ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 11

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Sorry guys i am quite busy so i can not post much but will trt to post daily thankyou everyone
RECAP- Ashoka left Kaurwaki alone

Midnight was near…….and Kaurwaki had finished the dinner and was making efforts to be lost in her most beautiful dreams  but always loose infront of  the scary forest.  
         She had  argued  with Ashoka….and  declared that she is an independent and a brave person .    But actually , inside this arrogant , independent amd brave person …their lies a common girl who is scared of darkness …who is scared of the worst and fearfull voices that were coming from the forest ..which  were definatly of some more scary and dangerous animal and now she could not bear it more.     
 Slowly she lost her faith on her so called  bravery….and  her innocence and fear went down her  cheeks in the form of  …..”tears”. She could not bear this anymore. She decieded to find his saviour …Ashoka.  With a lot of courage she stand up and started moving towards the direction in which ashoka had left . She was continuesly moving ….but was  slower than a snail. 
     Then suddenly a voice camed
      “Kaurwaki???”.  Shockingly she looked back. Her heart skipped a beat. But thankgod that  was Ashoka and  was sitting under a tree.  She was about to cry. Not out of fear but out of happiness, Now she was fearless as her saviour was with her. 
“Are you alright”- Ashoka asked .
         Yes she was right now ….as Ashoka was with her. And then suddrnly she realizes that she was smiling with tears. Smiling  for a peson who hurted her self- respect ….which she knew was wrong …but how could she proove herself wrong.  She  somehow controlled her emotions . And a little  anger …and egoistic expression reappeared on his face.   With a — in his voice she spoke     
  “What can happen ti me???…. I am fine…..”
 “But.”- Ashoka tried to speak….but was as always inturupyed by her.
“What ‘but’ Ashoka ????..i am very much ok  but – Kaurwaki continued with trying her best to maintain her facial expressiin    “…just look at your face …you look so sad and  scared ..!!!!”
  “I look scared????# – Ashoka asked.
“Shut up …don’t lie …you can’nt  hide anything from me…..I know you are feeling helpless …and you are scared of this .most..wildest forest!!!    …I know you want to stay with me… you are scared of all this…!!!”- Kaurwaki paused.
   Ashoka decieded to keep quit . As he could clearly make out the fear on her face which she was trying to hide qith her anger.
“…I know you want to say sorry ….and want to come with me …..But it’s fine….I —— you …I am not that hard !!!!!!….. if you want you can come with me “- said kaurwaki with sweating in fear.
“ are right …”- continued ashoka as he had understood that it’s better to handle yhis fragile situation with calm . And the only way was to give up……” I will come with you”…With these words of Ashoka Kaurwaki finally breathed with relief.
 So both came back to the point form where they started their agrue.    Ashoka looked back to Kaurwaki. She was looking into the forest … the direction of the scary voices. Her face was covered with fear.  

“You can sleep here …near the fire!!!”- Ashoka said . Kaurwaki nodded with her eyes set on the direction
.” I will be there  under that tree!! ” Ashoka pointed to a tree  at a distance .
“Nooooo…”- Kaurwaki shouted.
“Why???”- She asked
“What do you mean by why ?”- Asked Ashoka .
“I mean …why to go there??? ..You must be near me……  I mean near the fire …it is quit cold …you can sleep here i don’t mind !!!!!!!!”- Said Kaurwaki with hesitation.
   Ashoka smiled. He could make out the motive of her talk.  So He just agreed.    He sat next to kaurwaki. 
Kaurwaki could sleep now .  She closed her eyes with capturing Ashoka’s image .
Ashoka afyer staring the innocent face of her…..lay down beside her in the grass .    With capturing her image in his eyes!!!!!!

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    Nyc job d size is perfect my fanfics r of d exactly same size .. Bt a Precap plzzzz ..

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    Nice one. She tried to pretend she doesnt need ashok, but she do , and ashok knew it too

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