Arranged Love (RagSan short story) The Room mates (Part-1)

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It looked so beautiful morning. Sun rays touched my face and tickled me. Wow Sunday is just awesome as you can sleep as much as you want. I cuddled and dragged my pillow close to me and a bright smile crept on my face as I completed my sleep and did not get up forcefully due to my alarm. “Good morning” I stretched my arms to take out the laziness in me. Ahhh it felt so damn good. I sat on my bed and rubbed my palms against each other and covered my face with them. That’s what my mom had made a practice for me. Start your day with the Gayatri Mantra. I could never relate to her rituals but she made sure that even if she isn’t around those rituals were so imprinted in my mind they were like daily chores to me. Like the way I breathed I followed them wherever I was.

As I opened my eyes I always wished to see the beautiful poster which was on the room wall in front of me but alas every morning I have to see a chamgadad’s face who stands exactly in front of me when I’m about to wake up. “Laksh” I screamed annoyed. He stood unmoved. “Now what?” I looked at him from corner of my eye. “You forgot to pay the electricity bill dude” I panicked. “Oh no today is India Pakistan match” I looked at him horrified. He moved his hand with which he was holding his waist to cross his arms. I gulped in scared and smiled at him nervously.

“Sahil” I smiled at Laksh. “He is out of town” Laksh rubbed his nails against his muscles. “I’m dead today” my mind voiced. Wasn’t I aware of Laksh’s crazy love for cricket. And moreover you love cricket or not you can’t miss India Pakistan match at any cost as an Indian. It’s like you are deceiving your mother land. Ahaa it wasn’t my opinion it was Laksh the great’s tagline. I bit my nail and looked at him.

He gave me a bore look and I sensed his move. He ran and pounced on me like I’m his long lost girl friend and punched me on my stomach and my beautiful face. Sorry handsome face. Comparing to his girlfriend I’m feeling that way. He clapped his hands and got up from the bed and blew on his hands like he is dusting. I corrected my jaw which looked misplaced due to the manhandling he performed on me.

“Dare you do this next time Sanskar” Laksh warned me as he took the chips from the packet when we were enjoying the match outside a electronic shop. This next time never stops coming. We are room mates from past 5 years but I always forget important thing at the right time. Ya both ‘important’ and ‘right’ words concern to Lucky aka Laksh only. But he has been my best buddy and sometime the worst enemy all these years. We are not different than girls we do fight over silly things and what do they call that ha Katti. We do Katti also but we were always more close than any siblings even can be. He had become part of my life like my family.

“So you have to cook today” he walked inside the flat. “Yaar lucky I’m tired” I pleaded him. Stupid idiot we could have bought something while returning but he did not stop the bike at all anywhere. “That’s part of your punishment” he walked to his room. “Punishment for that we watched match right?” I asked him confused. “The leg pain I got due to standing and watching the match for 3 hours who will compensate for that and moreover what if it was one day match than T20 you idiot. All due to your extraordinary memory power” he huffed and closed his room door.

I walked to the kitchen annoyed and started preparing the dinner with the candles help. What Jallad I have got as my room mate. I pity on his wife. Punishment for everything. How will she survive this Gaddafi I really wonder. I chuckled as I prepared the dinner. And we literally had a candle light dinner like couples.

I lied on my bed and started staring my cellphone. He he that’s what my mom says. Ghurna(Staring) I missed her so much. My mom’s satellite by god. She takes just moment to sense me though we are miles apart. I received the call and held it a bit away from my ear as I knew she has to finish her bhajan then only she will talk normally like human beings. “Hello Hello” I understood she knew that I have kept the phone away and I’m not listening to her. I brought the phone near to me “Haa maa” I said and again she started her bhajan. Gosh mom take a chill pill. In the process of making annoyed faces I did not hear what was she talking actually and just said “Haa maa teekh hai(Ok mom)” “Phew” I said and placed the phone after setting the alarm for tomorrow morning. “Gosh what a tiring day it was” I yawned and blew the candle and pulled the quilt over my face and dozed off.

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  1. superb dear.sanlak scenes are awesome.loved it.update soon

  2. Superb, loved it

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    awesome hehe i am reading both in tu and wattpad

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    awesome dear….cricket watching scenes superbb….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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    Amazing interesting keep going

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    fab xx

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