Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 32

Chapter 32

Kaurvaki is seen in magadh. She walk passed people heading to bindu castle, suddenly she heard people calling ashok name. She turn when she spotted a glimps of him. Her heart beat. She was about to call his name, but he disappeared. Frowning, she decides to follow him. She moved passed people, pushing some.but it was no use, she had lost him.

Kaurvaki decides to wait for another day. The next day came by really fast. Kaurvaki was heading to the palace, she saw soldiers running, and once more ashok riding on his horse, “asho-” she says, but stop when he passed right by her, with determination. When he was gone, she heard a scream, she turn to see a women telling a men to leave her. Saying her son was missing.

Kaurvaki wonder who the women is. She decides it was non of her business, and leave. Hopeing to catch ashok.

Meanwhile, ashok told the guards to search every area and the border line, he told them who ever it is will be punished by him. He got down from his horse, and search the area. He remember earlier what happens.


Ashok still in his mother garden, was now weeping. He had no more tears left. Sushim seeing him, calls him pathetic before turning to leave. Devi told ashok she will head to their room. While walking she didn’t notice, siamak following. She closed the door, and puts mahendra on the bed. She was babbling about random things, and how everything moved really fast. She told her son how she missed Dharma, and how she was like another mother to her.

She stop when she heard the window open, and shiver when she felt cold air. ” I should close the window so mahendra Wouldn’t get sick” , while walking to the window. She didn’t notice , the fifth prince coming from under the bed, and grab mahendra. The baby was about to start crying, but the fifth prince held his mouth. he silently went back under the bed waiting. Devi turning panicked when she didnt see her son.

She search the whole room, but still nothing. Panicking, she step out calling for help. This was enough time for the prince to ascape. He gave the baby to the maid, telling her to hurry before walking to his father, who called a meeting. Devi ran to the garden , and told ashok. Ashok getting up was angry, he told devi who ever it is he will punish them.

Bindu walk to them, follow by the prince’s. Bindu says , someone has kidnapped mahendra, we will have to be fast and search before they ascape. Ashok told him, he can do it alone with some guards, but bindu says its better if they all search.

ashok says ” its his family, he will take responsibility”

Bindu sigh, but agreed to it. Ashok walks away with some soldier. Devi thanks bindu, for being concern for her son. Bindu says ” i only did it because my beloved, sacrificed her life for your son. I wouldn’t want her sacrifice to be in vein” , he turn and walk away ignoring Devi.

The prince’s. Looking at one another nod. They left the garden area and step outside ” is the child out the palace?”

” perfect, we should meet the maid by the river and dump the child where the crocodile swim” charu says

” ashok won’t know what hits him”

End of flashback

Ashok was furious, he was getting in patient. Still they couldn’t find him. ” who ever is behind this is smart, but I’m way clever. I will find and punish them servially ”

The prince’s Were heading to the river area, they stop when they saw kaurvaki talking to the maid. ” your from the palace right?”

The maid nervous says no. Kaurvaki knit her brow. She wasn’t stupid, she saw the lady walk out with the baby, and suddenly remembered the lady screaming for her child. She look at the bundle in the lady arm. Kaurvaki asks if she wasn’t ashamed. The maid look away ” your a women too, so you must know a mothers pain.” ,she knit her brow together before saying ” hand over the baby”

The women told Kaurvaki, she can’t or they will kill her. Kaurvaki raise a brow ” they who?”

She was about to say something when an arrow hit her back. Gasping she almost drop the baby, but Kaurvaki grab it before she can. The women told Kaurvaki to run, but kaurvaki told her she will get help. The women shook her head and told her, they will kill her too. her hand drop while taking her last breath. Kaurvaki closed her eyes. Mahendra starts to cry, alarming ashok and his troops.

Sighing, kaurvaki puts her hoodie back on, and left the area, heading back to magadh, she tried soothing the baby, who kept crying. Stopping, she look at the baby, And thought he look like his mother. She smile, thinking of herself as a mother with ashok child. She rock the baby side to side before singing a song. The baby stop crying, and look at Kaurvaki.

Kaurvaki says ” now your quiet.I guess that’s a good thing” , she wipe the baby tears, and cooed seeing him yawn so cutely. She decided to hurry up, just when she took a step, guards surround her. Sushim while hiding smirk. Kaurvaki confuse wonder what’s going. The guards seeing the baby, snatched him from her hand, causing the baby to cry. ” you are coming with us” they said tying her hand.

While leaving, the fourth prince says ” our plan is ruined ”

” it’s not, it couldn’t get better” charu says

The prince’s Look at her ” do you know something mother?”

Charu smirk ” let’s just say ashok will be shock to see her”

Siamak says ” if she’s close to ashok, wouldn’t ashok set her free. Besides we don’t really know what the maid told her, so she might tell ashok ”

Fourth prince thinking says ” that’s where we come in. We all heard what ashok said earlier, he will punish the culprit. He declared it in front of father and his wife. Ashok can’t take back his words. We should remind him, and if he refuse father will deal with it.”

“Your right, our luck keeps getting better and better ” third says

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