Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 29 last chapter

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Let’s begin..

Sanskar smiles:so this is the reason for worry.

Ragini nods like a kid

Sanskar:hmm.. Even i don’t have experience right!
He laughs a bit

Ragini:but you are so perfect in your ways, and i am so imperfect

Sanskar smiles, she places her head on his chest and hugs him and he caresses her hair

Sanskar himself wasn’t understanding to how to make her understand.

Sanskar:um.. Just think if every mom’s think that they can’t be a good mother then i guess there would be no person’s alive. Because even a imperfect mom is perfect in her ways, like the way you said i am perfect in my ways. Even you are perfect in your ways.

Ragini:but still..i am scared

Sanskar:i am there with you.

She looks at him, his smile and his talks always soothed her. What goodness she have did that she got such a wonderful husband? Who supports her in her every moves. Even if she is wrong somewhere, he doesn’t get angry or take out his frustration on her instead he just makes her understand through his talks and a warm smile. This guy has the every solutions to her problems.

Sanskar:so did you had your dinner?
Ragini nods in no

Sanskar tapered his eyes at her:i have told you don’t wait for me.

Ragini:i didn’t knew how time passed.
He smiles :okay now let’s have the dinner.

They move down stairs

Everyone have slept

Sanskar:you sit, i will bring the food from the kitchen.

Ragini sits still there was some fear and she was lost in a deep thinking

When sanskar places his hand on her shoulders

Ragini looks at him:are you sure? Would i be able to take this responsibility?

Sanskar smiles:we can’t be the best in everything but we can be the good!!

Ragini:but i can’t differentiate the place where i have to stop being good.

Sanskar:um.. Now you have your dinner. Don’t take stress!!

Ragini pouts


She looks at him

Sanskar:now smile

She smiles a bit

Sanskar:not this but the original one

Ragini smiles

And he serves her the food


Ragini was sleeping hugging sanskar while he was caressing her back

And sanskar was too happy with his life, he have a very good family and the wife cum his kid better said!! Without whom he can’t even imagine his life. His lifeline in other word and now the new responsibility but before that he need to make Ragini comfortable as he know she is too scared.

Thinking something deeply finally he dozes off


Everyone in the family were too happy to know about the good news
Everyone rejoiced and congratulated RagSan

Ragini was happy but she was still feared

She was been pampered by all of elders, she loved to have their love.

And later Sanskar takes Ragini along with him

Ragini:where are we going?

Sanskar:don’t ask anything now!

And they moves in the car

Ragini:please tell me

And he took the route of her house

Ragini:are we going to my home


She smiles

And when they reach everyone were standing outside

Ragini gets down the car and then everyone of them hugs her

While sanskar stood there admiring her

Arjun teasing Ragini:today i feel that you have grown

Ragini stamps his foot, while he winces in pain

Naina hugs her:we both are going to be mom together

Raghav:but still my laado is my first child

Ragini hugs him
Naina smiles

All moves inside.

Ragini was sitting in room.

Janki caresses her hair

Ragini looks at her and smiles

Janki:so worried?

Ragini looks at her confused

Janki:sanskar told me about your fear!

Ragini:maa, i am scared.

Janki:why so?

Ragini:you know that!
Janki:should i tell you a secret, even i was scared at my first pregnancy.ajeeb si ek feeling tha kya mein dhukhi hoon and khush hoon samaj mein hi nahi aa raha tha. I also thought how can i able to manage the kid.

Ragini:i don’t believe this, you were the best mom

Janki:believe me

Ragini looked at her

Janki:but my mom i mean nani told, everything has the starting and whatever i do to my kid is an my achievement. And shekar supported me. If i stayed unhappy about myself and if i thought i can’t able to manage how would i grown 3 of my kids. You know what with the kid growing even mom too grows. A mom’s every crazy antics is loved by her kid. Because a kid’s first love is always a mom. Kid is connected to the mom then dad. Your every imperfection is appreciated by your kid. Remember when you and naina loved a yum yum cookies?

Ragini:that was the best. How much we fought to have and now you aren’t ready to make!

Janki laughs:it always happened to be in your birthday

Ragini:yeah.. I remember it
She smiles

Janki:i made the batter for the cake but it was never perfect thrn i turned into cookies moose and what not? Didn’t you liked it.

Rafini:seriously? You made it for a cake?

Janki:but you still loved it because it’s the kid’s trust on mom. No mom is perfect she is made perfect by her kid.

Ragini smiles and hugs her:thankyou so much ma.


Ragini was too happy as her fear went away.
And she was sitting happy.

Sanskar while driving:my wife is looking so happy!

Ragini:yes! I am so so happy and thanks to you!!

Sanskar smiles:so what would you like to have?

Ragini:hmm.. Ice cream


After having ice cream they leaves from there.


Days passed

Ragini was in heavy months


Sanskar who is checking files closes it and keeps aside:hmm..


Sanskar:haan Ragini


He gives her a “what” look

Ragini:nothing, i was just calling like that!
She giggles

And he smiles

She looks herself in the mirror:i became fat right!

Sanskar smiles:yes you have..

Her lips curved down:You Won’t love me anymore!!

Sanskar laughs as this dialogue of her have become the part of their life.

Ragini cries

Sanskar moves to her:but you look so cute and chubby
He pinch her cheeks

Ragini:that mean i didn’t look cute before

Sanskar:i didn’t mean that…

Ragini crying loudly like a kid:i know.. you won’t love me anymore!

He laughs

Ragini:you are laughing?

Sanskar made her sit:you seriously think that i don’t love you?

Ragini looks other side and pouts like a kid

Sanskar:I LOVE YOU..

Ragini smiles and then hugs him:I LOVE YOU TOO…


It was a ghodhbarai of Ragini

Everyone gifted her many things.

And she waited and was excited for what Sanskar will gift her

She looked at his hand but he was empty handed

She pouts sadly.

Sanskar smiles seeing her

After the function

Sanskar was about to help Ragini to walk

Ragini childish anger :no i will go myself


Ragini:i am angry on you


Ragini:you are asking why? I know.. You won’t love me anymore!

She was about to moved and sanskar picks her in his arms

Ragini:Sanskar.. What are you doing?


He moves to the room

And makes her stand

She opens the door and wide smile appears seeing the room which is filled with many dolls and toys

She smiles happily

She excitedly was about to run

He held her from shoulders

Ragini smiles and then she looks at each and everythings

Ragini:but this is for the baby. You didn’t brought anything for me

He signs look near her

She sees a small box

She opens it and sees the diamond pendant written SANGINI

She smiles widely

Ragini:you will only see. Make me wear it!

He smiles and he makes her wear it she smiles hugging him


Ragini was getting the back ache

She was standing and taking the deep breathes to get relief

When sanskar entered the room

Keeping his bags aside

He moves to her:Ragini are you ok?

Ragini nods

He makes her sit and gently press her shoulders and back giving her a light massage

Ragini smiles feeling the relief


Ragini and sanskar were walking in the beech, hand in hand

She places her head on his shoulder

He smiles

Ragini pouts:i can’t walk anymore, i am tired!

Sanskar smiles and lifts her in his arms while she hugs and sleeps in his embrace.


Ragini:what we gonna name the kid?

Arjun:let it be jhwala

Ragini:eeewww.. That i will name it to your kid

Purvi laughs, who is at her initial stage of pregnancy

Raghav comes:how about Sriti

Ragini smiles:if it is a boy

Arjun:Mighty Raju

Ragini threw pillow on him

Arjun:arey i saw some cartoon in pogo yaar.

Ragini huffs

Sanskar smiles:how about Raj?

Ragini smiles:cool!

Arjun:mighty Raj

Ragini glares him

Arjun:i was joking.

While all other laughs


Ragini winces in pain

And sanskar immediately takes her to the hospital

Ragini crying:sanskar it’s paining a lot

Sanskar caresses her hai:everything will be fine..

After sometime

Ragini gives birth to the baby girl

Doctor gives the baby to sanskar

The best feeling of a dad, to hold his little baby in his hand!

He smiles

Every family member take the baby

Sanskar moves to Ragini
And he gives her the baby

She picks her baby in her arms

The baby cried, Ragini smiled through tears
And sanskar side hugs her
Ragini:our baby!

Sanskar smiles:Sriti


At initial stage it was hard for Ragini to mange the baby but with Sanskar’s support she could manage.
And as janki explained a mom is made perfect by her kid.

And Ragini was proved to be the perfect for their kid.

The first stage of a girl is her parents, Ragini had the best parent and loveable siblings.
The second stage of her life was Sanskar, to which she can’t stop thanking God to sending him in her life who just made her feel perfect each passing minute. And also with him she got a bit strict but an understanding In-laws and she loved them.
And The third stage was her daughter sriti, who not only completed her family but also made her a perfect mom
And what she could ask for more than this?

Ragini sleeps hugging sanskar as always
And their little princess was sleeping in the cradle.

The end.

So first of all thankyou so much for giving so much love to the 3 volumes of Amks.

And hope i didn’t bored you with this part
As i am really bad at writing pregnancy parts.

And here i present some questions

To all 3 volumes

1)which is your favourite character from all 3 series?

2)any character that resembled you in all 3 series?

3)which part was good in 3 series?

4)which part was bad in 3 series?

5)any character you liked other than RagSan in all the 3 series?

6)any complaints regarding AMKS series?

7)Are you satisfied with AMKS?

8)which volume of AMKS you loved the most?

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