Ashoka Devi ( ASVI ) (Episode 7)

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This is the seventh episode…….
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Recap: Devi is waiting with Dhani beside the forest. Dhruv surrenders and Ashoka makes him his soldier.

Acharya RG: Ashoka, let’s leave for palace….
Ashoka: Yah.
Ashoka and Acharya RG remove their false moustache and beard and start their journey for palace.
On their way Ashoka starts losing his sense…..He could now see everything double…..
Acharya RG: Rajkumar, what’s happening??? R u Ok???
Ashoka: Nothing, I am all right…..
Suddenly Ashoka loses his sense fully and falls on the ground……
Acharya RG and Dhruv: Rajkumar!!!!!
Devi hears the sound of something fell…… She turns back and sees Ashoka falling on the ground and Acharya RG and Dhruv r sprinkling water on his face….. She rushes to him……
Devi: What has happened to him????
She sees his cuts……
Devi: OMG!!!! He has soooo many cuts on his body. We have to do his treatment as fast as possible……
She sees a bullock cart…..
Devi: Lay him on that cart and come behind me…………..
Acharya RG: Putri, do u know any vaid????
Devi: There is no time to go to a vaid……We have to do his treatment as soon as possible, otherwise his injuries will become severe……
Acharya RG: But if we don’t go to any vaid then who will do his treatment???
Devi: “I”, I will do his treatment…..
Dhruv: But do u know who is he??? If u can’t do his treatment properly then there will a big problem……
Devi: No, why is something special in him……. Well let him be anyone but I know he can’t be a Rajkumar……
Dhruv: aaaaaaa…..
Acharya RG: Shhhhhh……(he looks at Dhruv and nods his head for stopping him from telling the truth)
Dhruv: Well why r u telling that he can’t be a Rajkumar???
Devi: As I know that rajkumars don’t come to any village…….
Dhruv: Buttttt……(he stops , after looking at RG)
They carry Ashoka to Devi’s house and makes him lie on devi’s bed…….
Devi asks others to wait outside as both Dhruv’s and Acharya RG’s dresses were full of dust and mud.
Devi tears Ashoka’s shirt(not modern day’s shirt) and puts some pastes of medicinal plants. (As I had earlier told that Devi was very good at medicines)
Ashoka: MAA…..(he shouts)

Dharma: Ashok !!!!
Bindu: What happened???

Devi: (tears drop from her eyes) PLS….. I can understand that its paining very much but after sometime u will be alright…


The diya which Dharma lit on the name of Ashoka started lighting vibrantly…
Dharma: (smiling) My Ashoka is alright. I know now he is safe. I can feel it.
Bindu: I told u that somebody is there for him to take care. God has send someone to take his care in ur absence. So be tension free, Dharma.
Dharma: Hmmm (smiles)

Ashoka is in deep sleep and Devi is sitting beside him and providing the required medicinal paste when needed.
Acharya RG, Dhruv after changing their dresses and Dhani enters the room.
Dhruv: Is Rajkuma……
Acharya RG looks angrily at him.
Dhani: What did u say??? Rajkumar???
Acharya RG: Actually….. He is very special to him so he calls him with the title of Rajkumar. That’s it…
Dhani: Hmmm
Devi didn’t notice all these things. She was engrossed in Ashoka’s treatment.
Dhani: Devi……
Devi: Ji Pitaji….
Dhruv: How is he now??? Is he OK???
Devi: Ya, he is absolutely fine. Now at this moment he is unconscious but after a few hours he will gain his consciousness and will be absolutely fine. But…. He has to take rest for a month or two.
Acharya RG: That’s not a major problem. It is the good news that he is fine.
Devi smiles…
Devi: It’s too late…. U all may leave and take rest. I will take care of him.
Acharya RG: Beti…… U have done a great job. Now u may take rest, I will take care of him.
Devi: Buttt…..
Dhani: (irritated as Devi was taking care of a stranger too much and that too by being awake the whole night) Beti….. Take rest, otherwise ur health will fall.
Devi: If I will not take care of my patient and allow my guest to be awake for the whole night then due to depression. So it’s better for me to stay awake whole night and take care of him.
Acharya RG: As u wish….
Dhani: But beti….
Devi: Pitaji it’s ok. I will be fine. Aaaa….. well what’s his name???
Devi: What??? He is Rajkumar Ashoka???(shocked)
Acharya RG: Are no no his name Ashoka, he is not any Rajkumar.
Devi: oooo
Dhani, Dhruv and Acharya RG exits the room. They enter in different different rooms.
Acharya RG: Why did u tell Rajkumar’s name??? U could have told any other name.
Acharya RG: Its ok. Now onwards think before u tell anything to them.
They fall asleep….
Dhani is a little worried for Devi.
Devi changes the maram patti of Ashoka and massages his head…..
Devi was sleeping by keeping her head on Ashoka’s chest and right hand on his head.
When the sunlight falls on her eyes she wakes up. But as soon as she wants to get up, she again falls on him as her sari got stuck with his chain (the chain which Devi’s mother gifted her and Ashoka picked up and wore) and at that moment Ashoka opens his eyes and they have a eye lock. Then she tears the thread with which her sari got stuck and then suddenly she notices the chain and recognises it. She gets up and shockingly looks at the chain.
Ashoka: Who r u? And where am I? And why are u looking at me so strangely???
Devi: I am Devi and u r in my house as u r severely injured and u need to take rest. And from where did u get this locket???
Ashoka: Which??? (he looks at his locket) This one???
Devi: Yes.

Precap: Secret love between Ashoka and Devi starts…..
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  1. Astra

    hehe..secret lv between asvi…waiting..waiting.. today epi is really interesting… yup missing cas a lot…

    1. Tiyasa

      Thanks a lot for supporting me. I too am missing CAS a lot…..
      And yes their love story will be something like…….. well its a secret…. check how their love story will be when I update it…..

    2. Vanshika

      When’ll u update by the way? ??

  2. Vanshika

    You remember last date when u updated it? 6th October ????? and from then it has been so long I’m waiting ????
    Btw update was superb superb loved asVi scenes and refreshed al cas memories,. Well Precap is interesting but I can’t wait for 4 months for it ????? and I loved last part of story when Devi wakes up and from then to last… Devi also had some Ashok’s belongings, ryt??

    1. Tiyasa

      I am really very sorry for delay dear vanshu….
      thanks for the compliment
      now u don’t have to wait for 4 months dear….
      yes Devi had some belongings of Ashoka….
      thanks VANSHU cutie

  3. its just awesome dear , so devi does not know abt ashoka being a prince . wonderful . happy to see ur ff after so many days . pls dont discontiue ur ff for low comments or something like that , pls continue and update next epi soon ,because i just love ur ff . btw can u tell me who plays the role of small devi here (just to imagine ) . will be waiting for ur next epi .

    1. Tiyasa

      Thanks a lot dear it means a lot….
      yes Devi doesn’t know that Ashoka is a prince….
      no no I will not discontinue it….
      I have sooo cute friends like u all so why do I need any one else’s comment who don’t love CAS???
      I have soooo cute comments of u all
      Aaaaaa u can imagine tunisha sharma..

    2. Tiyasa

      Or u may imagine kajol srivastav as Devi and mohit raina as Ashoka as in my ff they r not soooo young that u will imagine Sidd as Ashoka and someone as Devi…. Here Ashoka is somewhat like 20 and Devi is 18….
      so u can imagine them only and it is better to imagine them……

    3. oh , ok fine dear

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