Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 21st April 2022 Written Episode Update: Mishra and Mirza try to find their strengths

Episode starts with Mirza and Mishra does practice and prepares for match. Pappu and Bittu gets irritated🤨 and says that they are talented using tricks.

Bittu and Pappu greets Mirza and Mishra. He further states that he feels☺️ seeing them practice. Ramesh asks them to meet us on saturday. Bittu says I came to save Poor people. Zafar asks him to get to the point. Bittu says Ashiq and Majnu are neither their family, nor business partner, they are workers and you are not allow to play other than haveli people. Bittu further says that Majnu and Ashiq will play with us. Ashiq and Majnu denies that we belong to market and haveli, so we are loyal with haveli people. Bittu says Mishra And Mirza will not give anything in reward. Ramesh and Zafar asks bittu not to think🤔 about it. Master ji gets doubtful🤔. Bittu further adds to Majnu and Ashiq that you will not get anything with Haveli people, rather they might have their seperate shops in haveli. Bittu and Pappu bribes them with their shops.
Majnu and Ashiq thinks🤔 we will have our own shops. Ramesh and Zafar requests🙏🏻 them both. Sakeena, Shanti and Masterji says not to fall in words, and tries to stop them. Every Child makes them emotional. Ashiq and Majnu Cries😭 and hug Ramesh and Zafar. Bittu and Pappu gets sad😔.
They both says we shall fulfil our duties by giving you jobs in our shops. Bittu and Pappu gets happy☺️ hearing this. Ramesh and Zafar takes their shoes👢🥾🩴👞 and beat them.
Inam says best players left us.
Everyone feels sad😔😢. Noor Ammi says I always thought to take last breath here only and cries😭.
Master ji is thoughtful🤔.

At Night Masterji explains that be like Bat🦇, who never loses hope at night. Shanti and Sakeena doesn’t get anything. Zafar and Ramesh hush their wives. Masterji says we need to recoginise our strengths and need to work on game, and we shall win for sure. Noor Ammi claps👏🏻 stating find your strength and win match.
Everyone thinks🤔 about their strengths.

Next Day Shanti says to Ramesh I am not finding any strength. Ramesh says I am good not you. Shanti scolds him. Ramesh says you are waste. Shanti throws belan. Ramesh says I got your strength, as you are good at ball. Shanti gets happy☺️
Sakeena says I am special. Zafar says think🤔 it to be useful for cricket. Sakeena says I use to like cricket. Zafar asks her to think🤔.
Inam & Zoya says I will play With honesty. Sakeena hold Inam ears. Zafar gets hint and says you are good at balling. Sakeena gets happy☺️.
Shanti and Sakeena informs about their balling techqiue. Paro listens to them. She gets angry😡 on them for spoiling her cleaning. Inam gets idea to take Paro’s help during batting. Sakeena and Shanti asks her will she play with them.

Precap:- Families does practice to win match. Masterji feels depressed that they might lose match. He locks himself in room with knife. Noor Ammi, Zafar, Ramesh, Shanti and Sakeena pleads him to open door.

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