Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 34

Hello friends, I hate myself for telling you all that my laptop has backed up itself and my all saved files have deleted. My story line had got erased and it took me this long to write them again. I cried a lot due to this but I hope you all will understand me.

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Episode starts with…..

Meera’s POV: (Shocking right???)

“Because she is Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Rai Singhania.” Vansh sir said, with utmost audacity and held Ridhima by her waist and pulled her closer to him.

I chocked at his sudden announcement. Until few moments ago, I was behaving or I must say bossing on my so called boss’s wife..!

Someone just dig a grave of 5’5 feet and 38 inches wide so that I can sleep in it peacefully than getting bashed from my boss on my very first day.

Just then I found someone stroking my back to control my chokes and she in none other than Ridhima….Sorry, Mrs. Ridhima Vansh Rai Singhania!

She gave me some water and within few seconds I returned her the empty glass. She chuckled slightly before taking the glass back.

“Th-Thank y-you m-mam!” I said while lowering my gaze.

“It’s ok, you can call me Ridhima rather than ‘Mam’ because it makes me sound older.” She said and giggled while I smiled sheepishly at her not to forget my red cheeks which were due to the embarrassment I am having right now.

“Who dares to call my wife ‘Old’? I will slice their tongues if they do that. My wife can never turn old. She will always remain the same Ridhima whom I have fallen for in my eyes even if you get some wrinkles.” Vansh sir said while standing beside Ridhima and kissing her cheeks.

I gasped at the sight in front of me. I just saw my boss kissing her wife on her cheeks!  Oh god! Just sprinkle some holy water on my perverted brain to stop thinking some erotic scenes.

I shook my head in order to get rid of such romantic thoughts.

“Vansh, What are you doing? Ah! Hey, I am Ridhima.” Ridhima said while smiling at me and forwarding her hand towards me.

“I am M-Ms.Meera Sharma, mam.” I said shaking my hands with her but she suddenly pulled her hand back causing me to flinch back. She was giving me an angry glare and I gulped.

“Mam? I said you to not call me such.” She said while pouting angrily at me.

“Sorry mam.” I said while trying to smile at her.


“Sorry m-Ridhima.” I said while looking at Vansh sir, trying to know about his reaction on my words. I was surprised when I saw him smiling at Ridhima who grinned happily at my change in addressing her.

I am damn sure he loves her very much.

I wish I had that one. I wish the one I had was like that one.

Arghh… I should not think about it again.

“Ridhima, I am sorry for my early behavior. I didn’t know about you so…

I stopped when she hugged me out of sudden. I flinched but then hugged her back.

“Leave it Meera like I did long ago. Such mistakes happen and they happened with me too.” She said and I chuckled. How friendly she is unlike the typical Boss’s wives I have seen or heard off.

“We are friends, okay?” She said while moving back and I nodded at her with a smile that was missing in my life since last 8 years.

“Ah! Such a cute moment. Should I capture you both?” Vansh  sir said while picking his phone out of his pocket.

I smiled awkwardly and tried to get back but Ridhima held me close to her as she posed for the photo. I didn’t know when he clicked the photo as my eyes didn’t go off from this cutest girl I have ever seen.

Now, she is making me question my gender.

She soon went towards Vansh sir and pulled the phone out from his hands and started scrolling it. I chuckled at her being amazed at how cute she is. Vansh sir is very lucky to have her.

“Indeed I am the luckiest person for getting Ridhima. She the purest person I have ever met.  She is as fragile and naïve as a just born child.” I flinched when I heard Vansh sir say this. He was looking at his wife who is reacting for something she saw in the phone.

“Yes, sir.” I said while a genuine smile forming on my lips.

“Actually, I wanted to tell you something that you were appointed as my brother’s PA. He just came back from his business trip. His office is in 61’st floor. I think you can go and meet him now.” Vansh sir said with a bossy voice and I nodded at him.

“Wait what? Bhaiya came back? Why didn’t you tell me this?” I heard Ridhima say.

“He just came this morning, Ridhima. He didn’t even inform me about his arrival. Anyways, Meera you can go and meet him now.” Vansh sir said and I walked out of their cabin.

I didn’t know that I was appointed as a PA for Vansh sir’s brother. Anyways, I just want this job so I don’t think such things matter.

I was jobless for the last two months and the money I had was not sufficient for the survival of me and my parents who were in Pune. After a lot of struggles I have got this job so it matters a lot for me.

Arghhh… Now I should got to the 61’st floor for his office. Why can’t he just take some room in the ground floor so that it will be easy for me.

Shoving all the thoughts I reached the lift or should I say lifts as there were two. One was at the corner of the floor which was marked as private while the other one is in front of me which is used by the staff.

I climbed in and pressed on the 61st floor with my left hand while another hand was used in holding the files which I should submit to my new boss.


I sighed when I reached the floor and passed by the metallic doors. I gazed around the floor in awe as the interiors of the floor were outstanding. There were only two rooms in the whole floor, one at the first and the other one at the last.

I went past one room to the one at the last one. As soon as I went in a gasp left from my mouth.

Holy crap! It was the most beautiful cabin I have ever seen. Okay, Vansh sir’s room was also beautiful but this room is livelier when compared to it. The colors used for the interiors were light and peaceful. All the things were well arranged. This room is more spacious than my entire flat.

I couldn’t find anyone in the room so I just walked past the spacious sofa towards the table which was very huge. I placed my files on the table and sat down on the chair after not finding anyone around.

“Sir?” I blurted to know if there was anyone but I didn’t get any reply.

“Sir? Are you there?”  I said a bit loud this time so that if there was someone then they could hear me.

I sighed when I heard no response. I looked around to pass my time until someone comes. I looked at the table in front of me.

‘Mr.Sampath D’Souza, Managing Director.’ I froze when I saw the sign board on the table.

No….T-This can’t be true. I-I can’t believe this.

Is it him? Is he the same one? Did I come to him?

It can’t happen. If he comes back then the pain I have beard all these 8 years will come back.

I took deep breathes to control myself. Am I thinking over?

How to know whether it is him or not? I stood up from my chair and walked towards the back of the table. My eyes widened when I saw the photo on his laptop’s screen. It is him with his siblings.


I didn’t knew how but my eyes were filled with tears. The pain he has given me. The happiness he has snatched from me. The things he has done to me in the past 8 years. I don’t want to see him after all that happened.

I swiftly moved back from the table and took all my files from it. I wiped the tears away from my eyes and began walking towards the door.

I gasped when the files fell down from my hand shattering all the papers in it. I bent down quickly to collect them.

“Who are you?” I flinched when I heard a familiar voice. The voice which I heard after 8 long years. It’s him!

I didn’t know what to do. Should I turn back towards him? No, I don’t want even want to see his face again.

“I repeat, Who are you?” He roared and I gasped more. He has the same audacity still now.

I quickly stood up and began running towards the door in order to ignore him.

“Arghh.” I shouted when I felt someone pulling me against the hard door. I closed my eyes in pain, physically and emotionally too.

I slowly opened my eyes to look into two familiar brown eyes. The one I adored the most in him. My gaze fell on his face which is same as the one in past. His pointed nose and broad lips which was divided with the black beard which was adding more beauty to him.

This was the man I loved with all that in me.

I noticed his expressions changing at the sight in front of him. I could say he is shocked and surprised to see me.

He was just inches away from me and I could hear his erratic heartbeats. My hands were on his shoulder as I took support from him when he pinned me against the door with his two hands.

He was wearing a black suit, the color which suits him the most. He looks like a Greek god for me.

I shoved my thoughts away. What am I doing? Am I drooling over him?

I tried to get out from his grip but his hands were very strong for me to push off. I sighed in defeat as his hands didn’t even flinch away.  He came dangerously close towards me touching his body with my front.

I bit my bottom lip trying to hold back the tears which were ready to come out. I was trying my best to not get week by his presence. His cologne was very intimating like it was years ago. This proximity between is making my heart very week. My knees started trembling badly and I held his shoulders more tightly in order to prevent from falling.

I gasped when his hands reached out and cupped my cheeks. I closed my eyes at the touch of his cold hands. It was the same feeling which I had years back. But I am not the same person anymore to fell week with his touch.

“L-leave me. Wh-what are you doing?” I said while trying to push him away. I didn’t look at him because I knew that when I look at him I will not be able to talk.

“S-S-Simran.” He whispered and I froze hearing to him. I left out a heavy heave from my opened mouth while my hand which was pushing his hands away fell down to my side.


“I love you Simran.”

“Simran, why are you calling me with that name?”

“Because  when I first saw DDLJ movie, I fell in love with the Simran’s character. I have always wanted to be a Raj for my life’s Simran and you are that Simran in my life.”

“Aww my romantic Sampath. Then I will start calling you Raj, ok?”


I turned by gaze towards him. I froze when I saw tears in his eyes. The one which I have seen only once, when his father passed away.

Is he crying for me? Does he still love me?

Godd! Why am I thinking about all this?

“P-Please leave me. I said just leave me.” I shouted when he didn’t respond to my words.

“Si-Simran, I can’t believe it is you. I found you again. You don’t know how much I have missed you in all those years.” He said while tears flowing from his eyes.

“Madam, I-I am sorry to say but your child is dead.”

I choked when the incidents came back in front of me.

I immediately pushed him away with all my force and went out of the room.

I didn’t stop running even after hearing him shouting my name. I don’t want to go back into my past where I lost him along with our child.

“Madam, I-I am sorry to say but your child is dead.”

I couldn’t stop the tears which were coming out of my eyes when I recalled those words.

A change! is all that I can say regarding this episode. I love this episode the most because I was literally crying while writing this episode.

I hope you people will respect my this episode. I am glad you people are supporting me even after I am being late.

Actually I was feeling that the response I used to get for my episodes is decreasing and it made me little disheartened but I am trying my best to give the best for you all. Keep loving.

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