Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza, Mishra and Others feel guilty

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bittu coming to Nikki and asking if she is shocked seeing him. BBC, Kudelal, and others laugh at him. Nikki says this is ladies’ dress. Bittu says he was joking and slaps the men. Mishra, Mirza, Kudelal and others pose as fake royals. The guy requests Mirza and Mishra to have food and then see the program. They agree and sit to have food served by the villagers. They relish the food served to them. After sometime, cultural programs starts. Shanti tells Mishra that she wants to become Maharani in next birth, and wants everyone to dance infront of her and she shall sit as Queen and watch. Mishra says I will be King. Shanti asks him to sit quietly. Mishra tells Sakina that he will be born in such ambience, and says I am the one who is sitting here, and says I am Nawab. Sakina asks who am I? Mirza says you are Nawab’s begum and I love you immensely. They all dance and take selfie.

In the night, Sakina tells that they will always remember this. The guy tells that the villager will do the last ritual and will go from here. He asks them to forward their hands. They all forward their hands. The villager gives them Prasad. Mishra asks what is this ritual. The guy says they think that their God is in you, as you have sowed 5000 trees for them. The villagers get emotional. Mirza, Mishra and others get emotional too. Bittu says I felt like someone has beaten me, and says I felt ashamed of myself. Sakina says I can’t bear the fake respect anymore. Shanti says they worshipped us as God. Mishra says they believed us. Mirza says I can’t lie anymore. Bittu says I have lied to them for you and says God will never forgive you all. They all decide to return home.

Shanti talks to Adi and asks about Babu ji, Pooja and Guddu. She then talks to Pooja and says she misses her. Mishra comes to her. Shanti says they trust us so much, and we have not planted any trees for them. She says before their trust breaks, we shall leave. Mishra says even I can’t stay here anymore. Mirza tells Sakina that he has never seen such innocent people before. Sakina says I learnt to be clever from you. Mirza says I never lied to anyone before. Sakina says you lied to us that you have a big shop. Mirza says he can’t bear the undeserved respect.

Bittu talks to Nikki and tells that he wants to stay here for 3-4 days. Nikki says she don’t want to stay any longer. He says he will book a bus. Next morning, Paro asks how will I come here? Shanti says we will bring you here with us. Aashiq says Bittu is missing. Mishra says where did he go? Bittu comes there brushing his teeth. Mishra asks where is the bus? Bittu asks why you all are standing here. Mirza says you have booked the bus. Bittu says Nikki asked me to book the bus for 7 am night. Nikki says I said 7 am. Kudelal says you thought wrong. Bittu tells that he was lost in someone’s thoughts. Sakina says we have to stay here till 7 pm here. Bittu asks Majnu to keep the stuff inside. Someone asks if they are leaving. They tell no and tell that they brought it to warm it. The guy looks on.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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