Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 19th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Reshma reveals the real reason to Mishra

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 19th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sakina telling Shanti that she had said that her sister in law shall come, and that doesn’t mean that she has invited her. Shanti asks her to show her tongue. Sakina shows her tongue and says if I had mole on it, then you would have been out from haveli. Shanti says you might have cursed me to get out of haveli 500 times. Sakina says more than that. Shanti asks her not to argue and asks her to think how to get rid of them. She says if Reshma refuse for marriage and if Pushpa files case on us then what will happen. Sakina says she got the idea, but understood less. Shanti asks her to tell when she gets full idea. Sakina says ok. Pushpa is drinking tea while Mishra is looking at her. Mishra’s son Adi comes there and asks him if he brought gift for Bua. She asks Pushpa to show the rakhi which she is going to tie to Mishra. Mishra tells that few things doesn’t matter with time, when grown up. Adi asks why? Pushpa says when a guy gets married, then he could see only his wife and doesn’t look at sister. Mishra asks Pushpa not to tell wrong things to Adi. He asks Adi to go and play. He tells Pushpa, you have fight with Shanti, not me. Pushpa asks why didn’t you say anything when she said that this is her house, and my house is my sasural and I shall stay there. Mishra apologizes for not speaking then and asks her to tie Rakhi. Pushpa says I will tie you Rakhi when Shanti apologizes to me. Shanti comes there and says she will never apologize to her, even if she files case against her. Mishra tells Shanti that it was her mistake that hurt Pushpa. Shanti says Mithun Chakravarthy came in you and says I didn’t say anything wrong. She says Pushpa used to fight with everyone in college and I used to talk in her favor. Pushpa says I used to make you have samosa. Shanti says I used to make you have malpua. Pushpa says she didn’t know that her heart is so bitter. Shanti says I was your senior and shared my everything with you. Pushpa says I got you married my brother and made you Shanti Bhabhi. Pushpa asks did I ask you to give our photos? Shanti says why will I give to you, I have kept it safely. Pushpa says safely. Shanti gets emotional. Mishra thinks ice is melting.

Pappu tells Bittu that Mirza is searching a groom for his sister Reshma. Bittu smiles. Pappu tells that Bittu shall get bahu. Bittu says we both shall go and talk to Mirza. They go to Mirza and call him Mirza ji. Bittu and Pappu indirectly talk about their marriage and asks if we leave the bad work then will anyone choose us for their sister. Mirza says why not. Pappu asks his opinion about him. Bittu says we heard that you are searching alliance for Reshma. Mirza gets angry and says Reshma Apa has rejected many guys, asks them to come and try their luck. Bittu and Pappu leave to get their facial done. Aashiq asks why did he call them home? Mirza says I didn’t see anyone getting beaten with slipper and smiles.

Reshma meets a guy at home and says Ya Allah, you should have shown yourself to doctor and teases him seeing him thin. The guy says he has joined gym and will make body. Reshma asks him to talk to gutka company and says if your pic appear on the packet then you will benefit. The guy says you can’t talk to me like this. She asks him to get out. The guy says whoever she marries, will ruin. Bittu and Pappu hear her and ask each other to marry Reshma. Mirza comes out and asks them to come inside. Bittu makes an excuse and says Pappu is ready. Mirza asks Pappu to come. Pappu says he can’t marry as Bittu’s Mausa is dead. They leave. Mirza laughs and says I would be happy, to see them beaten by Apa.

Sakina tells Shanti that she has searched a thin guy for Reshma, but she has rejected. Shanti tells Sakina that Pushpa is not filing the case against her and says if she goes then she will go to her mayka. Sakina says nanads are born to mess up brother’s house. Mirza sees Pushpa buying Rakhi and thinks she is buying for whom, as she didn’t tie rakhi to Mishra.

Later Sakina tells Mirza that Reshma thinks of her as a Servant. Mirza says I can understand, you might have got sores in your hand by wiping the floor. He says what to do, phuphi asks him to get Reshma engaged. Sakina asks him to get Reshma marry a guy whom she will like. He says he will ask Mishra to talk to her.

Mishra asks Reshma why she didn’t want to marry? Reshma says there is no reason. Mishra insists. Reshma tells that she was in love with a guy 6 years back, to get soan papdi from his shop 4 times in a day. She says she asked him to marry him, he agreed, but later refused. Mishra asks Reshma if she had not married due to him, and asks if that guy is ready for marriage then will she marry? Reshma says he refused for marriage then. Mishra says I will find out.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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