ATBA: A different type of story (KiVi and RanVeer) – Epi 12

Hi guys, I’m back..sorry for not writing for the last 3-4 weeks, I was sad and needed time to get over the show and how it went off air suddenly but I will try to write a chapter every two days now so that we can cherish the memories together.

Recap: Rani and Veer are still stranded and Rani health starts to go down

In Rajawat Mansion..

Ranvijay was in his room when Vikram came in..

Ranvijay: Ahhh hello..Vikram right?

He nods

Ranvijay: Aa jao baitho (come sit)

Vikram was getting annoyed

Vikram: I am not here to sit. Here take these papers and read them. I don’t know how you managed to get married to mom but we don’t want you here. Pls just leave

Ranvijay: Mind your tongue, this is not the way to speak to your “dad” (he smirks a little)

Vikram angrily: You are not my dad, my dad is with my mom and you are nothing but a rude and selfish man.

With that he walked out..

Ranvijay (thinking): This family really does need sorting out. Where are Veer and Rani? Need to meet them and get this done

Back to RanVeer..

Veer was walking ahead of Rani when he turned back to let her catch up to her.

Veer: Rani aap theek hai? (Are you ok?)

Rani: Haan haan, chaliye na

Veer smiles and then nods. He took her hand in his and together they walked

Rani (in mind): Bhabubak, ab mein kya karu? If i slow down, dactor sahab will find out about my health. I need to keep this up for another 10-20 mins. Come on Rani you can do it.

The determination she gave herself and believe in MataRani also led her back home.

Veer: Rani woh dekhiye, we are home

Rani nods and looks up slowly. She suddenly felt a little dizzy but hid it as they walked inside.

Veer walking in calls out

Veer: Mom! Papa! We are home

Vikram and Kiara came over and hugged Veer

Vikram: Bro, where have you been? Aur yeh kya haal bana diya aapko? (And what state are you in?)

Veer: Arey Vikram; our car broke down and we got stranded in the rain. So we had to stay overnight at a friends house and walked over in the morning.

Kiara went over to Rani and smiles

Kiara: Rani..aap theek?

Rani nods and turns to Veer

Rani: Dactor sahab, mein abhi aati hu, I am just going to get fresh.

He nods and watches her as she slowly drags herself up to the room

Kiara and Vikram: What happened to her??

Veer: She must be tired..I will go and see

Vikram: Bro ek minute..

Veer stopped: What happened?

Vikram explained the whole Ranvijay incident to him.

Veer: how dare he..I will see him later. But what are we doing about this issue?

Vikram: Maine lawyer se baat kiya hai Bro. The courts are closed for Navatri and Diwali celebrations. For now, we have to let him stay until after the celebrations.

Veer angrily walked up to his room without saying anything else.

Kiara hugged Vikram

Kiara: Dont worry Vikram; everything will be fine. Ab smile..

He laughed a little and held her hand back to go to their room when they heard the noise

Veer from upstairs: Raniiiii!!

Veer stepped into his room and found Rani laying on the floor. She could not take any more and fainted. He rushed over to her.

Precap: Veer treats Rani and takes care of her (romantic moment coming) and Ranvijay tries to speak with Digvijay

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