ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 12

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Ashoka eyes opened with the warmth of beautiful sun rays touching his cheeks. He looked around to see his companion. But Kaurwaki was missing. Ashoka run around to find her…. he shouted her name in a hope of a positive response but was always disappointed .
He started moving forward then suddenly heared a voice.,which was coming from the opposite direction ……
“Ashoka!!!!!!!!…..Ashoka!!….help!”- Somebody was screamong .
Ashoka speed up in the direction. And finaly he found her . And was shocked !!!!!!! .
He founded Kaurwaki on a tree . Hanging on a branch that was about to break.
“What the hell are you trying to do Kaurwaki …????”- he asked .
“I can explain it later …firstly will you please help me out!!”- She screamed.
“Why are you shouting….. first of all you are doing such stupid things .and then asking for help like this !!!!”. Before Ashoka could argue more the branch broke and dumped Kaurwaki on him . Both falled badly. Kaurwaki raised her head to see Ashoka. Their eyes met again . Ashoka was staring her. For a while there was dead silence. Ashoka smiled. He was looking at her so lovingly. Her eyes.
Kaurwaki also smiled. And ..
“You idiot !!!!!…”- she shouted . She get up hurrily and continued.
“You should have helped me out !!!… i could have a serious injury….”- She ended.

“What!!!!….my…..dear you falled on me!! …I would have got hurt …. and who asked you to climb like a monkey early in the morning ……”- Ashoka.
“You called me monkey!!!”- And her face was again red in anger ..and was staring ashoka as if will kill him in seconds .
“Okk!..i am sorry . I did’nt mean that
But what were you doing?”- He thought it’s better to apologize …he does not want to create a scene ( he find this a better reason to explain himself it was hard to accept by young prince that first time in life he actually got scared by a girl’s anger.)
Kaurwaki was back to normal . She smiled awkwardly and opened her hand ….. there was a bunch of berries in her hand.
“Berries?????”- Ashoka asked.
“Yes …i love them ….. it’s my favourate thing .”- with these line there was a shune in Kaurwaki’s eyes like a small child.
Ashoka stared her for a while …and then after sometime…… burst out laughing.
“You are tooo …cute!!!!!” – He said laughing. Kaurwaki who could not understand his reaction looked at him shockingly ..and then with a sweet anger moved forward. Ashoka followed her with continuing his great girly joke.

Hours passed…

Ashoka was normal now . Both were passing their time by having a nice talk ..related to thier likes and dislikes. This time Ashoka was also getting a chance for equal participation .Ashoka was fasinated with the fact there was something different about Kaurwaki. He had met many girls before in his life but she was completly different …. or Ashoka find something different in her. No one has before attracted Ashoka in such a way …nor someone had dared to scold him like this make him agreed at wrong points….or to make him apologize for an indeed which he had not actually done….for everything which was unusual for Ashoka…. unusual but beautiful… that he loved.!!!!!!”

PRECAP- Ashoka founded AAKROSH … and was ready to destroy him and his kingdom ..

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