ATLSNE- Season 2 Part 4: The hookup (Ragsan, Shivika, Abhigya, Deepika)

Welcome to ATLSNE- SEASON 2 (A True Love Story Never Ends- Season 2)


Okay to make it easy for you to understand characters. Here is the list-

  1. Ragini (Teju) as Rachel Johnson
  2. Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) as Sergio Garcia (later turned Smith)
  3. Annika (Surbhi Chandana) as Jennifer Williams (nee’ Johnson)
  4. Pragya (Sriti Jha) as Ella Miller (nee’ Smith)
  5. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) as Amber Smith
  6. Chris Pine as Daniel Johnson
  7. My Deepu is Veronica Johnson..
  8. Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) as Edward Johnson
  9. Abhishek (Shabbir Alhuwalia) as Leonard Smith
  10. Chris Hemesworth as Andrew
  11. Robert Downey Junior as Ezekiel
  12. Robert Pattinson as Jason
  13. Andrea Melichiorre as Ebeneezer
  14. Timothy Hickernell as Bartender Alex
  15. Chris Evans as Nahum


Link to the previous chapter:

A True Love Story Never Ends- Season 2 Part 3: The beginning




Ella is a new assistant in “Little Lights” modelling agency in NYC.

Jennifer lost a modelling competition held in University of Regina.

Rachel slapped Sergio when he hurls insult at her…

Daniel’s perfect proposal for Amber ruined by one and only Veronica 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Scene 1: Beverly Hills, LA

We can see the same man who has left the “Modeling Competition” in anger is getting inside a mansion…

He pour “Sappro” in one glass and began having it…

After gulping about 2-3 glasses—-

That man: “What the heck? How she won!!”

Assistant: “Sir, Regina might have pulled some strings.”

Man: “But why, Damien! That girl- what’s her name? That runner up! Arghh”

Damien: “Edward, that’s Jennifer!”

(Of course that’s our Shivaay (Edward))

Edward: “But Damien, I want her to win…”

Damien: “Ya I know, but this Regina has something to her…”

Edward: “Just.. Leave it. I wanted Jennifer to win…”

Damien: “But why! Do you get something for her!!!”

Edward: “Damien… Are you nuts!!! I can’t have a thing for that b***h, she ruined me!”

Damien: “Edward, is she the one from NYC!!!”

Edward: “Yeah, she ruined me and now I will ruin her!”

Just then Edward’s mobile buzzed…

Text: “Plan successful. Task: Ruining date… Status: Done, Successful… 🤣🤣🤣🤣”
Edward: “🤣🤣🤣”

Damien: “Edward, have you gone nuts!”

Edward: “Oh that’s Veronica and we are successful… 🤣🤣🤣”

Damien: “Oops 🤣🤣🤣… So that says ‘A Celebration'”

Edward typed something to her-

Edward: “Yeah, that leads to celebration. Where are you?”

Text: “My place..”

Edward: “Don’t say yo’re again hooking up! B***h please don’t you get tired! 🙄🙄🙄”

Text: “🙄🙄🙄”

Edward: “Whatever! I’m coming! Where are the rest!”

Text: “Just calling Micah and Jason is here flirting with some random chicks! 😃😃😃”
Edward: “Then I’m on the way….”

Text: “Ya sure, waiting……..”

End of Scene 1:


Scene 2: “The Bachelor”, LA

After Rachel slapped Sergio, he left immediately demanding Rachel’s immediate disqualification.

Sergio: “I want that contestant to get disqualified now!!! 😡 😡😡. How dare she slap me!”

Man: “What happen Sergio! Who dared to slap you! 😡😡😡”

Sergio: “That contestant, what’s her name even! Rachel.. Rachel Johnson!”

Man: “Oops, that girl…”

Sergio: “What’s this! Aren’t you feeling angry! 😡😡😡”

Man: “Sergio, calm yourself! I think that girl has got some balls that she dared to slap you, I think she can fetch some good amount of TRPs.”

Sergio: “Oh shoot, I haven’t thought that way! She can be an amazing muse…”

Man: “See, so easy to solve. Now let go of it.”

Sergio: “Andrew yo’re genius man!”

(That’s Andrew (Chris Hemesworth) our 1st guy for Veronica…)

Andrew: “How do you think ‘I have been sustaining this position till now'”

Sergio: “Well, Andrew I think I need to take leave!”

Sergio left and there is when 2 guys hopped in-

Guy 1: “Hey Andrew, what’s up man! Heard you have got TRP chick…”

Guy 2: “Yeah! But we need to talk about some serious business here Andrew”

Andrew: “Ya say..”

Guy 1: “It’s about Amber–”

Andrew: “What happen to her!!”

Guy 2: “Don’t stress yourself. It’s just her date got ruined. 🤣🤣🤣She was hell angry!!”

Guy 1 narrated the whole propose scene 🤣🤣🤣

Andrew: “Oh my lord 🤣🤣🤣, now whose prank is that?”

Guy 2: “Undoubtedly 🤣🤣🤣—-”

Andrew: “Veronica 🙄🙄🙄, what a disappointment…”
Guy 1: “Hey Andrew, I have marked that whenever she is around you or even her talk you seemed to be so uninterested or rather angry!! Is there something!”

Guy 2: “He might have feeling for her—- 🤣🤣🤣”

Andrew: “Nahum, I kick your balls….. and Eze I don’t know. That girl, Veronica really tests my guts and patience… So I just don’t like her….”

(That’s Nahum (Chris Evans) and Ezekiel (Robert Downey Junior))

Nahum: “You and patience seems like ‘Paper and Cheese’ 🤣🤣🤣”

Andrew: “(middle finger)”

Ezekiel: “Okay leave that guys, we can deal with it afterwards. Right now, let’s focus on Amber.”

Andrew: “Sure, where is she!”

Nahum: “She and Daniel are visiting Veronica…. So we need to go—-”

Andrew cut him…

Andrew: “Her usual place 🙄🙄🙄”

Ezekiel: “You know it well huh…😉😉😉”
Andrew: “(middle finger), will you!”

Nahum: “Okay, let’s take a leave…”

All 3 left while Andrew left message for Sergio.

End of Scene 2:


Scene 3: “Little Lights” modelling agency, NYC

Ella was working like as usual and suddenly there is Emma-

Emma: “Oh poor Ella, you have to work the shit out of you! I just feel pity on you!”

Ella: “Want to help me sweetie! 😉😉😉”

Emma: “Yikes, yo’re psycho”

Ella: “Yeah for you honey, 😉😉😉”

Emma ran away while Ella again began working—

Suddenly a man behind Ella-

Man: “That was amazing 😉😉😉, you have got some real guts girl”

Ella flinched and lose her balance

Ella: “Oh Jesus, save me!!!”

Ella yelled but caught by 2 arms….

Ella: “Have I fallen down!!! Then why didn’t I hit the floor!!!”

Ella has her eyes closed…

Man: “Babes, yo’re in my arm. I can’t let you fall sweetie..”

Ella opened her eyes and looked at him for sometime…

Man: “Well, are gonna stare at me whole day!”
Ella stood up but didn’t utter a word.

Man: “Leonard, Leonard Smith”

(Yeah that’s Leo (Shabbir Alhuwalia))

Ella remained silent.

Leo: “Is it me or yo’re shocked by seeing my charm. I know no one can ignore me, Leonard Smith.”

Ella: #What a narcissist!#

Ella: “Well, I think yo’re the one who is enchanted by me that despite of me ignoring you, yo’re continuously blabbering shits…”

Leo: “Ohh, feisty one, I love it”

Ella: “Leave it. How may I help you?”

Leo: “Give me your number!”

Ella: “Sure that’s 9–”

Leo opened his phone and began saving her contact..

Ella: “1—”

Ella: “1. You can dial now.”

Leo: “F*ck, that’s cheating, it’s f**kin police number”

Ella: “Ya whatever. Now move, I have work!”

Ella left the place…

Leo: “This girl is something else, I need to know more about her!”

End of Scene 3:


Scene 4: “Avalon Hollywood” (Night Club), LA

The music is going on and everyone was dancing their as*es out….

Girl 1: “Alice, control yourself! Where is he?”

Alice: “I don’n know Alisha, probably hooking up with someone 😉😉😉”

Alisha: “😂😂😂. Okay I’m going to have one Gin, do you want some!”
Alice: “Nope, let me hit my a*s to the floor….”

Alisha: “Sure, 😂😂😂”

In the same club—

In some another part of club, the loud and groovy music is going on-

A guy got dashed with some girl

Guy: “Oh sorry girl, haven’t seen you.”

Girl: “Jason, are you kidding me! This is how you gonna talk to some chicks!!! 😂😂😂”

Jason: “I can’t do this… 😫😫😫”

Girl: “Yo’re shame to my prestige 😂😂😂”

Jason: “Veronica, just f*ck you! 😫😫😫”
Veronica: “Ya sure, gimme the time!! 😂😂😂”

Jason: “Yo’re unbelievable b***h… 😂😂😂”

Jason: “Teach me more!!!”

Veronica: “Yo’re with hook up queen man! I just lost that hot check because of you!!! 😖😖😖”
Jason: “Okay, my fault, now how can I make it up?”

Another guy-

Guy: “Hey beautiful, mind shaking a leg with me!”

That guy gave a hand to Veronica and she hold it with a smile..

Veronica: “Sure, that face is irresistible”

They both shook a leg on floor while that guy have hands around Veronica and she has her’s around his neck…

Veronica: “Myself Veronica.”

Guy: “Adam”

Veronica: "You have beautiful eyes!!!"

Veronica: “You have beautiful eyes!!!”

Adam: “Well thanks babes! So how much for one night!!!!”

Veronica just stopped in her track and looked at him…

Veronica: #What the f*ck he just think of me!!!!! 😡😡😡”
Veronica: “What the— 😡😡😡”

And then Veronica just slapped that guy…

Adam: “What the heck lady! What’s wrong with you!”

Veronica: “Just leave before I lose my shit… Move 😡😡😡”

Adam: “Whatever!!!”

Adam leave her and just looked at her.

Adam: “Well (middle finger) for you!!!”

Veronica: “Sure, dipped in hot chocolate 😉😉😉”
Adam leave while Veronica turned to Jason.

Veronica: “I need a drink now!!! Care to join!”

Jason: “Sure, are you okay girl.”

Both reached near bar and have seats.

Jason: “One Gin for me and for this bombshell one hot chocolate… 😉😉😉”

Veronica: “F*ck you man, 😂😂😂. You know me, I can’t resist such things!!!!! 😂😂😂”

Jason: “That’s why I have ordered it.. 😂😂😂. Well are you feeling light?”

Veronica: “More than before. Jason yo’re lovely brother”

Guy: “Sure he is. 😉😉😉 ”

Veronica: “Alex, sweetie!!”

Veronica gave him a big hug.

(Alex the bartender… He is hot, guys!!! 😉😉😉)

Alex: "Just good baby

Alex: “Just good baby. Missed you a lot.”

Veronica: “Yeah me too. So make one ‘Veronica Special'”

Alex: “Is that changed to ‘Hot Chocolate’ 😉😉😉”

Veronica: “Alex 😂😂😂”

Alex: “Okay coming with one ‘Veronica Special’ and one Gin!”

Alex made two and served them

Alex: “This for beauty of the night Veronica and to this for the cutie Jason 😂😂😂”

Jason glanced at Alex…

Veronica: “Jason, have this man”

Then only Jason came out of his trance and fumbled…

Jason: “Umm.. well I.. I was here only.”

Alex: “Hey Veronica, look behind there is one hot chick”

Veronica turned and looked at him..

Veronica: “Oh boy. Impressive, I say. Bu next time…”

Alex: “B***h, he is hookup king of LA…”

Veronica spilled some wine she just had..

Veronica: “What!! How I didn’t notice!”

Alex: “He don’t usually come here just sometimes!”

Veronica: “Let us try!!!”

Alex: “Woo him girl.”

Veronica signed Jason to join but he signed ‘I’m comfortable’ here.

Veronica approached him..

Veronica: “Well may I have dance with you Mr. hottie?”

Guy: “Sure, girl”

They both began their dance..

While dancing—

Veronica: “Myself Veronica, a hookup queen of LA.”

Guy: “Impressive. Well I’m your king then, Ebeneezer, a hookup king!”

 Well I'm your king then, Ebeneezer,  a hookup king!"

(This above one is for drooling your heart out guys!!!

(This above one is for drooling your heart out guys!!! 😂😂😂. A hookup king have to have this….)

Ebeneezer: “Well, yo’re pretty enough to pass the test!”

Veronica: “Test, what kind of test?”

Ebeneezer: “Well the girl have to win me by doing something but you got it for free…”

Veronica made herself stop and looked at him—

Veronica: “Free! What do you mean?”

Ebeneezer: “Well, I was mad because of some random chick and wanted to forget that! So gave you a chance!”

Veronica: “Well then that’s my cue to leave…”

Ebeneezer: “Well you can win it!”

Veronica: “Not interested in hooking up with such guy!”

Ebeneezer: “That means hookup queen has got no guts to accept my challenge….”

Jason: “Do it Veronica. Just show that f*ck what yo’re”

Veronica turned to Ebeneezer…

Veronica: “Veronica never leave a challenge. Throw me with one!”

Ebeneezer: “As this is club and you tag yourself as ‘Hookup Queen’. Do something that will grab at least 200 eyes instantly…”

Alex: “Veronica. Don’t fall for it… That is trap…”

Veronica: “Accepted. Just wait and watch..”

Jason came to her and discussed what she just did.

Jason: “Are you out of your mind! Unless you will stripe yourself, not even 100 is gonna pay you a heed.”

Veronica: “Yo’re talking some sense but now I have accepted so have to deal with it…”

Jason: “What will you do?”

While Jason was thinking, Veronica went to Ebeneezer and looked at him—

And smack…………

Veronica planted a lip kiss on Ebeneezer…

The crowd began getting elevated… “Wohooo”

“Make it more passionate….”

“Wow… That’s pretty amazing b***hes”

Veronica released the kiss—

Veronica: “Well, never mess with Veronica. Catch you later sweetie..”

Veronica began leaving while Ebeneezer hold her from behind–

Ebeneezer pulled her to him and gave her a hickie..

Veronica felt something electrifying in her—

Veronica: “F*ck that hurts!!!”

Ebeneezer: “That’s a mark of Ebeneezer! Catch you later!”

Veronica ran and joined Jason and Alex.

End of the Scene 4:


Scene 5: “The Bachelor”, LA

After having discussion with Andrew, Sergio went to his office and sat on his chair—

“Knock knock”

Sergio: “Not interested, just leave”

Rachel: “That’s me, Rachel”

Sergio: #That slap chick. Let me take her class#

Sergio: “Sure come in.”

Rachel came inside and was about to have a sit—

Sergio: “Have I asked you to sit?”

Rachel: “Oops. Well, I’m here for saying sorry. Actually I didn’t know yo’re a producer—”

Sergio: “So you wouldn’t have slapped me if you already knew I’m a producer!”

Rachel: “I don’t know! I might have slapped then too but not in public like that!”

Sergio: “So are you here to beat me in private 😂😂😂”

Rachel: “No.. no.. I’m just…”

Sergio: “Oh so we’re alone here, mind me checking you—”

Rachel: “Well, I won’t say ‘I will slap you’ but there is a high chance of that… 😂😂”

Sergio: “Shut up. Well you really look garbage!”

Rachel: #What the f*ck, again!#

Rachel: “Well thanks for suggestion, I’m leaving now.”

Sergio: “Did you take my permission for leave?”

Rachel: “Well, hello. Are you for real!”

Sergio: “Yes, I’m dear!”

Sergio got up from his chair and came to Rachel

Sergio: “Well, you really need to once yo’re here!”

Rachel got afraid as Sergio came so near to her…

Rachel: “Well, okay may.. may I.. leave?”

Sergio: “Sure…”

Rachel was about leave when Sergio held her and gave her a passionate lip kiss…

Rachel was shocked first but then got carried away in that juicy lips…. 😉😉😉

Sergio made it more and more passionate and pin her to the walls—

Rachel held Sergio’s hair tightly and ruffled it making him of course more and more—–

Sergio went to her neck and was about to give her a hickie—

Rachel just pushed him and looked at him…

Rachel: “This is not right, contestant and producer!!! A big no”

And Rachel just leave the cabin—

Sergio: “F*ck, I messed it up!”

End of Scene 5:


End of Chapter:


Author’s Note:


Hope, you have enjoyed reading this chapter. Hope it has intense things which yo’re looking for!!!

So, finally Veronica showed who the real boss is!! 😎😎😎😎
And that Rachel and Sergio’s make out is something you can never miss… 😍😍😍😍
Edward has some past with Jennifer, what it is!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ella and Leo’s encounter sure is a cute one, 😘😘😘😘
Jason is surely a nice baby brother!!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘

Andrew feels something unusual around Veronica. Will their next meeting change this or will make it more complex!!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔




Daniel and Amber’s confronting Veronica 😂😂😂😂

Edward and Veronica grilling Daniel and Micah 😂😂😂😂
Andrew meeting with Veronica in a private… 😉😉😉😉

Jennifer’s first encounter with Edward (After their past)



Tharki Chokriya 😍😍😍😘😘😘 (Lots of Love)

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    Oh wow! That sure was awesome. Veronica 😎😍 She’s such a unique character. Edward and Jenny have some past ? Interesting.. The Ella and Leo part was very cute. Jason is such a sweet brother. All in all, a great chapter it was!
    Precap is very interesting.. Let’s see what you’ve planned next..
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    1. Silk-KeedaDas-Ki

      Thank you Vidz 😍😍😍😍. Glad you love Veronica 😍😍😍😍. Hmm there is some past… Ella and Leo are surely cute couple of this fic. Hmm there is more to Jason…. Hmmm hope you will love it as it progresses… Hmm, there is more to it. Let’s see what happens!!!!

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      Veere. Ya the images were specially added for you…😉😉😉. Hmm, even I think the same. Even I love “Tevar” so much 😍😍😍. That’s true Veronica is something different 😍😍😍….. Hmm will take care and hope will able to post soon. Shipping names!! You decide!!

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