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Precap: ashok tells Kaurvaki no one can have her, but him. He carved an A on her arm, telling her she belongs to him. In attempt to show bindu Kaurvaki, ashok failed and Bindu ended up dying. Now let’s continue.

The soldier watch as ashok carry Charuvaki to his horse. She was chained and was not pleased. She was demanding him to put her down. Ashok stops and look at her ” didn’t I tell you before to come quietly”

Charuvaki nod. She was about to say something when ashok cut her off ” I played nice because you are my beloved, but now I won’t be so nice.”

Charuvaki turn her neck to stare at ashok. She hope he would be afraid if she stare long enough, but he ignored her. ” look… general.. or chand sir. I’m not this Kaurvaki person, and I’ve never seen you in my life. If you don’t let me go I will scream. Someone will find me”

Ashok soldiers snickered. One told her to do it, they told her no one will come. And even if they come, they will just turn back around because of him. Charuvaki told them to stop praising ashok. She says he doesn’t scare her. Ashok raise a brow ” you want me to let you go?”

Charuvaki nod. Ashok calmly says OK, this surprise everyone. Charuvaki smile, ” than-“, she never finished when she fell on the snow. She quickly got up shivering. Ashok soldiers start laughing. Ashok told her, she should think before she speaks next time. ” now come” he says tugging on her chain.

The soldiers wonder how long it will take before she attempts to ascape. Again. Yes, this wasn’t the first time. After they had left jagannath palace. they we’re resting in a cave, Charuvaki manage to sneak out, and ran, but ashok followed her foot print and bring her back. The second attempt happen when ashok went to search for food. She had Told one of the guard she had to use the bathroom. At first they didn’t believe her, until they saw her pants. Turns out she had pour water on her pants to make it look like she peed.

Ashok was furious when he found her gone. He told them she didn’t get far, and that he will drag her back. When he found her, she was covered in snow. She had clung to ashok for warmth while heading back. And the third attempt so far was the hair clip attempt. Some how, she was able to find a behive. And pour honey near the tent the soldiers we’re building. She had use her hair pin while they we’re getting rid of the bees To ascape. ashok had told them not to worry, she will find them.

He told them the area is like a maze, she had no where else, but here. True to his word, she did come back, but she wasn’t happy to see ashok and his soldiers.

And so here they we’re once more. Walking, the snow was slowly melting on the floor, Kaurvaki, face was red from the cold. He knew her outfit choice wasn’t suited for this kind of whether so he told them they will stop at the nearest market.

Meanwhile, bindu was on his death bed. Acharya told bindu that ashok and his men are still not back yet. Bindu told him this was for the best. He said he rather see ashok hate him then him weak. Acharya finally click things together. ” is that why you sent ashok away, because you knew your time was up.”

Bind U look at the ceiling ” their many reasons why, but it’s best if ashok feel like I have betray him, by making sushim the next in line. Ashok love his family, he needs to work on building a good relation with them in order to rule one day.”

” one day? What are you up to bindu?”

Bindu smile ” ashok have the potential to be the next king. Until he learn to rule with a gentle fist, sushim will take the long it will take, will determine on him.” He says

Acharya frown, he knew ashok won’t take this lightly. For the better of the country ashok has to be king. It wasn’t long before sushim walks in. He was just standing their watching bindu. As soon as Acharya leave he crack. ” father, are you really unwell”

Bindu sigh ” sushima, you have grown so much. I can still see the love there. I wish you would show it more and show that you are a kind prince”

” you’ve never showed me love. I’ve always had to fight for your attention with ashok. Mother always say you will see if I tried harder, but ashok always get the better end.”

Bindu puts his hand on sushim head ” you don’t have to compete with ashok sushim. I may not show it, but I have always been proud of my sons. I wish your mother didn’t influence you, I wish she had encourage you to be better instead of fill hate in your heart. But I never hated you”

Bindu smile ” I always over looked what you do, because I believed you will change for the better. That is why I cho-” before Bindu could finish he drop his hand and took his last breath. Sushin surprise calls for Bindu. He told him to wake up, but he didn’t. It wasn’t long before people heard his crying, they came in to see Bibdu dead.

Charu held her tears, she ask sushim if Bindu appointed him as king. Sushim glares at her ” father is dead, and all you think about is the crown.”

” I know his dead sushim, but your forgetting your father never love you, he felt you didn’t deserve the crown. Now is our chance to speak with those council and convince them that you deserve the crown.”

Sushim, didn’t respond but instead walk away.


Acharya was speaking amongst some of the council. They we’re also not pleased with Bindu choice. ” Bindu is dead. I’m sure Charu is plotting to give sushim the throne. We must inform ashok before it’s to late.”

One council says ” ashok is no where to be found. How will we find him?”

Acharya smile ” when theirs fear in people, ashok will be there. Besides he always leave a mark.”

Elsewhere, ashok and his soldiers arrive at the market. When people saw them they became curious. The people seem happy to see them. Ashok wonder if he manage to enter the western area. The home of Helen. Their we’re mumbles, but ashok ignored them. He walk to a store, and ask the shop keeper to find clothes for Charuvaki.

The men couldn’t understand. Ashok tried to make the men understand, when he couldn’t he was about to raise his sword, but someone answerd. The men walk to them and gave ashok a hug. Ashok looking at the Men realize he was one of his father ministers. The men ask ashok what he was doing around this area. Ashok told him he got lost.

He said his looking for a way to get back to ujjain. The minister told him it would take him an extra two days at the rate they we’re going. He says he will show them a short cut, but first ashok should rest. He look at Kaurvaki who was amazed to see different things. ” is she your wife?” The men asked

Both Charuvaki and ashok look at one another. Ashok was staring with so much love. While Kaurvaki cross her arm.

.” No”

The minister said he would let them stay with him, but his house is full. He said he will just rent them a hotel. Ashok thank the men. The men told to follow him, before leaving he bought the clothes for Kaurvaki.

Few minutes later………

” unfortunetly you two will have to share this room. The soldiers occupied the remaining one’s ” as soon as he said this he quickly left before ashok could protest.

To be continued…………


Ashok tricks Kaurvaki to come out the bathroom. While running ashok draws her near using the shackle. causing her to fall on him. “I’ve. Been away from you for to long, knowing that your near me, but can’t remember me, makes me want to hold you closer.” He says while staring in her eyes.

Devi and vit. We’re talking, when they heard about bindu. She starts to cry. Suddenly she felt a contraption. Vit told her to calm down for her baby.

Kaurvaki refuse to jump across the river, afraid she might fall. Suddenly she had a flashback. Ashok seeing this walk across and lift her, surprising her.

Acharya told Helen to help him find ashok. She says ” my son is dead, theirs nothing left for me in this castle. Bindu promise to free me and take me home”

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  1. Awsome…dear..
    Waiting for ashok’s reaction wn he will know that kaurvaki doesn’t remember anything.. Or might be he will not believe her…

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    hey kanie di,so so so sorry,i coudn’t comment bcoz i was too busy with my tests…di plz update farewell ff too naa,plz don’t stop it,it’s very good…plz

  3. Aparaajita Rathore

    hey kanie di,so so sorry i couldn’t comment coz i was too busy with my tests…di plz update the farewell ff too naa,plz don’t stop it di…

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