Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th April 2014 Written Update

Arpita asks Shastri ji had he brought a proposal about Avni? She was about to tell her not to worry about Avni’s proposal now when Sanvri enters and asks why she was standing here when there were such important guests at home. Shastri ji tells her she was talking about Avni’s proposal he had brought. Sanvri says no proposal can be better for Avni that the Chohan’s proposal. They have now made up their mind. Shastri ji insists upon seeing the picture, but Sanvri turns it down. Arpita agrees with her. Shastri ji was about to leave. He meets the men entering the hall, they greets him. He says since the weather is bad he must now leave.
Bauji asks Arpita for tea and pakoras. Sanvri says Avni prepares very good pakoras. Mr. Chohan asks where Avni is. Bhawna says she’ll soon

be here. Mr Chohan says that daughters are not only the respect but the mirror of a house. Sanvri says there Avni never does anything wrong, neither lets her elders do that. The car pulls outside the main door. Raj tells Avni to go inside and sets to leave but Avni orders her to come inside and dry his clothes. As he was resisting it, everyone’s attention turns to them. They enter the house hand in hand, all draped in water. Everyone was shocked to see them.
Raj says he is wet and he should leave now. As he goes away, Avni comes in front of Bhawna explaining her that it started raining instantly as they were coming in the jeep. They could not stop because it was getting late. She greets Mr. Chohan who greets back and asks where had she gone. She tells her she went to Raj, who is the so-called brother of Arpita Bhabi and my best friend. Sanvri excuses him that Avni came in front of him like this. He says its okay, and leaves saying he has some important work to do. Suket scolds Bhawna that there had been talk’s about Raj and Avni before, then why did he come to drop her here. She says Raj has always helped them and he might not have felt safe to send Avni alone. They should not blame him. Bauji agrees with her. He says Avni must not have come in front of everyone like that but thinking like this about Raj is not right. Sanvri says that they should now be cautious about people now. Suket agrees with her.
Jija and jiji were home when Raj came. He was happy seeing them and asks when they came. Jiji says they just came. He hugs them and cries. He tells them he missed them and wants to say sorry to them. He tells them that he knows they sent his proposal with Shastri ji but he stopped this proposal any way. Jiji asks why he did this. He says he wants that his love gets directly to Avni’s heart than through Shastri ji.
Avni was thinking about the rain. Sanvri enters the room and asks Avni what she did today. She says nothing will happen to her. Sanvri says she is not talking about her getting ill, she is just saying she should not have come in front of the guests like this. Avni says how she could know Mr. Chohan was here. She does not understand what Sanvri wanted to say.
Sanvri goes to Arpita asking did she send her there. She says yes. She scolds her for sending her to a boys house when she know they were looking for her proposal. Bhawna tries to talk but Sanvri does not listen. She tells Arpita that she had got married but Avni had not. Avni gets angry at this. She asks why Sanvri was blaming Arpita continuously; he is her so-called brother and Avni’s best friend. He was alone at home so Arpita sent food for him. What was wrong with that, when he had helped them so many times? Bhawna scolds Avni for talking to elders like this and tells her to say sorry. Avni says sorry, she thought Sanvri was over-reacting. Sanvri tells her that she is not over-reacting. Mr. Chohan had brought proposal for her. Avni was shocked at the news break. Bhawna tells Sanvri to calm down, but Sanvri didn’t. Arpita tries to speak to Avni but Sanvri scolds her saying that Arpita had taught Avni to speak in front of her. Avni tries to defend but she tells her to keep quiet. Sanvri blames Arpita for teaching Avni all this things. She goes to Bhawna and continues the blame game, saying Arpita was jealous that the proposal from such a big family came for Avni. Bhawna shouts at Sanvri asking she could not give a little place to Arpita in three months. She says Sanvri always blamed Arpita but she never complained. She had a very small heart. Bhawna says she brought Arpita as her daughter and cannot see her getting taunted and insulted by her all the time.
Bhawna tells her Avni went there with her permission. And Arpita sent her with good intentions. Avni is fond of playing with water, it was none her fault. She says that not Arpita’s intentions but Sanvri’s mind is dirty. Sanvri leaves saying Bhawna scolded her because of this new girl. Sanvri comes in and starts packing and tells her husband that they will no longer stay here. He asks why. She tells him her bhabi insulted her a lot because of that Avni. She had wanted to think good about Avni, and recalls how she loved her. Her husband stops her by saying that he knows what kind of relationship she has with Bhawna. There must be some reason she said this to her. He will talk to her himself. Sanvri tells him not to talk to anyone about this.

Avni stops Sanvri at the door and asks her to stay, reminding her how she set doll-weddings for her. Now when the real doll was getting married, she could not leave her.

Update Credit to:Sona

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