Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshit comes to Arpita in the kitchen and is annoyed that this shows her quality of work that the diamond got lost on the first day. She explains but he says that only she is responsible for spoiling his sister’s engagement. Rohit comes there and exclaims that she feels disturbed because of diamond, he assures that they will replace it. She was about to fell down, he holds her. Akshit comes there and watches them together. Rohit tells her to take care and leaves.

Avni was upset, and calls Raj telling that she can’t be careless to lose the diamond. Raj was at her home looking for the diamond in the torch light. She says that the beginning has been so bad, first the birth-chart mis-match and now the loss of diamond. Raj finds the diamond and asks Avni to come down. He shoes her the diamond downstairs, she exclaims he found the diamond. Bhawna was going upstairs, and stops to listen to them in the dark.

Raj says that this diamond found me, puts it back into the ring and says that it won’t get away from our lives again. He kneels down and says to Avni that he will love her always, will you marry me. She nods, he kisses her hand. He tells her that the stars in the sky will have to bow in front of our love, she must not worry about her. Bhawna prays that he daughter may remain happy always and all her hardships may come to her mother.
Everyone looked for the diamond. Bhawna and Avni come to say that they will not find it. Avni says that Raj found the diamond yester-night. Abhaas sits on the sofa. Bauji says that I know he wanted to see that sparkling on her face, but Raj won it too. Suket says that we must be happy that Avni has got Raj as her life-partner. Bauji says that Avni must be happy that she got the man she loved, her stars are high.

Pooja and Madhuri played together. Madhuri says to Pooja that she is the best daughter in the world and her mama’s princess. Pooja’s mother comes to spend some time with Pooja. Pooja gets afraid of the lady, Madhuri tells her to say ‘hi’ but Pooja hugs Madhuri instead. Madhuri thanks the lady, Raj and Anjali come downstairs and asks who is she. Madhuri and Jashan say that this is Pooja’s governess. Anjali cheers and gives the lady a big amount of money. Madhuri apologizes her but she says she is happy, and thinks that this is a big house with so much money and little work to do.

Suket, Abhaas and Bauji decided the clothes to be worn in the party. Abhaas says that we must look up to dated in the party. Suket says that he is also confused. Bhawna says that we have a stylist at home i.e Arpita. Suket and Bauji call Arpita.

Avni comes to call Bhawna saying that Shastri ji has come. Anjali and Raj also come there. Shashtri ji says that there must not be a strong test in anyone’s life, he says that for this the bride to be shall fast on the day of wedding, further she must take bath in the water from her maternal parent’s house for three consecutive days. He takes a leave, while Bhawna is left terribly disturbed. Raj comes to Avni and says that she doesn’t need to heed this much, they will face any problem if it comes in their way.

Pooja’s mother was stealing money from the wallet in the lounge when Sanvri comes to their place. Madhuri was just coming downstairs; Sanvri notices her coming and calls Madhuri. Pooja’s mother places the wallet back on the side-table. Madhuri invites Sanvri inside; Sanvri says that she brought the gift for them as she went to market. Sanvri says ‘hi’ to Pooja. She asks her mother what she was about to do, had they caught her stealing all her plan would have ruined. She tells her not to be greedy. As Madhuri comes there, Sanvri asks is she really Pooja’s governess. She appreciates saying that living here will make a mother spend more time with her daughter. Pooja’s mother goes to play with Pooja, while Sanvri is happy to see Madhuri upset.

At night, Bhawna sat near the temple in house. Bauji comes there and asks what the problem is. She says it is nothing. Bauji says that a father’s eyes can see the problem in his children’s eyes. She says that her past has made a problem in her daughter’s birth-chart. She tells him that Shastri ji has given the remedy but for that Avni has to bathe from the water that comes from her maternal parent’s house. She says that the Umad Village isn’t ready to keep any relation with me. Bhawna was afraid that if along with water, some secrets and truths also pour out, it will ruin everything.

PRECAP: In the morning, Bhawna comes out to see barrell of water with the car, it was labelled as ‘Water from Umad Village.’ Avni comes dressed up for party but has flu, Arpita goes to bring medicine for her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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