Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 10th April 2014 Written Update

Raj was at home, wearing green shorts and red vest, sitting in front of the television with all the house meesed up. The bell rings. He open the door, Avni says Hi! He closes the door again saying ‘oh its Avni’ he runs around the house as he dresses up, remove all the mess he had created around while Avni calls from outside that he is leaving now. She turns around. He opens the door, and seeing her gone runs after her. He stops her, saying ‘Hi’ She say ‘Bye!’ He apologizes telling her that the house was messed up. She hands him the lunch-box telling him Arpita sent it. He says thanks to her. She asks if he didn’t like it that she came, he should have asked a glass of water. He says he will get it. She asks will he serve it right there, standing? He apologizes and invites

her inside.
She comes in, sees the table still messed up. She asks what he was doing when he closed the door, because the table was still like that. He smiles and tells her he’ll get the water. She sees the food on the table and tells him there is no need to have fast food. He agrees saying he will through it. She says he won’t need it, as she will have it. She loves Potato Sandwiches. He tells her they are her favorite too. She offers him a bite. He comes forward and takes it from her hand and sees her eat the rest.
She wonders if mine’s would also love the potato sandwich. He asks ‘her’s’ she explains she is talking about her lover, the guy she would marry. She asks him if he would find the right guy with her. She leaves to get water. Dada ji was here. He meets Sanvri, and complains that everyone came to meet him except Akshit. He didn’t bother coming to take him from airport. Suket was quiet. Bhawna announces here comes Akshit and Arpita. They both take blessings from dada ji. He asks Arpita if Akshit was strict with her? She thinks about their quarrel and denies him saying he takes good care of her. Dada ji aks about Avni and Abhaas. Suket tells him he know Abhaas. He must have gone to some society relly. Bhawna says she will get the food ready. Suket announces he has to speak to everyone about something important. Sanvri says it’s about Avni’s marriage. Dada ji says he told me he is thinking about Avni’s wedding, how about it. Sanvri tells him they got a photoshoot, and are now looking for a guy. Suket says they won’t need it now as he has made his mind. He tells them about Mr. Chohan giving Avni’s proposal for his son. Arpita gets upset. Sanvri exclaims that they are good people and are huge business holders as well. Arpita is worried everything is happening so soon, what will happen to Raj’s love now.
Sanvri says to Bhawna it was amazing how easily they found such a great proposal for Avni. She says they must start the wedding preparations now, as they like Avni a lot. Arpita says that they must take some time saying yes and ask Avni as she is the one who has to get married. Sanvri says why must they ask Avni? She knows her elders will chose the perfect guy for her. she warns Arpita not to interfere in elder’s problems. She apoloigizes saying that atleast they must take the time that they took in her’s proposal. Sanvri says that in her proposal there was always one problem or the other. She leaves saying that there is a difference in the daughters and a daughter-in-law’s proposal. Arpita was upset. Bhawna comes to her. she tells her she must not get her wrong, she just worries about Avni. Bhawna promises them not to worry as they will take care of Avni’s choice as well. She gets happy.
Raj was on the table eating, while Avni sets all the sofa. He tells her to leave it, but she says he must keep the house clean. He imagines Avni in sari, he is sitting on the table asking for the tea. She says can’t he even take it from the kitchen. He says he is getting late. She brings it and snatches the newspaper from him saying she want to see the hosroscope. He comes to reality again at her laughters. He asks what she was laughing at. She tells him it says she will meet the person she is going to get married, today. Raj gets a call. The person on phone informed him that Shastri ji called on another number of Sheru ji to inform he will take Raj’s proposal to Avni’s parents today. He thinks how his jija could do such a thing without informing him. He sits on the sofa lost in thought, while Avni says that he has to help her find the right guy and she will reciprocate this action for him. He thinks Avni considers her a good friend; he will not ruin this relationship. He says aloud that its wrong. He tells her that she should be at her own house, not his place. He gets hold of her hand and tells her to go, almost dragging her outside.
Suket and Mr. Chohan are coming inside the house. Suket introduces him with his Bauji. They suggest they should sit in the lawn. Mr. Chohan appreciates their lawn and the painting on the wall. Bauji tells him it is made by Avni. Mr. Chohan says that why he likes it so much. Bauji tells him that she loves painting from childhood. Shastri ji comes. Akshit greets him. He tells him he has got a good proposal for Avni. Akshit tells him they have guests and invites him inside the house. He obliges and sits on the sofa, checks Raj’s papers and picture with him.
Avni and Raj were in the car. Avni says what has happened to him. He says he thought she must be getting late for home. She tells him to stop the car, he does. He says he will now drive as she wants him to. He goes to make a call. He calls Arpita and informs that Shastri ji was there to ask for his proposal from Avni. She was delighted but he asked her to stop him. She agrees. Soon the rain starts. Avni was enjoying it; Raj watches her dance in the rain. She calls him there and tells him to do as she did. He obliges.

Mr. Chohan and everyone at home were sitting in the lounge when the car pulls in. Sanvri was saying that there Avni never did anything false. Avni enters hand in hand with Raj all draped in water.

Update Credit to:Sona

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