Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 23

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Episode starts with….

Ridhima starts removing her clothes when she suddenly finds Vansh there and shouts. Vansh gets shocked seeing her and turns back. They both feel awkward about it and doesn’t talk for a while. Ridhima says “Vansh, you here?” Vansh doesn’t speak anything and begins to leave but Ridhima stops him by holding his hand. Vansh doesn’t look at Ridhima. Ridhima comes in front of him and says “Vansh, why are you behaving like this? I have asked you something and you are ignoring it.” Vansh doesn’t look at Ridhima and says “Sorry Ridhima, I didn’t know you were here and came in.” Ridhima checks the door and says “I forgot to lock the door I guess.” Vansh smirks and says “Ridhima, from next time you should learn how to lock the door because even I stay in this room as of now. Again you might feel I always force things on you.” Ridhima feels hurt that Vansh is still angry with her words and walks to hold him but slips. Vansh holds her by her waist. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays…They both share an eyelock. Ridhima says “Vansh, I always feel secure whenever you are with me.” Vansh straightens her and says “and you also feel forced by me in everything right?” Ridhima gets angry and says “Vansh, Why are you doing this and hurting me again and again?” Vansh holds her close and says “It was you who had hurt me Ridhima. You have said that I am forcing you in this relation. Is this all you think about me. I taught we both began knowing each other but you are still struck with that incident.” Ridhima cups his mouth and says “Look into my eyes and find what I feel for you.” They both share an eye lock. Tears fall from each other’s eyes.

Ishani comes to the room calling Vansh but she doesn’t find anyone. She wonders where they both are. She notices the light in bathroom and says “Who is in the washroom?” Vansh and Ridhima at a time say “Me.” Ishani gets shocked hearing this. She then smiles and thinks to call Siya. She silently locks the bathroom door and leaves. Ridhima and Vansh get awkward at each other. Vansh says “What will Ishani think now? She might think we both are really in a relation.” Ridhima gets upset and says “Vansh, we are already in a relation. The relation of togetherness.” Vansh doesn’t respond anything and checks the bathroom door and finds it locked. He shouts “Ishani.” Ridhima worries and says “This might be Ishani’s prank.” Vansh says “It might be but I am getting late and I have an important meeting today.” Ridhima says “If you were having an important meeting then why were you wasting time and talking with me?” Vansh looks down and says “Because you are more important than it.” Ridhima gets surprised. She looks at him lovingly and says “Vansh, you can bath here.” Vansh gets surprised and says “Ridhima, how can I?”  Ridhima stops him and says “I will turn aside, and you can bath. I am sure you will cover yourself with towel. Vansh understands what she means but hesitates to do. After learning that there is no way he decides to do as she said. He asks her to turn aside and Ridhima does that smilingly. Vansh drapes himself in the towel and starts to bath. Vansh keeps looking at Ridhima to make sure that she is not peeping.  While doing the same he accidentally puts shampoo in his eyes and shouts. Ridhima worries for him and decides to turn towards him but he shouts her to not turn. He keeps on shouting in pain and this makes Ridhima worry more. She turns and goes to him. Vansh says “Ridhima, what are you doing?” Ridhima stops him and says “Vansh, let me see.” She immediately cleans the shampoo with her dupatta. She then cleans his face with water. Vansh tries to open his eyes but gets much pain. Ridhima worries and says “Vansh, I think the shampoo’s effect is still there in your eyes. It will take time to get into normal so please don’t stress on it.” Vansh hesitates and says “How can I leave it in middle of my bath Ridhima? Should I go like this to the meeting?” Ridhima laughs loudly and says “Anyway, you are looking good like this.” Vansh gets angry and suddenly opens his eyes but shouts in pain. Ridhima holds him and worries. Ridhima makes him sit and says “Don’t worry Vansh, I will help you in this.” Vansh gets surprised and says “What are you saying Ridhima?” Ridhima says “I said I will help you in picking things as you can’t see.” Vansh feels embarrassed and agrees. Ridhima tells him about the things and he follows her advices. He lifts the shampoo bottle and tries to pour it on himself. But it falls on Ridhima as well. Ridhima shouts at him and takes the shampoo bottle from him. She begins to massage his head. They both suddenly realize what they are doing and feel awkward. Ridhima takes her hand back and gives the bottle to Vansh. It slips from his hand and falls down. Ridhima who is standing at the back of Vansh leans over him to get the bottle. She slips and falls in his laps. He shouts in pain and doesn’t open his eyes. She holds the tap to get up but accidentally it opens, and the shower gets on. They both get drenched in the water. Ishq meinmarjawan title track plays…. Vansh weeps and says “Ridhima, you are such a troublemaker. Are you taking a revenge on me as my eyes are not fine?” Ridhima gets from him and says “Sorry Vansh, I was just helping you.”  Just then she sees a lizard and shouts. She gets afraid and hugs Vansh. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays….They both get lost in each other’s embrace. They both are very close that Ridhima can hear Vansh’s heartbeat. (As she is very small when compared to him in height.) Ridhima smiles and says “Vansh, I can hear your heartbeat very well.” Vansh slightly opens his eyes and says “Why not Ridhima? You can hear my heartbeat as I am not even wearing a shirt.” Ridhima gets surprised and realizes it. She moves back and finds him opening his eyes. She says “Vansh, are your eyes fine now?” Vansh says “When you give me shock treatments like this, I will be obviously fine.” They both laugh loudly.

Ishani and Siya who just come to their room hear them laughing. Siya says “Ishu di, are they both in the washroom?” Ishnai winks at her and opens the washroom’s lock. She then calls them out. Ridhima and Vansh get angry and go out. Ishani and Siya look at him and shout. Vansh runs back into the washroom and finds himself wearing a towel. Ridhima smiles at this. Ishani and Siya notice Ridhima who is totally drenched and surround her. Ishani mockingly says “Who was in the washroom?” Siya says “Definitely not me and you.” Ishani and Siya laugh loudly while Ridhima shies. Vansh comes there and holds Ishani’s ears. Ishani says “Bhaiya,leave me. It is paining.” Vansh leaves her and says, “You are becoming a prankster, right?” Ishnai slightly moves back to Ridhima and says “Bhabhi, see how Vansh Bhaiya is behaving?” Ridhima also holds her ears and says, “You were teasing your Bhabhi also.” They all laugh. Vansh says “Ridhima, you go and freshen yourself. Yoou are drenched in water.” Ishani and Siya say “Yes, you both are drenched in love.” Vansh turns to beat them but they run. Vansh goes behind them. Ridhima smiles.

It’s evening and  Anupriya comes down to meet Dadi. She tells Dadi about Siya’s sudden health deterioration. Dadi says “Even on Ishani’s engagement her health condition deteriorated. What should we do? I am worrying for her.” Anupriya says “Maa, Can we conduct a pooja ceremony so that all our tensions will vanish. Even our children will get blessings from the god.” Dadi agrees and says “We will call all our relatives.” Ridhima comes there and says “Dadi, it is too risky to call everyone due to the ongoing situation of pandemic.” Ishnai and Siya join them and agree to Ridhima’s words. Just then Vansh comes back from the office and noticees them speaking. He glares angrily at Anupriya and starts to leave. Anupriya asks “Ridhima, Tell me your parent’s names and we will call them.” Ridhima gets shocked hearing this. Anupriya notices it and says “Ridhima, do you have parents?” Ridhima gets upset and weeps. Vansh notices it. Ridhima is about to speak when Vansh comes to her and holds her by wrapping his hands around her shoulder. Ridhima gets surprised and looks at him. Vansh says “Who said  Ridhima doesn’t have any dear ones . I am there for her, I am there for my wife like she is with me. Don’t dare call my wife an orphan until  I am alive.” Vansh and Ridhima look at each other. They both share an eye lock. He clears the tears from her eyes. He says “Ridhima, always remember that I will always stand by you no matter what happens.” Ridhima nods at him. Everyone present over there smile at them. Anupriya comes forward and says “Vansh, I didn’t knew that she is an orphan. If I knew then why would I ask her.” Vansh seconds her to stop and says “I have already told you not to call her an orphan and remember you yourself is an orphan in this house.” Anupriya gets hurt by his words. Ishani rebukes Vansh and says “Bhaiya, why are you speaking like this to our Maa. She really didn’t knew about Bhabhi. What happens if she even calls her as an orphan which she really is?” Vansh shouts at her to stop. Ridhima feels bad about it and leaves from there. Vansh looks at Anupriya angrily and leaves behind Ridhima. Anupriya cries recalling his words.

Ridhima comes to the room and recalls the incident again. She recalls Ishani’s words and cries. Vansh comes back to her and finds her crying vigorously. Tears automatically fills his eyes. He walks to her and sits beside her. He holds her shoulder to console her and immediately she turns to him and hugs him. Vansh hugs her back and says “Ridhima, I have said you not to cry again but you always cry. I can’t see you like this.” Ridhima controls herself and says “Vansh, these tears represents my fears that I carried from my childhood. People used to taunt me calling me as an orphan. I had no friends except Smitha. Whenever I saw some parents playing with their kids I used to cry like this. No one cared for me in my childhood. I had no sweet memories of my childhood like everyone does.”  Vansh stops her and says “Ridhima, please don’t take stress on yourself. I can understand your pain. Even my childhood was a misery. I promise you I will not make you upset with my behaviour from here on. I will try to make you happy.”  Ridhima moves back and says “Vansh, promise me you will always stand with me and never leave me.” Vansh smiles at her and  clears her tears. He holds her face in between his palms and brings her closer. They both look at each other’s eyes effectionately. He says “I promise you….I promise myself  that I will never leave you alone, no matter what happens but I will always protect you.”  For the next few moments they both continue to stare in each other’s eyes. Ridhima can sense the hot breathe coming from Vansh. Through a moment of passion Vansh comes forward to her. Ridhima senses his touch and closes her eyes. Vansh sensually touches her lips gently with his lips. They both standstill in their position for almost next few minutes.  At that time the whole world has dissappeared for them as they are lost in each other’s love not knowing it is actually love and this was their official  kiss, a moment which defined their relation. Vansh suddenly realizes his actions and moves back breaking the kiss. He feels it as inappropriate and gets awkward. Ridhima slowly opens her eyes kowing the reason behind Vansh’s sudden action. Vansh gets up to leave but Ridhima places her hand around his wrist stopping him from leaving. With her rejection he sat back beside her. She hugs him and says “Not today.” With her not so meaningful words he understand that she doesn’t want to stay alone even when he is near her. He hugs her back and makes her realize that he is close to her and even more close to her heart.

PRECAP: Ridhima meets Vansh’s father. Vansh shouts at Anupriya and says “That day was just an accident.”

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