Arya FF – Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hain Part 2

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Part 2
Dadi introduces Shivaay, Mahi, Omkara, & Rudra to Maya. But Maya said, “They are my half brothers.”
Dadi: Yes, you are right but they live like real brothers and are willing to stand for each other in times of crisis. Once you stay here, you will experience the homely atmosphere.
The Oberois take Jhanvi Agarwal to Dr. Vijay for the checkup.

Vijay: She is doing well but it will take time for her to get well. She shouldn’t be under any kind of stress otherwise it won’t be good for her health.
Omkara goes to the art gallery to do his painting & design sculptors. Shivaay goes to his office. Maya too gets ready to resume to her company. She takes out some of her files and puts it on her table to have her breakfast. Maahi is playing on the table not seeing there is a water jug. the water spills which makes Maya’s important papers wet. Maya comes to the table to take those files but is shocked to see that they are in mess. She goes to Maahi & said, “Have you poured water on the table?”
Maahi: Sorry, I didn’t mean it.
Maya: Table is not meant for playing. Do you even know how important these papers are? How will you even know? You are not only an anpad gawar but you are completely mad.

Kamini hears her screams and comes up. She asked, “What is the matter?”
Maya: Your mad son has spoilt my papers. I have to take the printout of my backup again. All my efforts have gone vain.
Kamini: I am sorry for what happened but he never intended to do it.
She gives a new file to Maya & said, “You can take this.”
Maya calls up her staff & said, “Please take the printout of those papers which we are going to present it in the meeting.
Riya: Yes mam.
She takes out the printout and keeps it ready.
After Maya leaves, Kamini slaps Maahi for spoiling Maya’s papers.

Rudra comes from college and comes between Kamini and Maahi.
Kamini: Please stay out of this Rudra. You don’t know what Maahi did. He spoilt Maya’s papers.
Rudra: Whatever he did, he does not know about it. He has not done it deliberately.
Kamini: That is the problem. He does not do it deliberately but he does the same mistake again.
Rudra: He has also spoilt Shivaay’s laptop but he did not shout at him or beat him but he took the backup. I’m sure even Maya would have done the same.
Kamini: Yes, she has but was quite upset as she has got an important meeting. I cannot blame her as she has been away from the family for a long time but I cannot stand Maahi. I am ashamed of calling him as my son.
Omkara comes in. He said, “It is easy for you to hate him for no reason but have you ever taken him for the medical help?”
Kamini: I don’t believe those doctors. We did take him to the psychiatrist but he said Maahi will remain like that for his entire life.
Shivaay comes in, “He said, so you gave up as a mother. How about showing him to Dr. Vijay? Even Jhanvi aunt is going there. If you don’t take him, I will take him.”

Shakti comes in. He said, “Yes, the boys are right.”
Kamini: Fine, as long as the problem is solved I have no problems. I will give a chance to Vijay.
Maya goes to the office. Riya is ready with the presentation.
Maya: Good work.
Maya enters the conference room. She is surprised to see her classmate Arjun Sharma as a prospective client. He sees a glimpse of the presentation and said, “I am ready to sign the deal.”
He completes the formality.
Arjun and Maya go out for lunch.
Maya:How come have you accepted the deal without going through it fully?
Arjun: I know you very well and trust you fully. Your presentation is as beautiful as you.
Maya: Oh stop flirting with me.
Arjun: No I don’t praise anyone falsely. It is a fact.
Maya: Thanks a lot. I am getting to meet my old friend after a long time.

Arjun shows his office to Maya and said, “This is my setup.”
Maya is surprised to see Saanjh. Both hug each other.
Saanjh: I was searching for you. I tried finding you on social network but you are not to be seen.
Maya: I have not registered in the social network website. Even I had come to your place at Dadar but your neighbor told me that you don’t stay in this place anymore.
Saanjh: Yes, we had shifted as we had shifted to new place. My dad had got the posting at Andheri and we did not like that house. I could not tell any of my friends as we had shifted all of a sudden.
Maya: I wanted to hire you as my legal advisor.
Saanjh: But I am working for the same post here. It has always been a pleasure to work with you but I have to ask Arjun now.

Arjun comes: Nisha, I have never restricted you for anything. We have got back our friend after a long time. You can work for both of us.
Nisha agrees.
Shakti & the Oberois take Maahi to Vijay who checks him and said, “No problem. Maahi will get normal.”
Vijay starts with Maahi’s treatment.

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  1. Awesome Kavi ??
    I loved it
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  2. Fffan1234

    Awesome update. I am hoping Kamini is punished for treating Maahi like dirt

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