Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 22

Hello friends, as per all your request I have posted this episode a little early rather than being late. Keep supporting me the way you are doing. By the way again someone special asked me about my birthday date so let me tell you all that my birthday is in this month only. I will mention you the date on my birthday itself.

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Episode starts with….

Vansh comes inside and tries to wake Siya up. Anupriya is worried for Siya and goes to bring water. Ridhima comes there and is shocked to see Siya unconscious. Vansh is worried and shouts “Siya, wake up. Your Bhaiya came to you. Please wake up. Siya….Siya… He is unable to speak due to shock. Ridhima worries for him and tries to console him. He looks at Ridhima and holds her and says “Ridhima, see this. Siya is not waking up. Please ask her to wake up. She will listen to you so please wake her up. What happened to her?” Ridhima gets into tears seeing his misery. She knows that she can never console his misery but gains up some courage. She holds him and tries to call him. She says “Vansh, calm down. Nothing happened to Siya.” Vansh out of misery hugs her tight. She hugs him back and thinks “I know Vansh, if anything happens to Siya then you will be the most effected person. I know you will forget living if anything happens to her. God, please don’t do this. I can’t see my Vansh like this.” Vansh then moves back and calls the doctor. Anupriya brings water and splashes on Siya’s face. Vansh looks at her in anger and throws the glass away from her hand. Anupriya gets shocked seeing Vansh’s state. She holds him but he shoves her. He in anger says “What did you do with Siya?” Ridhima and Aupriya get shocked. Anupriya says “Vansh, What are you seeing? What will I do to my daughter?” Vansh claps and says “I know how caring you are. The one who left their children and husband can do anything. If anything happens to her then I will not leave you.” Ridhima says “Vansh. What are you talking? Are you in your senses? Why will Maa do anything with her daughter? You know how is Siya’s health condition. She is having…. Vansh gets angry and says “Ridhima, not a single word more.” Just then Doctor comes and starts checking Siya. Vansh sits beside SIya and cries. Ridhima consoles a depressed Anupriya and takes her out.

Anupriya in tears tries to go to Siya but Ridhima doesn’t let her go. Anupriya says “Ridhima, please let me go to my daughter. I want to stay with her. What happened to her? Please let me.” She falls on her knees helplessly. Ridhima tries to console her and says “Maa, I can understand your pain. But, don’t go there as Vansh is very angry. He might hurt you in his anger. Please listen to me.” Anupriya hugs her and cries. Ridhima later takes her to her room and leaves.

Doctor checks Siya and says “Vansh, there is nothing serious. She has just fainted. Maybe the medicines were having much affect on her. I will write some medicines and you give it to her. I have given an injection to her and she will gain conscious in a half hour.” Vansh takes Doctor out. Ridhima comes back to Siya and shrugs her to the bed. Vansh comes back and sits beside Siya. Ridhima notices him worried and gives him some water. But he refuses to take. Ridhima says “Vansh, Ishani went out with Ragini to meet Aryan. Dadi went to meet her friend. I will take care of Siya.” Vansh who is still hurt with her behavior doesn’t say anything. Ridhima is upset as he ignores her. She thinks “I know Vansh, you are still unhappy with my words. I shouldn’t have said those words, but I was angry then.” Siya gains consciousness and looks at Vansh and Ridhima. Vansh gets happy to see Siya and hugs her. Ridhima also hugs them. Siya recalls her fainting and says “Bhaiya, what happened to me? Did my health deteriorate even much? Will I die?” Vansh and Ridhima get shocked with her words. Vansh shouts at Siya for talking like that. He says “Shut up Siya. Nothing will happen to you when I am there. If you still think you will die, then remember that I will die before one second of your’s.” Ridhima puts her hand on Vansh lips and stops him from talking. He leaves from there with tears filled in his eyes. Ridhima sits beside Siya and consoles her. He asks her to take rest and leaves.

Ridhima comes to the room and finds Vansh on bed. He is crying looking at his and Siya’s photo. Ridhima controls her tears and walks to him. She recalls Vansh being mad at her. She comes to him and holds his shoulder. He immediately hugs her in tears. Ridhima gets surprised and hugs him back too. For next couple of minutes there is complete silence in their room. They both just embrace themselves as if their souls were attached together. For a moment, Ridhima is taking out all the pain of Vansh out in the form of tears. She then with much pain says “Vansh, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to her. It was just a small thing. Promise me you will not let anything happen to her.” Vansh slowly moves back and nods at her. Ridhima then looks at his tears in pain. She cleans them with her dupatta. Vansh looks at her. She makes him sleep on the bed and starts to leave but Vansh hold her hand. Ridhima who is facing the other side has suddenly felt so surprising and turs back. With not much moment he just nodded his head much with his eyes to stop her from going. Ridhima felt all his emotions at that time and sits beside him. Vansh suddenly places his head on her lap and says “Don’t leave me alone for today.” Ridhima felt his pain and says “Not only for today but for rest of my life also.” She notices Vansh sleeping and caresses his head. She says “Vansh, I don’t know how to reduce your pain but instead I know how to share your pain. I don’t know how to console you but I know how to become a shoulder for you in your misery so that you can rest your head on it and relieve your misery. I will never leave you Vansh. I have started laughing again because of you but I cannot see tears in your eyes.” She looks at him.

Anupriya recalls Vansh’s state and decides to see him. She comes to his room and finds him resting in Ridhima’s lap. She looks at both sleeping and thinks “Thank god Vansh got someone in his life who really cares for him. I wish Ridhima always be a support for Vansh in his low times. I hope she doesn’t leave him like I did to my husband. I have left my Pratap(Vansh’s father) when he required me the most. I hope they always stay together.” She looks at Vansh and recalls his words. She gets into tears and leaves from there. Ridhima feels something and opens her eyes and finds Anupriya leaving the room. She tries to call her but she leaves from there. Ridhima thinks “I know that Maa is hurt with Vansh’s behavior. What happened that Vansh hates her so much? What is that Vansh is not telling everyone?” She looks at him and closes her eyes.

It’s morning, Ridhima wakes up and finds Vansh still sleeping in her lap. She caresses his head and smiles. Vansh wakes up and gets surprised seeing himself in her laps. He gets up suddenly and moves back. Ridhima gets up and says “Vansh, yesterday you stopped me from leaving and slept in my lap.” Vansh turns back and says “Sorry Ridhima, I was not in my senses last night. Forgive me if you got hurt because of me. Sorry for forcing you.” He leaves from there. Ridhima gets hurt with his words and says “I think Vansh is still angry with me.” She goes to get ready. Vansh comes back and goes inside the washroom. Ridhima is removing her clothes when suddenly she sees Vansh there and shouts. Vansh gets shocked looking at her and moves back.

PRECAP: Anupriya asks Ridhima ” Do you have parents?” Ridhima is upset . Vansh looks at Ridhima. Vansh and Ridhima come to a house. Vansh’s papa comes out and looks at Vansh and Ridhima. Ridhima says “Uncle, we want some help.” Pratap(Vansh’s papa) says ” Call me you papa dear.” Ridhima gets shocked and looks at Vansh. Vansh gets tensed.

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