Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 9

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Episode starts with…..
Ridhima and Vansh hug each other. Ridhima says” Vansh, I will not stop you. You cry as much as you want and get rid of some pain”. Vansh comes to his senses and moves back. He looks at the ring on her hand and recalls Kabir proposing Ridhima. He leaves. Ridhima wonders what happened to him suddenly and goes behind him. Vansh comes back to everyone. Ridhima comes behind him. Kabir asks Ridhima “where were you?” Ridhima says” I got an important call and went”. Vansh hears this and looks at Ridhima and thinks why she lied to him when she loves him. Dadi looks at Vansh and asks” What did doctor said?” Vansh thinks to not make everyone worry and says” Doctor said Siya is fine Dadi. There is nothing to worry. She just fainted”. Ridhima wonders why he said lie to Everyone and thinks he loves his family a lot. Vansh looks at Ridhima and signs her not to say anything to them about Siya’s health. Ridhima nods and thinks Vansh is bearing much pain in his heart, don’t know what will happen.
Nurse comes to them and says” Patient got conscious and you can meet her. I will tell to doctor”. Everyone get happy and rush to meet Siya. Vansh goes near Siya and recalls doctor’s words. Vansh keeps his hand on her forehead and cries. Siya gets shocked and takes the oxygen mask out and says” Bhaiya, relax. Why are you crying. Nothing happened to me. I am fine”. Dadi and Ishani come to Siya and also start crying. Siya says” Why are you all crying. I am not dead.” Vansh says” Shut up, Siya. Never talk about death. You don’t care about yourselves. Do you know how scared we were?” Siya tries to get up and Ishani helps her. Siya says” Sorry di, I didn’t knew your most special day will be ruined by me or else I wouldn’t have come here”. Ishani stops her and says” Shut up Siya, nothing is more special and precious than you”. Ishani cries. Aryan holds her and pacifies her. Siya smiles seeing them and says” Aww jiju, open romance ha! I am sorry that your day got spoiled because of me”. Aryan pats her head slightly and says” No Siya, never think you are responsible for that. It was not intentional and you are my small sister.” Siya looks at everyone and starts to cry. Everyone worry and ask her not to cry. Siya says” You all are crying and making me to cry. You all stop crying. I am fine. Nothing will happen to me until I am with my family.” Everyone stop crying and smile. Ridhima says” I think we should leave and let her take rest as she is still weak. Dadi you have not ate anything, at least now you eat something , I will bring something for you from canteen”. Siya says” Yes Dadi, now as I am fine you should eat something or else you will become a weak. Ridhima ji , please bring something for dadi”. Ridhima nods and leaves. Kabir goes along with her. Kabir says” Ridhima I have an important work. so I will leave.” Ridhima nods and he leaves. Ridhima notices the ring Kabir gave but finds him already gone. She messages him that his ring is with her and asks him to come and take it.
Vansh says” Angre, please take Dadi and Ishani home. I will stay with Siya today”. Ishani says” Bhaiya, but how can we leave her in this state?” Vansh says” Ishani, Siya is fine, you should all go and take rest. Your marriage is in 4 days. Please go”. Aryan makes Ishani agree and they leave. Vansh thinks I don’t want them to know about Siya’s condition else they will shatter.

Vansh comes back to Siya and sits beside her. Siya asks “Bhaiya, What did doctor say about my health?” Vansh controls his emotions and says” Doctor said that you… Siya says” I have brain tumor”. Vansh gets shocked and says” Choti, you know about it?” Siya cries and says” Bhaiya, I know about it since 2 months”. Vansh also bursts out crying and says” Why choti, you didn’t said about it to me when you know about it since 2 months? Did you forget that I am there behind you to help you in every need?” Siya controls herself and says” I taught you all will worry about me and didn’t say Bhaiya. I got to know about Ishnai di’s marriage and came here. Bhaiya, do you think I will die before her marriage?” Vansh stops her and says ” Nothing will happen to you Choti, I will make sure you will become fine. I will do anything to make you fine”. Siya wipes his tears. They hear a voice and get shocked seeing Ridhima. Siya signs Vansh. Vansh says” Ridhima knows about your health condition, Siya”. Ridhima tries to control herself but few tears scroll down her cheek. Siya signs her to come near her. Ridhima goes to her and says” Siya, nothing will happen to you. Believe in god, he will never do any injustice with anyone. I wish you will become fine soon”. Siya smiles and wipes her tears.
Siya holds Ridhima and Vansh’s hand together and says” Will you both do one thing for me? Think it as my wish”. Vansh says” Of course Choti, anything for you”. Ridhima wonders and nods her head. Siya asks Vansh to marry Ridhima. They both get shocked. Vansh recalls Kabir proposing Ridhima. Ridhima gets shocked and takes her hand back. Siya says” Please Ridhima. Bhaiya always thinks about others. I want him to be happy and I think he will be happy only with you. After you came, he began to smile. Please agree Ridhima”. Ridhima is unable to talk. Vansh looks at her being confused not knowing what to say. Ridhima begins to cry and leaves the room. Vansh goes behind her. Siya thinks I wish they both will be together. God please bring them together.

PRECAP: Vansh fills sindoor in Ridhima’s maang. Everyone gets shocked seeing them. A lady enters VR Mansion. Everyone gets shocked. Vansh says”Maa”.
  1. Nice fan fiction along with precape. I will desperately wait for next twist.

  2. So heartening to see you reply to everybody’s comment so generously,, loved this new update with that emotional family connect,,

  3. Nice episode…There are lot of twists waiting to be unfolded..let’s see what happens next..
    Waiting for next episode…

  4. Definitely greeshma_geetha we will post comments before 5.
    Your FFs are that perfect and the kind of magic it has, just wow. Mujhe har din new words search karna padega FFs ki tariff ke liye. Itni creativity ko koi kaise appreciate nhi karega aur jab tak humlog appreciate karenge tab tak tumhe likhna padegaπŸ˜…πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
    Amazing Riansh wedding toh hogi ye paka hai par vansh ki mom itni jaldi aa gyi aur kya Ragini bhi vapis aayegi.
    Let’s see ki vansh ki mom kya kamal dikhati hai…

  5. Woww🀩
    Really, it’s very emotional episodeπŸ˜”
    Vansh’s love towards siya is soo beautiful πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
    Amazing precap πŸ’˜
    Waiting 4 next episodeπŸ’Ÿ
    With lots of loveπŸ€—

  6. Oh my god! What a pure connection between the family so adorable!!😊😊
    Siya is the reason of riansh marriage, so excited to see what new twist is awaiting for us πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
    by the way! As usual you’re thinking level and narrative skills are on another level πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  7. It’s really sooooo sweet of you geethu…… Am talking about the episodes and yours. You giving reply to each and everyone…..πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° that’s really soooo sweet and I don’t want to say about the episode bcz I don’t have any regrets with it. Simply amazing, and mind-blowing….

  8. Tanisha Singh

    Just to say It’s amazing just go on writing like this . Eagerly waiting for next episode …πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  9. Waiting for today’s post……….

  10. Thum liknaekae story Mae names aur title change kartho ek naaya serial baan jathaa….

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