Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Bittu and his team bear punishment

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 20th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mishra worrying how will they win the case. He asks Shanti to think of some amazing move. Shanti while cooking scolds him that she is an overnight lawyer and not a professional one, scolds him to cut vegetables properly. Mirza on the other side kneading dough says same to Sakina. Sakina scolds him and says they should bribe the evidences and make them give false evidence. Mirza agrees. Shanti also advices same to Mishra and asks him to bring the evidences before Mishras grab them. They notice Bittu, BBC, and Majnu enjoying feast and praying god to continue the case for 3-4 years. Shanti walks to them and asks if they need anything. Majnu asks sweets. Ashiq, Kooda, and Kanta also enjoy feast and praise Sakina’s culinary skills. Mirza asks to give evidence in their favor. They demand money. Mirza asks if they will demand money from their friend. Aashiq says its for performing sin of lies. Mirza asks their rate. Kanta and Ashiq demand 1000 rs each and Kooda demands 1500 rs. Bittu and his team also demand same.

Court hearing starts again. Judge Brij orders to continue the proceedings. Sakina calls Kooda, Majnu, and Kanta in dais and they give evidence against Mishra. Mishra says they are lying. Brij asks him to sit as he will also get a chance. Sakina finishes her questions. Sakina questions them next and says they are lying as Mirza and Mishra’s statements proved that they slipped and fell first, then Mirza, then Mishra’s evidences, then Shanti was saved by Mirza, then Mishra also slipped; if Mishra had thrown garbage, why would he himself fall in it; it proves evidences are lying and hence they should be punished. Noor fines Aashiq and Kanta 1000 rs and Kooda 1500 rs. Kooda thinks badi bi heard their conversation. Noor orders them to stand behind raising their hands.

Bittu tells Majnu and BBC that they should give different answer to avoid punishment. Sakina explains how Mirza lifted her and saved her from falling. Mirza scolds her not to tell that in public. Sakina questions them which color kurta Mirza was wearing. They at once say red, green, yellow. Sakina says he was wearing pink kurta and didn’t throw garbage, this proves they are lying. Brij fines 1000 rs each to Majnu and BBC and 300 rs to Bittu. Bittu asks why so high fine for him. Brij says because he is a senior citizen and just 2 years younger than him. Noor asks why did they lie. They all say Mirza and Mishra forced them to lie. Brij fines 5000 rs each from both lawyer for lying and orders them to apologize. They both apologize.

Brij says still the remains who threw banana peels. Shanti says they didn’t get bananas in their house since 3 days and Brij is the evidence. Brij says he forgot to bring bananas from vegetable market. Mishra then Mirzas are culprits. Sakina says even they didn’t get bananas since 2-3 days and Noor is the evidence. Noor scolds Mirza for not bringing bananas. Mirza says he didn’t forget but didn’t have money left after having breakfast at Roomi Darwaza. Sakina scolds him. Mirza says Mirza took him there. Shanti scolds Mishra. Brij asks who brought bananas then. Kanta says they brought bananas and gifted a dozen each to Mirzas and Mishras and their children took it. Children say they threw the peels in dustbin. Brij says still they couldn’t come to the conclusion. Bittu says let the case continue for 3-4 years.
Brij postpones verdict till tomorrow and says whoever misses the hearing will be pronounced guilty.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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