Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -14)

Here is the last chapter : Part 13

The seasons have been changing and marking the difference in day and night patterns. I felt the sun light earlier today than usual and opened my eyes when it pricked them. Moving slightly I felt Ragini’s head over my chest.

She was peacefully sleeping like a small kid in my embrace. A smile crept on my lips as I felt her presence. Yawning lazily I tried moving out of her embrace without disturbing her sleep.

But she guessed my move and tightened her grip across my stomach. “Umm” she moaned not willing to let me go. “Ragini” I whispered kissing her hair. “Hm” her lazy voice was also melodious enough to make me smile.

“It’s morning” I played with her hair strands. “It’s Sunday” she moved more close to me and covered the distance between us. “Some more time” she pleaded and I smiled at her cuteness. “Okay” I tightened my grip across her shoulder and she smiled in her sleep.

She has been more relaxed from the time we had consulted the gynecologist three months ago. And I did not wanted anything more than that.

She clucked in her sleep when we heard a door bell. Today finally is the day when Laksh will get punishment for all his deeds. I was damn happy that finally his one act annoyed Ragini. I folded my lips to control my laugh imagining his state when Ragini will see him today this early morning.

“I will check” I moved her head to the pillow and sat up. She held my wrist when I stood up. “Don’t go” she said cutely and I couldn’t help but smile at her cute face. I leaned back and kissed her forehead. “I will come back soon” I smiled walking out of the room.

As I opened the door I found the apartment secretary grinning at me. I weakly smiled at him welcoming inside. I made him a tea and served while he sat discussing the next few meetings which will be held. I nodded my head and looked at our room.

“Bhabi ji isn’t at home?” asked he looking around. “No she is sleeping.” I smiled at him. “Oh then I disturbed you?” he asked worried. Like finally he realized it.

“No nothing like that” I said formally but in my mind I was wishing to use a wand and convert him to some freaky animal for disturbing my time with my Biwi. “I will take your leave then” he finally stood up to walk. I sighed closing the door after he exited the apartment.

I walked back to the room and found Ragini sitting on the bed with her hair scattered around her face. She had closed her eyes with pouting lips.

“What happened?” I moved the hair strands away from her face. “You took too long Pathi” he encircled her hands around my stomach. Her love was different and innocent like a small kid. I always loved when she did such cute things.

“Awww. I’m sorry” I kissed her forehead. She smiled. “Get freshen up. I’m preparing breakfast today” I said caressing her hair. “It’s too early” she lazily said.

“It’s 8 bacha” “But it’s Sunday” she countered me. “Fine. You want to sleep more?” I asked her and she nodded her head. “Okay” I said and we both lied on the bed for some more time before I dragged away myself from her sleeping form slowly and walked to the washroom to get freshen up.

“Ragini. Wake up” I slowly caressed her forehead with my thumb finger. She snuggled lazily when I kissed her forehead. She stretched her arms turning and yawned cutely. She sat up and smiled at me with her cute sleepy face.

“You smell fresh” she spoke with her raspier voice which tickled me and I chuckled. “Do I look like some deo to you?” I looked at her. “Better without the deo” she smiled still with her closed eyes.

“Oh you know my deo smell?” I asked her the silliest question. “What do you think I pin my nostrils when you are around?” she asked and I chuckled. “Freshen up and come. I’m making sandwiches” I tucked her hair strand behind her ear.

“I hate toasts. Let me freshen up and come I will make parathas” she said excitedly. “Parathas will take too much work” I said sadly pouting. “Awww my baby is hungry” she caressed my cheek.

“No. I mean Sunday morning instead of relaxing don’t stress yourself so much” I looked in her eyes. “Nothing stressing. You sometime behave like I’m the only Indian girl who is married and have to look after the household with her work” she tied her hair in a bun getting up from the bed.

I held her wrist dragging her. She sat on my lap and I covered her with my hands.

Nuzzling my nose against her shoulders I rocked her. “You are the only Indian girl who is married to me though” she smiled at my remark.

“I know my bestest hubby of the world. But I love doing these things for you. So it is my way of showing you my love. You have so many ways to show me your  love so I have my ways though they are not as cute as your ways but I can try to be cute right?” she looked at me rubbing her nose with mine.

“You are the cutest angry bird of this whole galaxy” she chuckled hearing me. She kissed my forehead and released herself from my hold and walked to the cup board.

“Shall I help you to take bath” she opened her mouth shocked when I said that winking at her. “You pervert” she threw the cushion on the other side of the bed.

“Oye hello you are my wife. If I help you then how will I become pervert?” I asked her teasing. Her cheeks turned red  as she blushed.

“Shut up” she walked inside the washroom closing the door behind. “Ragini” I leaned to the door. “My offer is still On” I bit my cheeks inside mischievously.

“Sanskar” she complained. “Okay fine. And I was just joking” I said smiling. “I know” she replied back and my smile widened when I realized how much she trusts me.


She was wearing the pink saree which was transparent and her navel was clearly visible. She walked out of the room tying her hair in a neat bun.

I leaned to the kitchen cabinet when she stood knitting the flour. “Enna sona kyu rab ne banaya” I was singing looking at her.

She smiled hearing my song. I slowly walked and stood behind her leaning my body close to her back and she shivered to my touch. “Sanskar please” she whined and I dug my hands in the flour and knitted it with her. Her cheeks had turned red by my closeness.

I bit her ear lobe and she held my hands in the flour. “Don’t you want me to make breakfast?” she whispered gathering herself.

“I want to eat you instead” I nuzzled my nose against her ear and saw the goosebumps on her hands hearing me. She bit her lower lip and she shyly curled her toes and raised her form to my chest . I smiled when I saw her getting affected by me.

I turned her slowly and she stood lowering her head not able to meet my intense gaze. I closed the space between us and she looked up. I dragged her placing my lips over her lips and our hands entangled with each other passionately depicting our feelings right at the time.

“Break fast” she whispered when we departed due to lack of oxygen. “Um” I nodded my head and smiled at her. We knitted the flour, then cut the potatoes and made the parathas. She was in my embrace all the while. And in between I used to kiss her forehead protectively making her smile.

After the breakfast I turned the home theater system ON. She wanted to watch a movie after the breakfast. “Which one?” I shuffled the DVD’s and she looked at them keenly.

“This one” she said excitedly showing me a DVD of Kal Ho Na Ho. “Are you sure you want to watch this?” I took the DVD in my hand. She nodded her head like a small kid. “It’s tragic you know right?” I asked her unsure.

“That’s my favorite” she smiled cutely and I walked to the DVD player and inserted the DVD. The movie started and I  sat beside her. She cuddled in my embrace and I caressed her hair lovingly.

She was enjoying the movie. She giggled in the funny scenes and I just smiled. I have watched that movie like more than five times. And all thanks to my ex room mate Laksh that I have that movie in my collection. I’m not a fan of emotional stories not at all when the ending is tragic.

But Laksh likes weeping buckets. I have given this hint many a times that he more likes the things girls do. And this is one more addition to that list.

Ragini was sobbing when the movie was at interval. I slowly lifted her head holding her chin. Her face had turned pink. All thanks to the tears which left her eyes.

“Hey” I whispered and she pouted looking at me. “Why Aman has to die?” she asked in a cracking voice and I looked at her confused.

Then I remembered she was talking about SRK. “He is still alive. Happy and sound” I reasoned her. “No Aman” she said with her heavy throat pointing at the TV.

“It’s a story Biwi. And it’s the demand of the story” I said cupping her face. “But still” she nuzzled her nose cutely.

I kissed her nose. “I told you it is going to be tragic end” I caressed her cheek with my thumb finger.

“I know I have watched it almost more than 15 times. But every time Aman dies I cry” she said softly. “Seriously even after watching him die so many times how do you end up crying every time?” I asked her and she glared me still pouting. And that was cute; so cute that I pecked her lips.

She buried her head and turned to the TV screen and I placed my chin on her head looking at the TV. She cuddled in my embrace.

She wept some more buckets by the time the movie ended. “Life is so unfair” she said wiping her nose with the tissue paper.

I couldn’t hold my chuckle. “You are so heartless” she looked at me and I dragged her to a side hug. “It was just a movie” I rocked her and she relaxed.


I turned OFF the lights of the hall and walked to the room. Ragini was arranging the bed and I hugged her from back. She smiled nodding her head.

“I love you” I whispered in her ears. She blushed when my hot breath touched her skin. She turned and hugged me dangling her hands around my neck and I kissed her shoulders.

“I love you too” she whispered and I dragged her near to me. There was no gap between us and I loved her clutching to me like that.

“Sanskar” she spoke dubiously. “Hmm” I buried my nose in her hair. She moved her head to her shoulder feeling shy. “Can we?” she stopped. “Can we?” I asked her and she placed her toes on my toes. I was not understanding her actions.

“Can we” she stopped again. “Can we be husband and wife finally?” I completed and she blushed burying her head more inside my embrace. She nodded her head and my heart skipped a beat.

I untied the lace of her blouse slowly caressing her back and she arched her back shivering. As my hands moved touching each inch of her back she buried herself more and more inside my embrace. “Are you sure?” I whispered in her ears.

She stood on her toes’ support and leaned her mouth to my ear. “You want me to write it on a Bond paper Mr. Maheshwari” she bit my cheek teasing me. I widened my eyes when she chuckled looking at me.

I dragged her near to me placing my hand on her back and she landed on my hard chest. She looked into my intense gaze lost for words.

I leaned to her and sealed her lips with mine. Tracing her back I explored her mouth with my tongue and she moaned drawing circles in my hair.

My hands moved to her bun and I released her hair which dangled on her back. Looking at her intensely I picked her in my arms and placed her on the bed. She blushed lowering her head. I held her chin and lifted her head but her eyes were still gazing down. I kissed them and she hugged me tightly. I smiled rubbing her shoulder.

She moved her head and kissed my neck and I leaned to her with passion. The moon moved in the sky and our souls mixed with each other consummating our marriage finally after eight months of our marriage. I was happy and Ragini was happy as we took the next step.

Love comes in all packages and for us it came in arranged marriage pack.

She placed her head on my bare chest and I rubbed her bare shoulder. She cuddled in my embrace. “You are okay?” I asked her. She was too flushed to speak so instead nodded her head in yes.

I placed my chin on her head rocking her. I loved her more as she was tolerating all this to make me happy.

“You are happy?” I asked her. “Very much” she said slightly lifting her head and wiping the small droplet at the edge of her eye. “Hey” I lifted her face to my height. “It’s just my heart is full of happiness and I’m not able to contain it” she said and I kissed her head and then kissed that tear.

She placed her head back on my chest and I rocked her to sleep and after some time she fell asleep.


The alarm made the annoying sound. I threw the cushion at it to silence it. But even after dropping to the ground it did not stop making that annoying sound.

“Damn” I cursed opening my eyes. Ragini woke up when I moved. She opened her eyes looked up at me. “Good morning Biwi” I pecked her lips. She smiled widely.

She suddenly realized that she was lying on my bare chest. She looked at herself and widened her eyes. “Sanskar close your eyes” she covered my eyes with her hand covering herself with her other hand.

“Ragini” I complained. “Sanskar please” she said nervously and I chuckled at her kiddish behavior. “Don’t you remember last night” I dragged her on my chest encircling my hands across her petite waist.

She struggled to get out of my hold. “Please Sanskar” she tried moving my hand and I only tightened my grip.

“Monday” she remembered something. “It’s Monday. We will get late” she said trying to get me moving. “I know” I nodded my head casually. “You haven’t taken a leave from months and even I haven’t. So why don’t we take leave today” I dragged her.

She hit her forehead. “Sanskar let me go” she said. “On one condition” I smirked and she looked at me.

“What?” she asked confused. “Let me drape your Saree today” I said mischievously smiling at her. She widened her eyes in shock. “No…” she said. “Yes” I said pushing her to the bed and towering her.

She covered herself with the blanket and looked at me. “But” her forehead had the wrinkles. “Either this or a leave” I gave her option. She rolled her eyes. “Okay fine” she said and I kissed her cheek. “I love you Biwi” I said lying beside her.

“Now close your eyes” she covered my eyes. “Okay” I smiled closing my eyes. When I slightly opened my eyes I saw her tip toeing covering herself with the blanket. When I cleared my throat she ran into the washroom making me chuckle.

Ragini and her innocence uff. I lied back facing the ceiling and a wide smile covered my lips remembering last night.


“Sanskar” she called me when I was preparing the breakfast. I knew she needed this extra care as the pain might be still there though she will not share it with me.

I walked inside the room and saw her holding the Saree and looking at me. I smiled walking to her. Holding one edge of it I tucked it and rolled a layer across her stomach. Her eyes went wide when my hands touched her stomach.

I looked into her eyes draping the whole Saree and she blushed as my hands touched and teased her skin.

I made her stand in front of the mirror and she had her head lowered. I made her wear the mangalsutra and filled her hair line with vermillion. Then I kissed her cheek and she turned hugging me.

“I love you” she whispered and I leaned to her ear whispering “I love you too” I held her head protectively and she buried herself more in my embrace.


I’m too bad at writing these kind of scenes.

Hope it isn’t weird.


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