sanvri says that she hates Raj and his family, she must do something and show Avni the reality of Raj. She calls Divia and says she has some work with her; her husband is in security business, she wants some goons to hit someone.
Avni comes to Akshit with Prasad. She says that you know Raj did a lot for you and Arpita, if you would support me I will make up papa and maa. Akshit says that we had a hard time to come back home, cant support you. Avni tells him to support love. He says that she must understand her. Avni says that this time at the Raksha Bandhan, I will get nothing from you but tears and sadness. I always felt proud that you will be with me; but you aren’t. Arpita was standing there, Avni says that I want you to stay out of this please. Arpita cries looking at Akshit.
Avni comes across Abhaas, she was crying. He stops her, but she says you have already told your decision about Raj and runs in.
Sanvri says to Raj on phone, that they are sending Avni away from Jaipur soon. Raj says I wont let this happen, and disconnects. Raj thinks I must talk to Suket and Bhawna.
Sanvri thinks Raj must have left home, to stop Avni go away. She informs the goons that Raj will soon be here, and as soon as he is here they must beat him. Sanvri says that the Raj’s story will soon end.
Suket was at home, Bhawna calls him and Bauji for breakfast. Suket asks did she speak to Avni. Avni comes downstairs crying, and says good morning. She asks why aren’t you people talking to me, have I done any sin? I have just loved and wants your favour. She says to Bauji that you know Raj is a good man.
Abhaas looks at his and Avni’s photo. Sanvri comes there.
She says that Raj is posing to love Avni, we must teach him a lesson. Abhaas stands up to ask what we will do. Sanvri says that goons are out, Raj will come here to create a drama. We must reply him. Abhaas takes his hockey.Avni asks Suket to keep his anger aside and give Raj one chance.
Sanvri comes and says that love isn’t wrong, but Raj is. She says its time to treat him.
Raj arrives at Avni’s house, and sees the men standing at the gate. He attempts to go inside but he stops him. Raj says it is necessary to go inside. They throw him on the car.
Sanvri says that its time to hit Raj now, as he doesn’t listen the other way.Raj fights them but they beat him on his head and he loses control over himself. Suket hears the sounds of beatings. Sanvri says this is what should be done to him. Avni runs to the door crying, calling Raj but Sanvri closes the door. The men beat Raj and he falls down. She watches Abhaas coming with the hockey. Raj asks Abhaas not to hit him. Abhaas says he must have done this a long time ago.
Raj was lying on the floor; Abhaas stops the stick with his hockey and beat them to run. He says this is my sister’s love and I won’t let anything happen to him. Raj and Abhaas hugs each other and fights the men together. Avni insists her mother to stop them hitting Raj. She pleads Bauji. Bhawna goes to the door, they all come out and find Abhaas and Raj together. They both join hands.

PRECAP: Bauji asks Raj that can he leave his family to marry Avni. Raj stands up. Bauji says that I don’t want that you live in that house with Maduri and Jashan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It is about time that Abhas helped Raj. Raj has helped that family so much. I am pleased that the writers finally wrote something true to their character; Abhas helps others, so it stands to reason that he would help Raj. I hope the writers keep righting the wrongs of these characters. What is this assassination of Madhuri & Jashan’s character all of a sudden???? That is WRONG!!!! Pls don’t spoil this Programme like ek mutthi asmaan.

  2. Abhas love you …. you were great…. pls do love story of Abhas too he very cute

  3. Pls don’t ruin the serial by creating problems between raj and his family….

  4. This film is so boring I hate Avni and Raj they spoilt the film although they are the main characters bring Samath back he suits Avni

  5. Hate this series teaching children to go against parents. People see the wrong. Love is good but don’t use wrong devices to get it…….please change the story.

  6. Pls stop giving raj so much confidence and pls throw Avani out of the house because Ashat had to face it now let Avani face it and also throw Arpita out

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