Attention Needed: A RIANSH ONE SHOT

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Vansh sat on the chair with a laptop on the desk, right in front of his eyes. He was engrossed into the world of work with the laptop.

Riddhima entered into the room and stood besides Vansh, “Vansh, mujhe thodi attention chahiye,” she told him, folding her hands across her chest.

“Okay! Mil jayegi!” he replied, still looking at the laptop. Wonder if he thought that the laptop spoke and he would be giving attention to it.

Riddhima smiled on hearing his reply and brought out two dresses from the wardrobe: a pink and a blue one.

“Main kaunsi wali pehnu? Pink? Or blue?” she asked, lifting both the dresses.

“Green wali pehno,” he answered and added a green colour text to his presentation.

“Par maine green colour ke kapde nahi laaye,” she told him sadly, “Pink or Blue mein se batao na!”

Vansh’s eyes were still fixed on the laptop and he didn’t hear her words. Irking her. She had asked attention for herself and not for the laptop.

“Main tum meri baatein toh acche se sun rahe ho na?” she asked to confirm, though she knew he’d answer something and hear something else.

“Ofcourse sweetheart! Mera saara focus or attention tumpe hai,” he told her as his eyes ‘focused’ on the laptop.

“Aisi attention dene se accha toh na de,” she muttered to herself.

“Vansh, bahar mausam kitna accha hai, kitni acchi black colour ki snow gir rahi hai,” she told him and looked outside the window, to see the sunrays spreading all around.

She hoped her husband wasn’t dumb to believe the ‘snow’ part and even if he was dumb, she hoped he had senses to understand the ‘black snow’ part.

“Riddhima, mausam ka koyi bharosa nahi, ek pal dhoop, dusre pal baarish,” he told her, his eyes locked with the laptop.

“Bada philosophical ban raha hai! Yeh mujhe attention ki jagah tention de raha hai,” she muttered to herself.

“Vansh, Ishani ne kaha ki usko Siya ka divorce karwana hai aur woh bhi aaj,” Riddhima informed him and hoped that he had brain to remember that Siya wasn’t even married.

“Yeh Ishani bhi na, Kuch bhi maangti hai!” he told her innocently, shaking his head in negative while he looked at the laptop.

Riddhima facepalmed herself.

“Main soch rahi ki Market se Doraemon khareed kar, uska gadget use karu aur khud bhi laptop ban jaaun, tum mujhe attention toh doge,” she gritted her teeth as she told him.

“Market ka sab kuch check karke lena, aur ha credit card mere wallet mein hai, aur wallet drawer mein,” he informed her and she felt her anger rising.

“Vansh tumhe pata hai ki Market mein accha attention giving pati kahan milta hai?” she asked him.

“Sweetheart, market mein sab milta dhund lena warna online order kar do,” he told her, “Aur haan, Quality wala mangwana, reviews padhne ke baad.”

She couldn’t believe this man, her husband. He should have married the laptop. At this moment, Riddhima felt like a second woman, credit to her husband.

“Jo bhi mangaungi, tumhare jaisa nahi hoga,” she angrily told him.

“Mera jaisa koi ho bhi sakta, one and only piece,” he told her and she felt her jaws drop.

He didn’t hear anything else but still could praise himself. He was surely self-obsessed.

She stomped her foot and left the room, angrily. She went to Siya’s room.

“Kya hua Bhabhi, aap itne upset kyun ho? Bhai ne kuch kiya kya?” Siya asked with concern as she saw Riddhima entering the room, angrily.

“Tumhare Bhai mere saath toh kuch karta he nahi hai, sab kuch toh woh laptop ke saath karta hai, uski marzi hoti toh laptop se he baccha paida karta,” Riddhima told her and Siya laughed.

“Aap yeh kya bol rahe ho?” she controlled her laughter and asked.

“Attention mene maangi, aur mil laptop ko rahi hai,” she complained like a kid.

Siya smiled and adored the kid in her Bhabhi.

“Mujhe attention chahiye,” Riddhima told Siya like a kid asks for chocolate.

That’s when her eyes fell on the paper and pen, on the side.

She got up from the bed, wrote something on the large paper and showed Siya, who cracked up on reading it.


“Good idea,” Siya told her and Riddhima left the room, along with it, “All the best, Bhai,” she added and followed her Bhabhi.

Riddhima came down at the entrance and stood by the road. Holding the paper in her hand but there was hardly anyone.

In sometime, she felt something on her feet and saw a puppy looking at her innocently.

She bend down to the level, kept the paper and lifted the puppy, keeping it on her lap, “Tum mujhe attention doge?” she asked him, innocently and the puppy licked her face.

“Tum kitne cute ho,” she patted the puppy’s neck, “Par tumhara naam kya rakhun?” she thought confused and exclaimed, “Vansh! Mera Vansh toh mujhe attention nahi deta, tum mujhe doge.” she ran her hand over his neck.

Riddhima lifted the puppy up and was walking near the hotel. Siya saw Riddhima and ran to her.

“Bhabhi, aap kahan the?” she asked concern.

“Main Vansh ke saath thi, ab woh mujhe attention dega,” Riddhima said brightly.

“Bhai kahan hai?” Siya asked looking around, smiling.

“Tumhare Vansh Bhai nahi,” she lifted the dog higher, “Yeh raha Vansh.”

“Yeh kutta!” she pointed towards the dog.

“Kutta nahi hai yeh!” Riddhima screamed, “Yeh mera Vansh hai,” she kissed the puppy.

“Bohot pyaara hai aapka Vansh,” she said, being scared of Riddhima.

“Riddhima!” Vansh screamed from behind Siya, “Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?” he asked, standing besides Siya.

“Main Vansh ke saath hoon,” she said, patting the dog.

Vansh looked at the dog, “Tumne kutte ka naam Vansh rakha hai?” he asked, shock and confused.

Siya facepalmed herself, Riddhima looked at him, angrily, “Kutta nahi hai yeh!”

Vansh gulped on seeing his wife angry, “Par yeh kutta hai,” he said, meekly.

“Kutta hai par accha hai! Tumhe toh yeh bhi nahi keh sakti ki kutte ho, yeh kutta bhi tumse accha hai mujhe attention bhi de nahi rahe thae!” Riddhima defended the dog and on hearing his defence, the dog started licking all over her face.

“Riddhima, I’m sorry! Main busy tha,” Vansh said.

“Aur ab main busy tha!” she said and took the puppy along with her, leaving Vansh with Siya.

Vansh watched as Riddhima was sitting on the bench and the puppy roaming around her, “Ab mujhe attention chahiye!”

Siya laughed on hearing her brother as she watched the puppy kiss Riddhima.

Vansh watched as the puppy continued to kiss Riddhima and she wasn’t even stopping him. How he wished if he had giving her attention instead of his laptop, she would have been with him but Vansh needs to act like a jerk once a week to prove that he’s Vansh.

“Riddhima, meri baat toh suno na,” he walked towards the bench where Riddhima was sitting with the puppy on her lap.

She ignored him and continued running her hands over the puppy’s head and Vansh wished if it was him, instead but the irony was the his wife had named the puppy after him.

“Bhai, bhabhi nahi manegi aap unhe unke Vansh ke saath rehne do,” Siya came from the back and told him.

“Main uska Vansh hoon, yeh kutta nahi,” he told his sister.

“Bhai, sambhal kar, agar aapne ek baar aur Bhabhi ke Vansh ko kutta kaha toh woh aapko kutte ki daudakar maregi,” Siya giggled on hearing herself but even more on seeing her brother’s terrified face.

Vansh turned to Riddhima, “Riddhima tumhe yeh kutta bohot pasand hai na?” and asked.

Riddhima stood up and glared at him, “Kutta nahi hai yeh! Iska naam Vansh hai!”

Her voice was enough to send chills down Vansh’s spine. His sweetheart had never stood up to defend him in such a way but was doing it from a dog…… Sorry, Vansh! Her Vansh!

He looked at the dog with all the jealousy, he thought he would only be insecured of humans but he had to compete animals as well. Well, his child would also be grabbing Riddhima’s attention after he/she was born and the dog was showing him the trailer of the movie he has to follow for life.

“I’m Sorry Vansh!” Vansh bend down to the dog and patted his neck, lightly.

“Mera Vanshu,” Riddhima lifted the dog from the bench and held it in her arms.

Siya gasped on hearing the name and Vansh was shocked.

“Vanshu?!” Siya and Vansh asked in shock.

“Haa, yeh mera Vanshu!” Riddhima kissed the top of the dog’s head and he kissed her.

“Tumne mera toh ab tak aisa koi naam nahi rakha aur iska rakh rahi ho,” Vansh said and he couldn’t hide the jealous voice.

“Tum mujhe attention bhi nahi dete, yeh de raha hai,” Riddhima said, justifying herself.

“Maine sirf aaj tumhe attention nahi diya, baaki din toh deta hoon,” he defended himself.

“Mujhe woh sab nahi pata!” she shrugged.

Vansh looked at the entrance and found the attention needed board, lying down. He walked to the entrance, lift the board up and stood there.

Siya laughed on seeing her brother’s desperation.

“Pyaar mein log andhe hote hai, mere Bhai toh pagal ho rahe hain!” she laughed and thought to herself.

As Vansh was standing with a board, a girl walked upto him, “What kind of attention do you need Baby?” she asked, s*xily.

The next moment, she was on the ground, slapped by Riddhima.

“He needs attention from his wife and the mother of his child, not anyone else,” Riddhima defended her action and kissed Vansh, shocking everyone present there.

Siya closed her eyes, the girl looked shocked and the puppy Vansh did a happy dance by walking in circles and wagging his tail.

Pulling back, Riddhima saw around and saw none except both the Vansh. Perhaps, the girl left and Siya gave them privacy.

“What was that Sweetheart?” Vansh smirked and asked.

“You can’t take attention except from anyone but me.”

“And what about you?”

“Well, I didn’t take attention from anyone, and if you are talking about him,” she pointed at the puppy Vansh, “He’s Vansh!”

Vansh facepalmed himself.

“Vansh can we take him along with us to VR Mansion?” Riddhima asked with those cute innocent eyes and Vansh couldn’t deny.

“Okay! But on one condition.”

Riddhima looked at him, confused, “What?”

“A kiss!” he smirked.

But his smirk got hidden as her lips covered his.


Requesting the hotel authorities and paying them extra, Vansh took the puppy to his and his sweetheart’s room on his sweetheart’s request.

Puppy Vansh was really happy being in Riddhima’s arms, the place where he was supposed to be but it’s his punishment to not give his sweetheart attention.

“Chalo sote hain,” she said and Vansh believed that now he would be able to have his sweetheart in his arms.

He saw her arranging the extra bed, “Tum puppy ko extra bed pe sulaogi?”

“Puppy ko? Pagal ho gaye ho kya?” she exclaimed.

On hearing her Vansh felt his fear, coming to life, “Tum uss pe soogi?”

Riddhima facepalmed herself, “Tum uss so rahe ho, main nahi!” she said and took the puppy Vansh on the bed.

“Riddhima, lekin bed pe bohot jagah hai,” he defended.

“Nahi, hum dono comfortable hokar soyenge,” she said and took the puppy on the bed and lied down with the puppy besides her stomach.

Vansh moved to the extra bed and thought, “Aaj ek cheej sikhi apni pregnant wife ko attention dete rehna chahiye warna khud attention maangi ki halat ho jati hai lekin milti dusro ko hai,” he looked at the puppy besides her stomach, licking it.


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