Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH) – Episode 16

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Episode starts with….
Ridhima feeds Vansh. They share an eye lock. Ishani coughs to distract them. Vansh asks ” Ridhima, did you eat?” Ridhima sighs no. Vansh takes the plate and feeds her. He says” You should first take care of yourself rather than others.” Ridhima nods at him and smiles. They all enjoy the food together. Anupriya gains consciousness. She looks at them and smiles. She tries to get up but feels weak. Ishani looks at her and helps her to get up. Vansh angrily looks at her and leaves. Anupriya feels hurt about his behavior. Ridhima notices it and feels bad. Anupriya looks at Ridhima and thinks who she is? Ishani notices it and says” Maa, she is Ridhima, our Bhabhi.” Anupriya gets glad and calls her near. She caresses her face and asks” Are you Vansh’s wife?” Ridhima nods. Siya hugs Ridhima from back and says” Yes Maa, she is Vansh Bhaiya’s wife. She takes care of us like a mother. Vansh Bhaiya loves her a lot and so does we love her. She is the best Bhabhi.” Ridhima smiles at her and pats her cheek. Anupriya gets teary eyed and blesses Ridhima and says” Ridhima, I missed many moments because of my deeds. I am very happy that you take care of Vansh and family.” Ridhima nods and touches her feet. Anupriya blesses her. Ridhima says” Aunty, I will bring food for you.” Anupriya says” Ridhima, You are like my daughter from now on.”

Ridhima feels elated and says” I will bring food for you Maa.” Anupriya hugs her emotionally. Ishani and Siya say” Even, we are your daughters Maa.” Anupriya laughs and hugs them. Ridhima leaves to bring food. Siya sleeps in Anupriya’s lap while Ishani rests on her shoulder. Ishani says” Maa, why did you not come to us despite being alive in all these years?” Anupriya recalls the past and says” Even I wanted to come to you all but some incidents made me helpless to not come. I have always longed to meet you. I was living in hell until I came here. I overcame my fears and wanted to see you people before I die.” Ishani stops her and says” Maa, you will not die until you fulfill your duties as a mother, mother in law and grand mother.” Siya says” Maa, why is Vansh Bhaiya very angry on you? What is that he is hiding from us?” Anupriya thinks some dark secrets should not be revealed dear. Ridhima brings the food. Siya insists to feed her mother. Anupriya gets emotional while Siya feeds her. Ishani feeds water to her when she chokes. Ridhima says” Maa, you are lucky to have such caring daughters.” Anupriya smiles and says” I hope Vansh also accepts me one day.” Ridhima thinks I know Maa that you are really hurt because of Vansh’s behavior but he cares a lot for you. I hope he will soon accept you.

Ridhima comes to the room and finds all the things shattered. She finds Vansh working in his laptop and gets angry. She says” What is this Vansh? Why are you so careless? Why can’t you keep your things neatly in their places? you know how much I work everyday. You should at least keep your things in their places. What will you do if I was not there?” Vansh stops her and says” If you were not there, then I can’t even imagine my life.” Ridhima looks at him in surprise and they share an eye lock. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays… Vansh slightly rolls his hand over her waist and pulls her closer. He says” Ridhima, you brought happiness into my life. You always take care of me and my family. I feel like a child whenever you are taking care of me. I always feel lost whenever you are near me. I can’t even take my eyes of you.” Ridhima blushes. Vansh notices it and says” Thank god, you smiled. I taught you will be still mad at me and I should praise you more.” Vansh moves back laughing. Ridhima gets irritated . She takes a glass of water and throws at him. He gets shocked and runs behind her. He holds her and pulls her close. He begins to rub his wet face to her shoulder. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays…. Vansh caresses her face and gets closer. Ridhima pushes him. Vansh fakes his pain and shouts. Ridhima worries and offers hand to him. Vansh pulls her towards him and she falls on him. They share an eye lock. Vansh says” Now I will see who will save you from me, Mrs. Rai Singhania.” Ridhima blushes and says” Leave me, Vansh”. Ishani comes there and finds them close. She shouts and turns back. Ridhima moves back and says” Ishani, you here?” Ishani smiles and says” Sorry Bhabhi, I shouldn’t have disturbed you. I think you were busy.” Vansh says” What is the point of telling sorry when you already disturbed us?” Ridhima feels awkward and leaves with Ishani. Vansh smiles while she leaves.

Ishani says” Bhabhi, Vansh Bhaiya has changed a lot after marrying you. I am very happy that he got you in his life. He always cares for the family rather than himself. But now I feel he got someone in his life who cares for him. You both are made for each other.” Ridhima blushes and thinks of their moments from beginning. Ishq mein marjawan title track plays….

Ridhima comes to Anupriya and cares for her bruises. Ishani comes there and says” Maa, I am going out to bring clothes for you. Take care.” Anupriya nods while Ishani leaves. Anupriya says” I am very happy to see my kids happy. I wish them to stay happy forever.” Ridhima recalls Siya’s health condition and worries. She says” Even I want the same to happen Maa.” Anupriya looks at her worried and asks “what happened?” Ridhima signs no and leaves.

Ridhima comes to her room and recalls Siya’s condition and thinks How will Maa react when she gets to know about Siya’s health? I hope Siya will get fine. If anything happens to her then Vansh will shatter. Vansh comes there and looks at her worried. He asks” Why are you worried Ridhima?” Ridhima refuses and says” Nothing Vansh, I was just thinking.” Vansh says” Oh! you were thinking about your handsome husband.” Ridhima smiles and says” Who?” Vansh laughs and says” How many husbands do you have? obviously it’s me.” Ridhima says” You started flirting with your own wife.” Vansh says” Sorry Ridhima, I was just kidding. I am really sorry if you feel bad.” Ridhima says” No Vansh, I feel nice.” Vansh gets surprised and says” Oh Ridhima! you feel nice. Interesting, very interesting.” Ridhima feels awkward and is about to leave but Vansh holds her. He holds her face and says” Do you feel nice when I flirt with you?” Ridhima tries to go but Vansh doesn’t let her. Vansh insists her to answer but she doesn’t. Anupriya comes there and calls Ridhima. She looks at them and feels awkward. Vansh moves back and looks at her. He gets angry and shouts” Why did you come to my room, Mrs. Anupriya?” Anupriya gets shocked.

PRECAP: Ridhima comes to a place and finds it decorated. Vansh comes there. Ridhima looks at him in surprise.

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