Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 36

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Episode starts with….

“But why are you planning such trip? We all can enjoy together right instead of going somewhere else. I still say that, real enjoyment is what we get when we stay with our family.” Anupriya says, while keeping the food items on the dinning table.

“But Maa, try to understand Naa! Sometimes such trips cause refreshment. We stay together for all the time but going out will be something special.” Ishani says, while following Anupriya and roaming around her.

“Pleasssee Maa! just 15 days and 14 nights you know. We will be back within few days. Allow us Maa.” Sanjana says, while trying her best in showing the cutest puppy eyes she had.

“Arghh! So you people also decided the duration of the trip so why to ask me? Will you people stop if I refuse?” Anupriya says while turning towards them and placing her hands on her hips.

Ishani and Sanjana smile sheepishly while looking at each other and nod at Anupriya. Anupriya glares at them and slaps their heads with her knuckles.

“Ahhh.” Both wince in pain.

“Anyways, where did you all plan your trip then?” Anupriya asks while resuming her work.

“We have planned the trip to Singapore, Maa. Also we will visit to Malaysia too.” Siya says, while walking towards them but she is busy in her phone.

Ridhima comes down while adjusting her night dress and forwarding towards the kitchen.

“Ridhima, why are you going to the kitchen, I have already arranged everything here.” Anupriya says and Ridhima turns to her.

“Maa, I have already told you not to stress yourself. I would have made everything right. Anyways there are three pumpkins in this house who would have helped me.” Ridhima says and comes to Anupriya.

Ishani, who is checking all the dishes stops when she hears Ridhima and smiles sheepishly at her.

“Bhabhi, you know our talent right? Anyways, cooking is done so that we can eat something not to burn the dishes which we always do if we cook.” Siya says and points at herself and her sisters. All nod at unison.

“Yes Anu, these girls should learn something efficient rather than eating and sleeping in this age.” Dadi says, while frowns at the girls and they gulp down.

“You should learn cooking, darlings. It will be helpful for your future. What will you do after your marriages then?” Anupriya asks, while everyone settles themselves on their chairs.

“I will learn cooking via online, Maa.” Ishani says, while showing her mobile to everyone.

“I will keep a maid for cooking, Maa.” Sanjana says and shrugs her shoulders with a smirk.

“I will not marry until and unless the guy learns cooking.” Siya says and gives a huge grin.

“And I will make sure all these things to happen. I will search the people who will accept those conditions also.” They turn back and find Vansh coming towards them. All the three girls give a huge grin to his words.

“But I am afraid, if I will find any.” He says and winks at Anupriya before hugging her.

“Bhaiya..!” The three girls growl at him and he laughs before sitting.

“When the girls are this pretty then you will definitely find the guys accepting their conditions too, Vansh baby…!” Ridhima says and pokes her tongue to her cheek.

“Awww, Vanshh babyyy…” The three girls mock at him and chuckle loudly.

“It’s enough now.” He says and the three stop while controlling their laughter.

“And you, I will take care about your punishment.” He says while pointing at Ridhima. She gulps audibly.

“Eww Bhai, you are openly giving such bold warnings to her in front of your naïve sisters.” Sanjana says and other two hum in acceptance.

“Anyways, when are you people going to the trip, Vansh?” Anupriya asks as she serves the food to them.

“Maa, how many times should I tell you to not do all these things? First you come and sit here. There are people to do these works and I pay for them well too.” He says and makes her sit on the chair next to him.

“Vansh, I sent all those people to their homes early. They work so hard in the day time so I taught to give them off early and they can go to their homes and spend time with their family.” She says and caresses his cheeks.

“It’s ok, Maa. I love you.” He says and kisses her.

Ishani, Sanjana and Siya get up and serve food to everyone with few chuckles. The family shines in brightness with the love and affection they share for each other. Anupriya gets happy and smiles heartily. All the pain she has suffered is nothing in front of the warmth she is having right now.

Ishani, Sanjana and Siya bring their chairs close to Anupriya’s chair along with Vansh. Anupriya starts feeding them one by one. The most beautiful moment for any mother is to feed their child’s stomach.

After all the works finished regarding the dinner, the three sisters along with their sweet sister-in-law sat together and were scrolling something on the laptop, sitting on the eternal sofas present in the hall. Dadi went to her room as she felt tired.

Vansh helped her mother in all the works she did. He refused taking the help from anyone as he wanted to help his mother like he did when he was 9 years old.

“M-Maa, Can I ask you something?” Anupriya turned to him as he spoke nervously and then nodded at him to continue.

“D-Did you e-ever hate me, Maa?” He asked trying to sound calm. Anupriya gasped at his question and then shook her head widely.

“Noo…Vansh, how can I hate you? I never did too. You came from me. I cocooned you inside me and nurtured you with all that in me. I loved you even before I saw you, Vansh. I will always love you beta.” She said with very bright glow in her eyes while trying to stop her unshed tears and cupping his cheeks.

He closed his eyes and held her palms with his palms on the top and kissed the insides of her palms.

After doing everything they came back to the hall and sat along with the already busy people.

“Anyways, tell me when are you planning your trip.” Anupriya asks and sits on the sofa. She smiles and adjusts herself when she felt Vansh resting his head on her laps.

“Maa, we will be starting to Singapore day after tomorrow in our private jet.” Siya says and the others hum in response.

“Ishu, Aryan, Sanju, Siya, Ridhima, Sampath and I are going, Maa. Angre will be joining us from Malaysia.” Vansh says and Anupriya nods at them.

“Ishani, Did you ask Mayuri about it?” Vansh asks while looking at Ishani.

“Bhai, she is on a trip with her friends so I didn’t ask her. Anyways she will not be able to join us.” Ishani says and Vansh nods.

“I don’t know why Sampath never comes home. Where the hell he stays all time?” Siya says and shrugs Sanjana to answer.

“You know na Siya, Sampath Bhai is always busy with his work. He doesn’t even know about the trip. I called him a dozen times now but he didn’t respond. We should think about the ways to make him agree for the trip.” Sanjana says and Ishani nods at her.


Meera slowly moved herself on the bed. Her total body is aching badly. After a long struggle, she slowly opened her eyes when she felt something heavy on her.

She froze. It’s him!


His head is on her chest but she could see him as his head was slightly tilted up. His face features were soft and calm as if he was in peace after a long time. His hot breath blowing on her neck making him more intimate. His one hand was around her waist. Her hand was around him as if she was pulling him more close to her and was intertwined with his hand.

His long brown hair was falling on his forehead and covering his eyes. She immediately tried to get up but she couldn’t as he was pinning her against his strong body.

She gasped when he snuggled more close into her. His long bicep covering her waist as if swallowing it. She tried to push his arm away but failed at her attempt.

She heaved heavily before pushing him slightly.

“Sampath.!” She whispered and poked his shoulder. She knew that he didn’t even feel her touch as his biceps were well built like he always maintained.

“Sampath..!” She growled when he didn’t respond.

“Sampath..!” She almost whined being irritated.

“Hmmm.” She looked at him as he pouted like an innocent child. She smiled looking at him but then shoved the thoughts away. He is sleeping like a student who sleeps on a Sunday

“Sampath, get the f**k up from me.!” SHe shouted and he flinched suddenly from his sleep. He turned his head vigorously as if he was scared of something.

“Sampath.” She called him and touched his arms. He got frightened while flinching back and then the hell happened. He fell down from the bed and landed on the floor.

“Arghhh.” She heard him whimper as she closed her eyes as soon as he fell on the floor with a large thud.

She slowly bent forward and opened her eyes and saw him. He was closing his eyes in pain. She chuckled loudly looking at him struggling and then he stopped moving. His gaze fell on her and his orbs became calm, a smile crept on his lips and she stopped.

She immediately sat back on the bed and saw her surroundings.

Where is she?

Well, all that she could remember was that she was running away when all of a sudden she fell unconscious on the floor and then two arms lifting me…..

‘Arghh! I don’t remember after that.’ She placed her palms on her head in frustration.

“I brought you here.” She heard him say and looked at him who was standing now. She turned away from him and looked for her phone.

“Take this, your phone is broken so use my phone now.” He said while forwarding his phone towards her.

“Will you please shut up and why did you bring me here?” She asked looking coldly at him and he gasped. He tried to maintain his smile but his eyes resembled a pain. She turned away unable to see him such.

“A-actually you fe-fell unconscious and I was worried for you. I didn’t know what to do so I have brought y-you here.” He said while trying to sound normal.

‘He was worried for me? If he really cares for me then he shouldn’t have left me. After all these years he is saying that he is worried for me??’ She thought while looking at him.

“Where am I?” She said trying to get up from the bed.

God!! My body is aching badly.

“Meera, be careful.” He said and held her shoulders with his arms. She shrugged his arms away and heard his gasp.

“I can take care of myself.” I said and tried to move from there but he held her wrist.

“Don’t behave like a child, Meera. Doctor said you to take rest for sometime.” He said and made her sit despite her ignorance.

“Oh really! And what were you doing, sleeping beside me. No, you were sleeping on me right?” She said throwing her hands in air.

“I-I was j-just….I..just wanted to c-cuddle you….I-I missed y-you.” He said and turned back from her.

“Hah! Missed me? Are you serious, Sampath? You left me years back and were missing me. If I didn’t come back then what would you do?” She said and moved towards him. She made him turn towards her and saw that he was in tears. She heaved looking at him.

He was literally on the verge of crying. She couldn’t take that anymore. She couldn’t see him in pain.

“I-I want to go to my flat.” She said while looking away.

He didn’t say anything but She could see he was looking down and probably trying to control himself as She saw his palms turning into fists. Without saying anything he just left the room.

What’s wrong with him?

She heard a ringtone and found that someone was calling Sameer.

“Ah! Sameer someone….She trailed when she saw the caller.


She saw the profile picture and heaved.

‘Isn’t she our classmate? Shruthi Rai! She was one of the most charming girls in our college. She also had a huge crush on Sameer but he doesn’t know about it.

She is still in touch with Sameer. Why is she calling him? Is there something between them?

Are they in….Agrhh! Why do I care about that?

I don’t care even if he is in a relationship with anyone. I j-just don’t c-care if he is in l-love with someone else. I –J-just…

Why did you so this to me Sameer? It is still hard for me to move on and you already did? Did you forget all the memories we had? Did you ever loved me?’

She shoved her thoughts away and wiped the tears she had when she heard him come. He came back after changing into his casuals. He was wearing a blue T-shirt which was hugging his body like a second skin showing his well built abs. He was looking like a Greek God with his hair being messy

“Come along with me, I will drop you to your home.” He said and turned back without even waiting for her.

Rude much!

“No need, I can go.” She said while walking towards him.

“It’s already past 10 Meera. I can’t risk sending you alone.” He said and turned towards her with an annoying face.

“No need to care for me. I can go alone.” She said and looked away. Why does he always stay annoyed at her?

“Are you coming or should I make you to come?” He said raising his eyebrows and she gulped. He immediately walked towards her and he moved back unknowingly.

“I-I will c-come.” She said while trying to sound normal.

“You will come,what?” He said with a smirk on his face.

Her eyes immediately shot wide opened on his words leaving her mouth wide open.

“Will you COME, Meera?” He said, stressing the word ‘come’ deliberately. He pushed her chin up and closed her mouth.

After running his palms in his hair, he made a way out of his mansion.

Meera looked around in confusion as she didn’t found a single person in his huge mansion.

‘Does he stay all alone in this Mansion?”

“Actually, no one knows about this place. Only I stay here whenever I feel tired emotionally. I kept this mansion as an incognito.” She heard him say and turned towards him. He turned around to face her with a smile on his face.

“I thought you would bring your dates here and…”She trailed as she knew that she can’t think such low from him but she recalled the call of Shruthi that he got.

His smile turned into a misery as the words of her stuck in his ears. After all these years, she is thinking such low of him. He couldn’t look at her as tears filled his eyes. He didn’t want to feel weak especially in front of her. He turned away and wiped the lonely tear away. She saw that and her heart clenched hard. She knew that she had hurt him.

Without saying anything he rushed out and she followed him. She kept looking at his retreating figure as he rushed out with long strides and she could see his clenched fists.

She was breathing heavily due to running fast behind him. After coming out of the mansion she looked around to find him. Just then a black rolls Royce came in front of her and then Sampath, the owner of the car came out from the car heading towards her.

He swiftly pulls the door of the passenger seat with his one hand and looks front while waiting for her to sit inside.

She went to the back door of the car and gracefully pulled it open before sitting inside.

“I am not your f**king driver, so come and sit front.” He growled making the nerves of his neck visible due to the audacity. She flinched at his tone.

“Sit front.” He gritted through his clenched jaw and she looked at him with glossy eyes. He turned his head to not let her tears affect him. She immediately came out of that seat and sat inside the passenger seat. She flinched when he slammed the door hard. He immediately ran across the way and strode into the driver seat. He clasped his seat belt and started the engine with his one click.

His fingers were tapping on the steering and the vehicle was still. She looked around to know the reason and then put her seatbelt. As soon as she put her seatbelt he changed the gear and started to drive.

When their car reached the gate of the mansion, Meera looked around to see that someone will open the gate for them but the gates immediately opened automatically and she gasped. He has set all the security electronically and sensor based so that he doesn’t need anyone to stay in that mansion.

The drive was very silent. Neither did they have any traffic as it was almost midnight. Meera looked at him and found that he was holding the steering so tight because of his anger on her. She immediately turned to the window and rested towards the glass looking at the passing things outside. She closed her eyes to relax herself.

After few minutes, Bluetooth of the car rings as someone calls Sampath. Meera slightly opens her eyes and looks the smart screen located in front of her which was blinking with a flash, “Sanju” was written on that indicating that she called. As soon as Sampath sees her name his mood becomes normal and a smile creeps on his face. Meera notices it and get into thinking about who Sanju is.

“Sanjuuu.” Sampath shouts as soon as he lifts the green button. Meera looks at him and finds that he was smiling.


Sampath immediately stops the car and Meera flinches at that. He holds the digital screen with his and gets shocked.

“Sanju…A-Are you crying baccha? What happened?…A-Are you okay?” He asks trying to calm himself down. Meera gets surprised to see his reaction.

“You don’t love me na Bhaiyya.” They hear her say and Sampath gets into confusion. Meera heaves after learning that she is his sister.

“Baccha, Why are you saying like that? I-I love you so much, more than myself too.” He says and traces her name on the screen. Meera sadly smiles at him and recalls how he used to love her.

“If you really love me then you would have stayed with me at this time. Where are you?” They hear her say. Sampath settles back on his seat and looks at Meera. She turns her gaze from him.

“I-I..Ac-Actually I got some urgent work and I will come home soon baccha. I am sorry for not being there.” He says while rubbing the back of his neck. Meera gasps at his reply and recalls how he had taken care of her.

“What work Bhaiyya? Is that work that important than your sister. Anyways, who gave you that work?” They hear her say.

“I-I…Ah leave it na baccha. I will come home soon.” Sampath says while looking at the road in front of the car.

“Hah! Leave about that? Do you even know how much sad I am? How much lonely I feel? How much unloved I feel? In the past eight years you have not been yourselves, Bhaiyya. You always go around the globe for meetings, stay at different places for work. Sometimes you will go incognito. I feel you don’t love anyone anymore.” Sanjana says and Sampath chokes.

‘Past eight years? Why did he change that much? Why is he living far from his family?’ Meera thinks and looks at him.

“B-Baccha, don’t say that please. I love you the most. What will I do even if my sister hates me? Tell me anything and I will do it for you.” Sampath says while looking down to cover his tears.

“Yess…I mean I will forgive you if you will come with us on our trip.” They hear her say. Sampath frowns at her words.

“Idiot! Bhaiya, just don’t listen her words. Ishani di and Sanju di are tricking you to make you attend the trip.” They hear someone say. Meera gets confused on hearing some new voice while Sampath chuckles loudly.

“Such a idiots they are! Anyways Siya, you are the real gem choti. Love you so very much.” He says. Meera looks at Sampath while he gives a flying kiss to the screen.

“You are such an idiot Siya….Ah! Bhaiya actually what happened is…..Please Bhaiya, accept and come to the trip.” Sampath chuckles as Sanjana requests her. Meera smiles at the way Sampath chuckles.

“First of all I know whose idea this is. So please give the limelight to the most idiotic plan maker ever exist.” Sampath says a bit loudly and Meera chuckles at him. Sampath looks at her being surprised she stops.

“Ahem! You were talking about me, Bhai?” This time another voice comes up.

“Yes Ishu, you deserve the title. Anyways, you could have asked me about the trip instead of this drama. I was literally tensed on hearing her cry.” Sampath says with a stern voice.

“Awe my sweet Bhai, that was fun you know. Sorry for making you worry. I love you. Anyways, we planned a fifteen days trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Sanju, Siya, Vansh Bhai, Ridhima Bhabhi, Aryan and me are finalized. Please come with us Bhai, it’s been a long time we went somewhere and this time even Bhabhi is coming with us.” They hear Ishani say.

“Great Ishu! Actually I was really having a business meeting in Singapore. I will definitely come with you all.
“ Sampath says and they hear few background noises on the call.

“Yayy! Bhai is coming…Bhai is coming…Bhai is coming…” They heard some shrieks from the call and Sampath chuckled loudly. Meera gets happy to see their love.

“Ahh! Now, I am driving so please be polite. I will come home soon.” Sampath says and looks at Meera who is smiling at the screen.

“Bhai, please! Don’t drive at this hour. After that incident it’s not good to drive late. Take care Bhai or stay at somewhere and come home tomorrow. No need to stress yourself.” All the three sisters say at a time and Sampath whimpers being emotional.

“I will take care of myself. Good night.” He ends the call and wipes the tears formed in his eyes. He immediately starts the engine and drives the car.

‘What is that incident that his sisters were talking about?’ Meera thinks while looking at him.

“It’s bad to star at someone.” Sampath says and Meera gasps while turning front.

“I-I was j-just..You are such a mood changer hah! You were all red and angry a while ago and now being all smile.” Meera shot back and he chuckles.

“It’s because of the love my sisters have for me.” He says with a warm smile.

“I am glad you have them for you unlike me.” Meera says while tears form in her eyes.

“Meera…” Sampath whispers while his heart shrinks in pain.

“This is the address, take me there.” Meera says while giving him his phone and showing him the maps.

Sampath takes the phone from her hand. Meera takes back her hand when Sampath’s fingers brush with hers.

Hey goodies, so how was the episode? I know there was no such intimacy but people have some patience. If I just write intimate scenes then it will not look good so such chapters come in between. I know the episode was quite boring and remember there will be another episode in this same way and after that they will go on a trip(Not me because no one takes me anywhere.”

Anyways, I hope you people show some love to our Sameera too. Keep loving.

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