Ashoka Devi (ASVI) ( Episode 12)

Hi friends…..this is the twelfth episode…..I am really really sorry for posting it super late. I don’t even know how many of u still remember my ff or even remember or love the serial CAS…but I still love the serial and also miss it a lot…The reason for not being active here is my studies and also now I have insta and I don’t need to use tellyupdates for getting the updates….But as I said, I still love CAS as I did earlier and also miss it a lot and that’s the reason why I’m writing this fanfic again even after soooooo many days.

Hope u like it……

Recap: Shopkeeper in dilemma about Devi…..

Devi and Ashoka break the hug…

Ashoka: Aaaa….I’m sorry Devi….I hope you didn’t mind it and if u had then I’m really very sorry, I didn’t have any intention to do so, its just that u looked too beautiful and I remembered my childhood friend….I’m sorry

Devi(thinking): BEAUTIFUL CHILDHOOD FRIEND??? Who he or she can be? No…it must be a girl, because he remembered her after seeing me in these jewelleries…and she must be rich, otherwise where would she get such expensive jewelleries? One minute! How can Ashoka afford these expensive jewelleries? That too for me? Whom he just got to know a few weeks back? Who is he? And who’s his childhood friend? And why does he miss her? If she was so dear to him then why they don’t stay together like Chandra ji (the fake name of Acharya RG) and Bhanu ji(fakename of Dhruv)???

Ashoka: Devi?? Devi I’m really very sorry pls forgive me!

Devi: What’s her name? Where does she stay?

Ashoka: What? Who? I was asking u to forgive me…

Devi: Offo! I have forgiven u…Now tell what’s her name? and where does she live?

Ashoka: Who are u talking about?

Devi: Ur childhood friend, whom u miss…

Ashoka(to himself): Oh god! Aisa toh koi hai hi nhi…ab kya krre? [there’s no one like that, what should I do now?]

Ashoka: Aaaaa woooo….

Ashoka (to himself): Let me tease her with a girl’s name…lets see what’s her reaction…

Ashoka: She was very special to me actually….very very special…

Devi(annoyed): What’s her name?

Ashoka: What will u do by knowing her name?

Devi: Tell naaa…..

Ashoka: Her name is…….

Devi eager to hear the name….

Devi: Tell!!!

Ashoka:  Suchetana..

Devi: Is she very beautiful?

Ashoka: Aaaaaa yaaa….she is so beautiful that u can call her the most beautiful girl in Bharatwarsh! (teasingly as Devi was getiing jealous)

Devi: Oh…but just a few minutes ago u said that u have seen no girl more beautiful than me! Then?

Ashoka: Aaaaa….meanssss….(changes the topic) bhaiya(shopkeeper) what’s the price of this?

Shopkeeper: Its Rs. 17000(in that times currency)

Devi: Hey wait! Don’t deviate the topic! Answer me!

Ashoka: OK bhaiya….

Ashoka provides the money to the shopkeeper.

Ashoka: Thank you bhaiya….Devi lets go, Dhani ji would be waiting…

Ashoka pulls Devi’s hand and takes her with him and starts returning towards Devi’s house.

Devi continuously keeps on questioning Ashoka but Ashoka doesn’t pay any attention towards her words and hurries to return back.

They reach Devi’s house….

Dhani: Are u guys ok? Why so late? Did Dhruv and army pass by?

Awkward look exchanges between Ashoka, Acharya RG and Dhruv….

Devi: No no pitaji…people were saying that Dhruv and his army has left the cave and went away somewhere else.

Dhani: Thank god…But naa jane ab kounsi gaon me tahalka macha rha hoga…[ don’t know, now in which village he is disturbing peole]

Dhruv: This can also happen that he has left doing bad stuffs and turned into a good person.

Dhani: If that happens then it would be the best but Bhanu ji, he was so so cruel that I don’t think he has changed.

Dhruv tries to say something but Acharya RG keeps his hand on his shouldet and tells him to stay calm.

Dhani: Ok leave these things and come inside…. I’m happy that my putrid[ daughter] is alright and so our guest. And tell….what did u buy?

Ashoka shows the jewellery set to Dhani…

Ashoka: This one…isn’t it pretty?

Dhani: This is so so beautiful…but it must be costly…how much did it cost?

Ashoka: Not much…

Devi: What not much?! Pitashri [father] this costs Rs. 17000 and u r telling not much?! I told him not to buy such a costly one…but no! why would he listen to me!

Dhani: But where did u get so much money? Like its too much costly!

Ashoka: Dhani ji, u both have done so much for us and Devi has become such a close friend of mine (Devi feels happy) and if I can’t even just give her a gift then it would be the worst of me…

Dhani: But u could have given less expensive gift also…

Ashoka: But this was the best looking set and also after wearing this Devi looked like Maharani of Magadh so I had to buy this.

Acharya RG to Dhruv(softly so that others can’t hear): Lagta hai Ashoka ko Devi se pyar hone laga hai [ Seems that Ashoka has started loving Devi]

Dhani: No no pls don’t say so much…my beti [daughter] and Queen of Magadh…pls have a limit on the comparison…

Ashoka: Why? She can become the queen of Magadh…she is beautiful, she is intelligent, she is caring, she knows medicine so well, she is kind in nature….she has all the qualities which a queen should have…so why can’t she be?!

Dhani: Beta, itne baare baare swapne mat dikhao…[ Son, don’t show us so big dreams] Why would any Rajkumar be is Rajkumar Ashoka or be it Rajkumar Sushim want to marry my daughter who is just no one…many princesses are there in the world…obviously they would like to marry them…

Ashoka: But as much as I have heard of Rajkumar Ashoka, he doesn’t judge any person with their caste or class, he judge them with their abilities, their karm. So if not Rajkumar Sushim, may be Rajkumar Ashoka may want to marry her…what say Devi?

Devi is in deep thoughts regarding all the incidents that happened in the last few weeks….

Dhani: Ashoka beta…. Saare Ashoka tumhare tarah nhi sochte hai…wow wala Ashoka Rajkumar hai…unka man jitna bhi pavitra kyuin na ho, Rajparivar me jamn lene k wajah se unke bhi upar bohot saare pavandiya hai jisme se ek ye bhi hai ki annya rajyo k sath achha sambandh rakhne k liye unko Rajkumariyo se hi vivah krna padega… [ All Ashoka s don’t think the way u do, that Ashoka is a prince…however pure his heart may be but because he belongs to the royal family, he has to follow many rules and among them one is that he has to marry the princess of other kingdoms so that Magadh has good relationship with that kingdom]

Ashoka(softly): But I will marry the one whom I love!

Dhani: Samjhe beta?

Ashoka: Hmm ji

Dhani: Achha beta…will I ask u something?

Precap: ………..

What do u guys think will happen in the next episode? What will Dhani ask Ashoka? And has Ashoka already fell in love with Devi? What is in the mind of Devi? Keep guessing….

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