Arranged Marriage (Shivika OS) by Archiya

Hi Frens.. back with another shivika OS… Arranged marriages discussion always makes everyone nervous, tried to put it in some light manner..

Here it goes

Shivay stood on the steps of Oberoi Mansion in a black suite; deep in thoughts. He was supposed to go to see a girl his mom had chosen for him. He had made his family one after a long effort and he did not want a girl to come and spoil it. He was going to make this more difficult for the girl.

He walked back to his room, and changed to casuals, a ripped jeans and and a t-shirt which read ‘I cant keep calm, I am getting married’ he would go like this, no gal would want a man dressed like this in the first meet.

A ghost of smile played on his lips, as he watched himself in the mirror

‘Does not matter what you wear, you look dammed handsome shivay’ he praised himself

He came down to where his entire family stood, all beautifully dressed as if it was their wedding.

They just stared at him, as he came down.

‘Oh my Mata!! What is this dress Shivay?’ cried pinky.

‘if a gal is going to like me, she has to like me the way I am’ replied Shivay

‘Now u look brother of Rudy Singh Oberoi, an exactly my elder bro’ Rudy playfully punches Shivay

‘If you all have finished judging my clothes let move on, the girl must be waiting for me’ he put his hands in his jeans pockets and smiling to himself just strode towards his car.

‘Oh God!!!’ Exclaimed Anika, these people are preparing as if today is my wedding.

‘There was full chaos in her house, as If some king was coming, it was only the groom’s side, coming to see her…how that sounded, coming to see me as if I am some ‘9th wonder of the world’ thought Anika.

‘Stop murmuring to yourself and go get ready, they will be arriving anytime now’ said her mom

Anika huffed and went to her room

‘How many times should I tell these people I don’t want to get married, I am happy the way I Am, marriage will change my whole life, my independence everything’ Anika kept murmuring while she picked up the beautiful saree her mom had chosen for her to wear.. of course the 9th wonder needs to look beautiful.

She was just about to drape it when an idea striked her, she smiled an tapped her back, kya khidkitod idea hai anika… an she smirked ‘shivay singh oberoi get ready to see the 9th wonder’


The Oberois reached the Khannas, and where very warmly welcomed by then. Everyone was staring at Shivay, and he was enjoying the undue attention.

They were all sitting an chit chatting, when the anika walked down, dressed in a ripped jeans and wearing a t-shirt which read ‘I cant stay calm as I am getting married’

Anika came down the stairs, and then saw Shivay. She stumbled on the stairs,but caught herself on time.He had worn the same as her.

They came face to face an looked each other from top to bottom, their mouths a complete O..

‘Oh my Mata!!! Shaadi hui nahi aur donno ne matching kapde pehna shuru kar diya’ uttered pinky an all of them laughed
(they are not yet married and they already started wearing matching clothes)

This bought shivika out of their reverie an Shivay stared at anika an thought ‘she is the same girl who…..’

Anika stared at Shivay ‘he is the same guy who…’

Both the Khannas an Oberoios started saying lets get them married soon .. then they can be color coordinated everyday

Everyone laughed again but shivika stared at their seated families an uttered at the same time “We have not yet said YES’

‘Then say it’ said Shakti an Anika’s dad together.

‘We need to talk sometime alone’ said shivika again together, an looked at each other.

‘See now they started speaking the same words tooo’ teased everyone an again giggles were heard .

They were sent to the garden to spend some time alone

‘Do u always dress up like this’ again both asked at the same time

This time they both laughed. Anika liked the ring of his laughter,an shivay liked the shine in her eyes caused by the laughter.

‘NO, just today’ answered Shivay

‘Same here’ answered anika

‘Actually I have seen you before, do you remember few days back, when there was an accident on the road on no one was ready to take the person to hospital, but it was only you, who without any fear took that person to hospital.. I liked it’ said Shivay ‘A gal who can do so much for a person without even knowing him, will do so much for my family’ were his inner thoughts

‘Even I have seen u before, not live; but on TV, when someone was trying to kill your younger brother, you came an stood before him. I liked it’ said anika ‘A guy who can love his younger brother so much, no doubt he will love me much more’ were her inner thoughts

‘I want to marry a gal who will love my family just like his own’ said Shivay

‘I want to marry a guy who will love me just like his family’ said anika

They both smiled, they had already liked each other’s qualities.

‘Do you want to ask me anything else’ asked anika

‘No’ he said ‘ do u want to’

‘I don’t want to ask, I want to tell’

Shivay was waiting for her to say what was that.

Anika said ‘I can’t cook , and I get up late’

He smiled at that an said ‘no worries of both, as I cook ;so you don’t even have to get up early’

They both returned, their families were happily chit chatting.

Pinky comes to Shivay and asks him about anika. His heart starts beating badly an he gets worried what if she says ‘NO’

An here anika heart is fluttering more badly thinking what if he says ‘NO’

“YES” again both say at the same time and the biggest smiles could be seen on their faces.. everyone’s faces lit up and they all start congratulating each other.

Shivay comes to anika, holds her hand and says ‘time for a ride’

They both come out an go on a ride on his beautiful black beast… to be tied in a knot for the next seven births

Hope you have enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it

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    Greattttt episode

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  3. Thedreamsoul

    This is too good dear , I can’t stop laughing . When I read Shivaye dressed up in that tee I already guessed that Anika would be wearing the same because they are made for each other . Awesome one and I loved it . Keep writing more and not to mention you wrote it beautifully .

    1. Archiya

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  4. Dhar

    Loved it to the coree, can’t imagine the great shivaay singh oberoi in ripped jeans and a tee . Plzz do come back with another dose of ur writings

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    awesome ..enjoyed it to the core. does it have a sequel . would love it it would be there …..

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      Thanks Sairish ?? sorry no sequel.. Usually my stories are one shot only.. As I feel they will lose essence if I continue.. Will come back soon with another one

  6. Jerry_36

    Hey Archiya !
    Well this one is amazing. I seriously loved it very much. Not getting any more words but yes you nailed it. Your writing is simply wow. So cute. Your idea impressed me a lot. Seek I also prefer Arrange Marriages more, to be honest. They are just like perfect. I loved the way how you made them wear the same clothes without their acknowledgement. Amazing sista !!
    Loved it through and through. And also the their conversation. Superb. So come with more❤

    1. Archiya

      hi Jerry
      first of all i loved ur DP

      thank u so much for such beautiful words, i felt so happy .. these give me the inspiration to write more.. an m so glad u liked what i wrote,., will come up with another one as soon as my mind strikes with a lovely idea..

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    So beautifully written. Nice

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  9. this is super cool and very unique… enjoyed reading every line… please write more

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  10. Amazing! Beautifully portrayed about arranged marriage..!

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  12. Istill smilling Archu di.very beautiful that.

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    Liked your idea n I prefer arranged marriage coz it’s just perfect.

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    Awe ar Archu . This was again super duper cute . How do u write such cute os . Amazing . I loved it . Waiting for ur next os/ss/ff . ??

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    Fantastic and cute os.

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  18. Awesome….Too cute….
    Shivika complete each other….They r just perfect….
    Keep Writing 🙂

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