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Precap: ashok enters the harem on order to find the fake imposter, but instead meets a women that resembles kaurvaki. Meanwhile bindu finally choose his successor. Lets continue

Bindu open his eyes. He look at acharya who was standing by the door, thinking. ” I know you must be surprise by my decision “, he says.

Acharya walk to bindu ” a little, I can’t understand why you would let sushim rule over us then ashok.”

Bindu look up ” just like sushim, ashok has a lot to learn. Your forgetting ashok isn’t royalty. The people would reject the idea of him being king because of that. A few years back I would have suggested Ashok…but people have started to be afraid of him. I don’t want a heartless ruler to rule over the people.”

Acharya object to this ” I’m sure once ashok gets on the thrown he will change. Remember radhagupta vision. Of ashok becoming king, he wouldn’t have supported ashok if he wasn’t a kind king.”

Bindu couphs, ” that was the past, the future can be altered or change, that’s why you shouldn’t anticipate for the future, but instead focus on the present.”


Charuvaki was surprise, she tried moving away but ashok held her from moving. Angry, she bit his bottom lips causing ashok to gasp, and slap him. The slap was so loud, you could hear it around the room. Ashok stare at her ” you slap me?”

” I’m sorry, but I needed you to let go. You we’re molesting me”

” molest?”

Charuvaki push him and got up. Embarrassed. Ashok starts to laugh ” you started this, trying to seduce me, but then when you failed you tried playing innocent.”

She hide behind one of the curtains. ” I thought you we’re the king”

” king? So you we’re planning to do this with the king”, when she nod ashok became furious. He was mad that his beloved wife, who he just found was alive, was going to get intimate with a stranger. No… he won’t let this happen. He got up to move, but she stops him, telling him to stay back.

Ashok wasn’t one to listen to anyone. So he walk closer to her. Charuvaki, moved to the next curtain, she told ashok to stay where he was or she will do something. Ashok asks what she will do, she stammered. Before looking for an idea. She quickly grab the dagger and told ashok she will cut her wrist.

That stops him for a second. Ashok looks at the way she was holding the dagger. It was held weakly And her hand was shaking, it was different compare to how his Kaurvaki held it. He wonder if she really is his wife.

When ashok took a step, she cried saying she will really do it, ashok challenge her. He told her to do it since she’s so willing to kill herself. Charuvaki Was surprise, she was really hoping he would stop and listen, but instead he was daring her.

” go on” he says

Charuvaki gulp, before saying one last time she will do it. When ashok didn’t budge she raise the blade to her wrist, faster then lightning. Ashok grab her wrist and pinned her to the wall. He say ” did you actually think I would let you kill yourself again.” He whispers ” you are my life, it doesn’t matter how many times you leave me. You will always belong to me” to prove his point, ashok grab the knife she had. And held on of her wrist.

Charuvaki scared asks him what he was doing, ashok sush her and carved an A on her wrist. She cried out when the knife touched her skin. When he was done. She almost fell to the floor, but ashok held her still. He grab her duppat and gently wipe the blood of her wrist ” this will be a reminder that you belong to me, your body, heart and soul.”

He let her hand go, when they heard a scream. Ashok became alert. Charuvaki snap out of it ” I know that voice, it’s the head” she says

Ashok says the fake king might be there. He quickly left the room follow by kaurvaki. When they reached the other room, they saw the head body on the floor. The fake king turn and saw ashok. His eyes widen. Ashok told him he was coming back to magadha where he will be punished for his crime. The king laugh, he told ashok he wasn’t going anywhere. He says if anyone should be punished it should be siamak, and the fifth prince.

He says they told him to take the money from the safe. And rule kalinga. Ashok wasn’t surprise, siamak was another person in the family that knows the passage way to get to the safe. The fifth didn’t know. That only means he went along with siamak. Ashok smiles evilly. ” this will be easier then. Killing two birds with one stone. ”

He quickly grab his sword and kill the king. The blood splattered in the room. Charuvaki scream seeing the blood. Ashok turn to her and fold her to be quiet. She move back to leave, but ashok men arrive at the door. Ashok told them to hold her while they leave. When they we’re out, he says to the soldiers ” the head of this place is dead. Theirs no use for this harem anymore. Burn it to the ground. The soldiers nod.

Charuvaki asks ashok not to, she says this is the only place some of the dancers have. Ashok told her, he won’t if she listen to him and come quietly. Charuvaki seeing the fire being built says she will. Ashok told them to drop everything because their heading to jaganath palace.

Charuvaki look one last time at the place she staid in before leaving. They walk through the heavy snow until they reached the castle. Ashok stopped them, and told them to stay while he grab Charuvaki. ” you are coming with me” he says

” why?”

Ashok turn to her ” you said you would come quietly ”

This shut her up. When ashok reach the dungeon stairs. He told her to stay while he goes down. When he walk down he saw jagannath on the floor struggling. ” jagannath? What has happened to you?”

” some soldiers came and attack the palace.they manage to attack me.” He says

Ashok holding him, manage to get blood on his hand. Ashok told him he will bring his daughter to him . Jagannath nod. When ashok left his son arrived. He was surprise to see his father wounded. He walk to him ” what happend here father? Who did this to you”

Jagannath loosing his breath. Thought ashok came back. He knew he was dying now. With is last breath he says ashok name. The prince was shock.

Meanwhile, ashok grab Charuvaki. She question about the blood on his hand, he told her not to worry about it. Ashok stopped when he heard voices. He hide behind the wall, before telling Charuvaki that their not welcome. ” let’s go”

Confuse she wonder, who the voice we’re. While they left, she heard crying, she felt sad for some reason.

On that day Charuvaki / kaurvaki didn’t know that her father had died. and a new king will rise which will start the beginning of a new war.

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  1. O god wowwwwwwwwww…
    I m loving the obsessed ashok….

    But y didn’t he ask her “why she didn’t return to him if she was alive n what was she doing in the harem…
    Didn’t she missed him.
    Didn’t she thought of him of what it would be going on him as he thought she was dead…n also some more questions like this also”…

    But I am loving this beyhadd love of ashok

    1. Angelk1

      Lol , even if he had asked that. What could she say, she doesnt remember anything. She doesnt remember ashok or the fact that shes his wife. But i will use that dialect in the future. Anyway, thanks. I wanted ashok ruthless not the love sick type. I wanted him to claim her like she wanted back in odiss.

      He will still be ruthless even when shes back. Up until she actually decides to leave.

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