Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mishra and Mirza get saved from hunger strike

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 30th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mirza asking Khalujaan to have food. Khalujaan asks Mirza to stay hungry today and practice for tomorrow’s hunger strike. Sakina asks him to be hungry for family reputation. Mirza curses Khalujaan and thinks Mishra ji might be having food. Mishra looks at Brij and Pooja having food. Shanti asks him to have salad. Mishra tells that still there is chance, he shall withdraw the hunger strike thought. Shanti says it is matter of their prestige now. Mishra says he shall give 5000 Rs to Pappu and get water. Shanti threatens to go to Allahabad. Mishra says you knows well that I will get ready to be hanged if you threaten me saying this. He says he will eat salad.

Next morning, Mirza gets up. Sakina says everyone is waiting for you and you are here. He asks what is important today. Sakina says today is the first day of your hunger strike? Mirza curses Khalujaan and thinks to sleep. Inaam and Zoya come there and says you are live on social media. He asks how is he feeling today? Mirza asks who am I? zoya says we have made posters for your hunger strike. Mirza says it seems they have made arrangements for my farewell. Sakina comes there and tells that she is wearing lehenga today. He asks about Khalujaan. Sakina says he went to motivate someone else. Mirza gets angry on Khalujaan.

Shanti asks Mishra to do your karma and don’t think about the benefit. Brij comes there and asks Mishra to face the truth. Mishra says just like you used to face Amma. Brij gets upset and goes. Mirza gets ready in white kurta pajama. Noorjahan says your wife will get you hanged one day. Mirza says not one day, but today itself. Bittu and Pappu come there. They ask him to come out and see, they will take him to the hunger strike place. Bittu says people are betting on you both, who will get the govt rights first, and says Mirza will go to grave first. Pappu says there is a dance program too. Mirza asks him to play the song seekh le marne se pehle. Kudelal eats something and says it is of desi ghee. Bittu thinks to trouble Mirza and Mishra. Pappu asks we shall go to Mishra’s house and motivate him as well. Bittu says we will meet after a break and goes.

Kudelal shows samosa and goes behind Bittu. Sakina wears lehenga while Shanti wears saree. They compliment each other. Shanti says today is karwachauth too and says if she had not messaged in group then she would have dismiss this strike. Shanti thinks of a plan if the govt don’t budge to their demands. Sakina and Shanti take a selfie. Noorjahan taunts them.

The kids dance outside Mishra and Mirza’s house. Bittu and Pappu make them wear garland. Bittu asks Mirza to think this as last journey. Pappu asks Mishra to see how the hunt will happen as the work suits the ones, who do it always.

Mirza gets emotional seeing Noorjahan. Shanti and Sakina come there and greet their husband. Noorjahan gets upset with Shanti, Sakina and BBC. Bittu says Mahurat began and asks Pappu why is he waiting. Pappu says Kaanta went to pick Bijli Bai, then everyone will go to hunger strike place, then Bittu will cut cake there and then Bijli Bai will dance.

BBC comes there and says Kaanta hit your car with water pipe and it broke. He says all the mohalla is flooded with water now. Bittu asks what is remaining there? BBC says this cake. Kudelal says if Shanti and Sakina will go to that area to wash the utensils. They tell that they want water at homes. Bittu tells pappu that they shall enlighten their political career. He says Pappu will get water pipe connection and I will give the money. Mishra and Mirza call Bittu and Pappu and make them wear garland and applies tilak etc. Kudelal gives cake to Bittu and Pappu. Mishra and Mirza ask kids to play music. Everyone dances.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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