Arranged Marriage (Part 4) (A Riansh OS)

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It is morning probably 7 am…sun rays directly hit on Riddhima’s face and she frowns a little in her sleep…slowly, she opens her eyes and observes the  surroundings only to find her in some other place but then reality strucks her and she remembers that now, she is married now and is at AR Mansion which is her inlaws house…she tries to get up but fails only to see Vansh holding her tightly and sleeping like a baby…Riddhima smiles seeing this and she slowly ruffles her hand in his hair, removes his hand slowly and gets up to freshen up…

After a while, she comes out of the restroom and as she latches the door, it breaks Vansh’s sleep…he opens his eyes to see Riddhima coming out of the restroom..

Vansh:Good morning Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania..

Riddhima:Good morning Vansh…so finally ur dream of calling me as Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania came true right?


Suddenly Riddhima remembers something and she says,

Riddhima:Vansh!!…yesterday when did you come to our room??..and when did I sleep?..

Vansh:Riddhima actually yesterday my pa did a stupid mistake in a presentation which we are going to present today so to solve it, I got busy in that work and when I came back, you were fast asleep and it is understood that you were too tired so I removed your jewelries and then slept with you!!

Riddhima:Oh no…means Vansh I ruined our first night?! can I do so??!! problem…you were tired so you slept..not a big deal in it…achha now I have to go and freshen up…I have my meeting right?

Saying this Vansh went but Riddhima was standing in guilt but soon her guilty face turned into a happy one as she thought something..

Riddhima came down and took the blessings of Uma and Ajay

Uma:Riddhima beta, generally our servants make the food but today, it is your first day in our home and on the first day, it is a ritual that the daughter in law of the house shld make a sweet and it is known as pehli rasoi so beta if you can then pls make something sweet…

Riddhima:Sure aunty…I will make something..

Uma:Wait…come again…what did you say?…I am ur aunty?!!

Riddhima:Sorry Maa…now I will go and make something

Saying this Riddhima goes to the kitchen and prepares meethi bhaat…after a while the meethi bhaat was ready and she goes and plates it on the table..

Uma:Wow Riddhima…it smells so good…

Ajay:Yes beta…and I am sure that the taste will be more good..

At that time Vansh comes down..

Uma:Vansh see Riddhima has made meethi bhaat for her pehli rasoi…you like it a lot right?…come eat it..

Vansh tastes the meethi bhaat and says,

Vansh:Wow Riddhima this tastes soo good…keep ot upp..

Uma and Ajay also complimented Riddhima…Riddhima too sat down for the breakfast when Uma says,

Uma:Riddhima at what time will you go for your hospital?


Uma:You used to go to hospital before marriage right?…so now also you can go..

Riddhima:Really Maa…thank you..thank you soo muchh..

It was evening time when Riddhima came home..after coming home, she called her mom, dad and talked with them for a while…

It was almost night when Vansh came home and instead of going to freshen up, he directly sat for dinner…after dinner, he went to his room only to see that it was dark. So he switched on the the lights and was shocked to see the scenario in front of him. The room was fully decorated with lights and roses were all around the bed..

Riddhima came from behind, held Vansh’s hands and told him,

Riddhima:Vansh…although ours was an arranged marriage still I didn’t feel like one since the beginning…I always used to feel special around you and used to feel something different which I didn’t feel around someone else…though lately, but I understood my feelings and today I am telling you that I Love You Vansh…I love you a lot…it is ok if you don’t reciprocate your feelin…

Before Riddhima could even complete her sentence, Vansh interrupted in between and said,

Vansh:I Love You Too Riddhima…from the first time when I saw you, I started to feel something unusual…the same way, as you felt…I too got to know abt my feelings a bit late but this is not the end right?…infact this is the start….a new start of our life where we will live together, and cherish all the moments of our lives together…

As soon as Vansh said this, Riddhima hugged him tightly, expressing her feelings of happiness and joy which she was feeling at that moment…breaking the hug Vansh said,

Vansh:Riddhima…I must say that this decoration which you have done is amazing..I loved it a lott..

Riddhima:Thank you Vansh…actually yesterday I spoilt our first night right?…so this is my compensation and I had to propose you right so I have done this decoration..

Vansh:Hmm Riddhima…I don’t feel that your intentions are straight…means you  only told na that this is the compensation of our first night then?…

Riddhima:You are right Vansh…my intentions are not at all good today..

Riddhima slowly goes towards Vansh’s ears and says,

Riddhima:I want to be yours Vanshhh…

And as soon as Riddhima says this, Vansh picks her up and moves towards the bed to make their night more beautiful with their moans and groans filled in their room…

So this was the last chapter of Arranged Marriage guyss…

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