Asvi: Suryoday hone se jisne roka hai (Kalinga war) episode 8

The epi starts with Ashok shattering down. *WHAT HAVE I DONE…..!!* Devi says Ashok………. Ashok says no Devi, they’re ryt. U were ryt. It was only I who was wrong. The samrat of Magadha was wrong. Chakravartin ashoka samrat was wrong. Dharma n Bindusara’s son Ashok was wrong. I didn’t think at all! What’s the use of a kingdom without any praja. My life is useless now. My life has no motive left now. No motive.. He keeps his sword down in the feet of the ladies and bends his head. Devi cries seeing him thus. Ashok says u all ladies have ryt to kill me. Kill me…! My sins will get washed away if you’ll kill me. Devi stares him in shock, The Samrat of India, who never bended in front of anyone else then his guru n parents, was sitting in the feet of the ladies. Kaurwaki says do u think v r a fool?
U can speak about shashtra, n r asking us to break rules? If ur shashtra says not to fight with women, our shashtra says not to kill an unarmed man. Devi says u have realized ur mistake, that’s enough Ashok.. Ashok sys u were ryt, change is the law of the universe, history will witness the biggest change, Chandashok will turn into Dharmashoka….. Devi smiles teary eyed n hugs Ashok. Kaurwaki n the other ladies kip their weapons down. This kingdom is urs now.

In sabha Ashok arrives with Devi. They sit down on throne. Ashok declares, I’ve organised this sabha for some special reason. I want to declare that me, emperor samrat, will never ever attack anyone again. The whole sabha is in chaos to hear this. How did this miracle happen?? Devi smiles. Fb shows:-
Ashoka is throwing things here n there in his room. Devi comes there n says what’re u going? Ashok hugs her and says Devi, forgive me.. Forgive me plzzzz. Devi says Ashok, I’ll forgive u only on one condition. Soon says even if you’ve to take my life take it but plz forgive me.. Devi says not life Ashok, don’t become so weak, I want you not to attack anyone from now on and spread peace msg in this world.. Ashok says perhaps u r right. I’ll spread peace message in the world. Fb ends.
Ashok says I’ve also taken another important decision. Everyone starts chattering in utter confusion. Ashok sys I’ve decided to…
Change to…
Whole sabha including Devi stares him in shock ?? Could a devastating war bring such a gr8 change in the emperor ‼ yes, it did, it brought the biggest change in the history of India..
Ashoka summons Acharya RG and asks him to call the most renowned Buddhist scholars for a meeting. RG goes away..

Devi asks Ashok-Think once again b4 finalising ur decision Ashoka, are u sure? Ashok says yes I’m sure Devi, I’ve no other choice now, I’ll spread peace msg in the world lyk this only. Devi sys whatever ur final decision is, I was, I’m and I’ll always support my Ashok. Ashok hugs her. Thank you for ur never ending support my love, I promise I’ll never ignore whatever you say from next time. Devi says that’s lyk my Ashoka.. Dharmashoka.. Minister comes and informs Ashoka that the Buddhist monks have arrived. Ashok says look at me for the last time Devi, for after some time a new ashoka will b in front of your eyes. Devi says whatever form you take, you’ll remain to be my first and last love ashoka.. Ashok gasps.. Nyc one my dear wife. Devi says enough now Ashok, go now. Everyone must b waiting. Ashvi go away to sabha..
The monk teaches Ashok about Buddhism.
“life is full of sufferings. Suffering is a result of ones desires and quest for power. Suffering can be ended by overcoming desires. The way to end suffering is to follow the eightfold path. Right observation, right speech, right determination, right living, right action, right effort, right memory and right meditation..”
—-? ——❇——? ——-❇ ——? —–❇ —

Thus Ashok embraced Buddhism. He married kaurwaki and Asandhimitra in his later life. He built many roads and planted trees. He built rest houses for travellers. He had wells dug for the people. He opened a number of hospitals. He treated his subjects as his children. He constructed many stupas. He engraved the principles of Buddhism in rocks. He sent off Mahendra and Sanghamitra to Sri Lanka to spread Buddhism…
Such was the biggest story of change in Indian history, the story of king Ashok and Devi…

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  1. Astra

    Awesome dear…very nice. Keep going…

  2. Piyali

    What , you ended it , so soon… I was reading the episode so happily from start and at the end I got to know that it is the end…it was a beautiful ff and beautiful journey of AsVi dear , loved the way you wrote this episode ,all well that ends well….love you a lot…be happy…

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you so much dear ? love u toooooo n will b back wid a two shot on asVi marriage.. ? Siam time machine is updated dear do read it luv u ? ? ?

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