Ashiqui _ Raglak Ff (Episode 2)

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the episode starts with laksh and romi getting ready for office. they are in a hurry. preetha manages to pack the lunch box for them.

“laksh, I’ll get going first. today they called out me to get quick there. ” romi puts tie on. “hmmm, wait we’ll go together ” laksh says. “no. there is no time for me ” romi adamantly stand. “okay ” laksh nods.

romi came out of his room to hall. “tai, uncle, bye.” romi waved at them. balwant stops him. “why, uncle?” romi asked him. “wait,” balwant say. “okay, but fast”romi waited. preetha came there with his lunch box. “here you go” preetha gives him. romi smiles and takes it. “thanks, tai. you are my sweet tai” romi compliment preetha. balwant gets jealous and turns away. “you too” romi compliments balwant. balwant smiles and sends him to office. romi gets his bike and rides away to office.

ragini came to school. chottu get down from bike. ragini takes his breakfast box and gave it to him. “thanks, sis” chottu thanks her. ragini smiles looking at his innocence face. “hmm,” ragini hmmm-ed. the school bell rang. ragini lools on. the students start to ran into school. “go, the bell rang ready” ragini pushed him abit. chottu nodded and ran to school.

ragini gets her bike on and starts to drive.

preetha gave laksh his lunch box and laksh smiles. “okay, tai and uncle. bye” laksh said in a hurry. balwant came there. “that’s why I’m saying to get ready fast but you..” balwant says. laksh interrupt him. “okay, I’m sorry. I’ll try to wake myself fast tomorrow” laksh says. “I’ve heard for a 1000 times’ balwant said. Laksh smiled awkwardly. balwant laughs and laksh goes away.

laksh puts his helmet on and starts his bike. he then drives away. on the other side, ragini is driving. they both came to a end as they are in a traffic. a lorry breaks down there. laksh looks on and asked a man “what’s happening?”.

“there is a breakdown” the man says. laksh nods and the man goes away. “oho, it’s going to be late today” laksh thinks and waited. there are so many sounds. ragini also waited to go in the signal opposite to laksh. they didn’t see each other.

a flash hits laksh on his face. its makes him irritated. he looks at the flash. there…. he saw ragini who is tucked her hair and her eyes wrinkles fast because of the sun. “what a beauty?” laksh compliment and looks at her. a man stand between and laksh pushes him away. the man looks at him and ragini and nods his head. he get going away.

the signals cleared and ragini drives away. laksh also goes his way to the office.

shekar is in his house. he came to janki’s picture and stands. “over 20 , you left me. but by fortunate yougive me a daugter and I’m happy even you’re not here. because I’ve ragini with your behaviours. but I’ve one desire. please show ragini her true soulmate. i want her to be happy after my death” shekar prays to her.

a flower in janki’s pic falls down on him. shekar takes it. “so, you’re saying that you going to show him off to ragini. thanks” shekar says and goes from there with the flower….


here is the episode…. enjoy it… bye….

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