Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza and Mishra’s chnage routine troubles them

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Insurance agent/doctor coming to Mirza’s house. Mirza tells that his wife makes nice tea. Agent asks if likes to see his wife sit on the tea shop. Sakina asks himt o say. The agent/doctor tells that your husband will burst like a balloon. Shanti asks how to make him fine. Agent says he will get BP, lungs problems etc. Mishra and Mirza get scared. Agent says their liver will be infected and dead. He says don’t think that he is alive for few days and asks them to think what is he thinking. He asks them to cut down on sugar intake, spices, ghee etc. He asks them to wake up early, run etc. Mishra says we don’t have any disease, why we shall do this. Agent asks if you will wait for the fire to break into your house. Shanti asks if thre is any other way out. Agent says he doesn’t know when the rain will happen, that’s why he suggests them to take umbrella (life insurance). Mishra says nothing will happen to him. Agent says many youngsters get heart attack and you are not young. Mishra says I will not take insurance. Mirza says even I will not take it.

Later Mishra tells Shanti that he is fine and asks why to take life insurance. Shanti says precaution is better than cure. Sakina tells Mirza that umbrella/life insurance is needed to get saved from rain/death. Mirza says I can’t wake up early in the morning. Sakina says you need to be healthy. In the morning, Sakina wakes up Mirza. Mirza asks witch not to take him and gets scared seeing her. Sakina asks did you see witch? Mirza says yes and then says no. He asks her to let him sleep for sometime. Shanti wakes up Mishra ji. Mishra says let me sleep and enjoy the holiday. Shanti says holidays are over, now wake up. Mishra refuses. Shanti says don’t force me to change my bindi. Mishra gets up. Sakina emotionally blackmails Mirza to get up. Mirza says let me sleep for 2-3 hours more. She tricks him and asks him to run.

Mishra and Mirza come out of house and sit. Mishra tells that he thought to sleep till 10 am, but new problem started. Mirza says 10 percent is of agent guy and 90 percent is of our wives. He says his wife troubled him a lot asking him to get insurance, as if nothing will happen to me if I take insurance. Mirza tells that they shall run for sometime, then sprinkle water on our faces and will return. They see Bachchan capturing them and showing their video to Shanti and Sakina. Mirza and Mishra run. Bachchan thinks why am I running and follow them on the cycle. Mirza asks Mishra to pretend to be dizzy. Mishra pretends, while Mirza tells that they shall go home and have lemon water. Bachchan gives them lemon water. They drink and spit, tells that there is no salt or sugar in it. Bachchan says it is prohibited for you. Mirza acts to get stomach pain. Bachchan says he has tablets for everything. They run again.

Later Shanti gives bittergourd juice to Mishra and tells that Bachchan brought it. Mishra gets upset with Bachchan and asks him to give it to Bapu ji. Shanti asks Mishra ji to drink it silently. Mishra says he can’t drink. Bachchan asks him to drink and forcefeed it in his mouth. Sakina asks Mirza to have bittergourd juice and tells that Bachchan added neem leaves for flavor. Mirza says neem flavor? He asks her to close her eyes. She refuses. Mirza says I fear that my health will deteriorate if I drink this. Sakina asks him to drink. He drinks. Sakina adds more bittergourd juice. Later mishra and mirza come to the terrace while the song phas gayi jaan song. Bachchan takes their video. They are forced to drink juice. Mishra asks Shanti if spices, garam masala etc are over, tells that he will bring it. Shanti says they are gone from your life and tells that today she has added a bit of salt, but will not add after 2 days, else BP will increase. Mishra asks her to poison him. Shanti asks did you say something? Mishra says no. Bachchan asks him to eat tasty food. Sakina is cutting the vegetables. Mirza says food will be cooked by 5 pm. Sakina says Ammijaan have food and took afternoon nap also. Mirza asks then this is for whom? Sakina says you and tells this salad is for him. She says Bachchan gave these vegetables and haven’t taken the money from her.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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