Arranged Love (RagSan) (Part -13)

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Part 12

I was too tired when I reached the building. Today was really exhausting as I had two presentation and a meeting to attend. And added to that Mumbai traffic which is unusual at odd days. As soon as I opened the door an aroma hit my nostrils. My taste buds started watering and I closed my eyes in taking the aroma more.

“Liked it” I felt Ragini’s hands covering me from back and a wide smile crept on my lips. “Loved it. You made my favorite food today. What’s special Biwi?” I brought her front and locked in my arms.

“Go freshen up and come” she pushed me to the room without answering my question. “That was not  the answer” I complained. “I will be waiting at the dinner table” she closed the door.

Brushing my hair I walked to the washroom to follow the orders my wife gave me.

When I walked to the dining table she was arranging the bowls and plates. I pulled the chair and settled on it. She turned my plate and I held her wrist and made her sit on the chair beside. “I will have later Sanskar have it” she said but I turned her plate too.

“I’m making this rule from now onward. When we are together we will have food together. And when I’m late you won’t wait for me” I held her hand and kissed it and her lips curved up to form smile. “And same applies to you also. When I’m late you will not wait for me” she bent her neck looking at me.

“Fair enough” I served the food after she refused and insisted that she will do it. She is an awesome cook. And whatever she made she used to put her love in it and it tasted more yum.

After the dinner I helped her to clean the plates. “You are tired na. Go take rest” she stopped me from arranging the  table. “No I will do it” I said and she held my shoulder. “Please na. Look at yourself. Please go and take rest. I will manage it for sure” she insisted.

Reluctantly I walked to the room. She gets up early in the morning to prepare the break fast and the lunch for the box. And then after coming home she prepares the dinner. I cannot burden her with the work like this. Like me even she works in a company and her challenges aren’t any less. So I try to reduce her work as much as possible. Though I have suggested that we will hire a maid but she is a woman after all and that too a marwaran. She doesn’t like someone messing her kitchen and house.

She walked inside the room when I was still staring the ceiling. She placed her ornaments on the dressing table and walked to the bed and lied beside me placing her head on her favorite pillow.

I smiled caressing her hair strands. “I spoke to my boss” she cuddled in my embrace. “Um hm” I smiled as she considered my advice.

“There was a  kind of misunderstanding. He was just pushing me to work more because he believed that I was the one deserving. He wanted me to get a good appraisal. He is sweet only thing is he can’t avoid his tone of talking” she said and I listened to her patiently.

“So this was my reward for the advice?” I bent my head to her. She placed a deep kiss on my cheek. “This was actually the one” she said as her cheeks turned crimson.

“Now I’m greedy” I lifted her head with the help of her chin. And placed my rough lips on her soft creamy lips which parted when I was just an inch away from her. She stroke my hair strands and it made me wanting more and more.

“Damn” I breathed heavily as we departed and she placed her head on my chest again cuddling and I covered her in my embrace placing my chin over her head.

The night was soothing and I was happy. Happy because she was in my life beside me and I was in her life beside her.

What could I ask for more when she filled every little gap in my heart with her love and held me so dear to her and near to her.

It was a Sunday and all my team mates had decided to settle in our home for the next cricket match. We have a rule that every year we settle in one of our team mates home for the match and enjoy the family time.

I wasn’t sure if Ragini would like to entertain the guests in this state. She has mood problems for three days in a month and I did not liked the disturbance the people will create. She agreed to it without thinking. And when it comes to compromising for me she never used to think even once.

Even after my failed attempts to make her understand that it’s okay to be selfish at times she never used to take me seriously regarding this and I had to see her suffer the consequences.

We all settled on the couch and Ragini made the snacks and served all. I could sense her tiredness due to continuous bleeding. I have told her to consult the gynoc many a times as she is bleeding more than earlier and it might be a serious issue to ignore but our Indian ladies have different logic when it was about menstruation and they prefer the natural ways of getting rid off them.

She even hesitated to speak about it to me. And it was me who initiated the talk last month. She avoided it feeling embarrassed to talk about it.

“I told you we would have adjusted in Lucky’s apartment” I cupped her face with my one hand and caressed her cheek caring. “I’m okay” she held my hand and smiled at me. “Don’t tell that when you are not at all okay” I said grabbing the popcorn bowl from her hand and walked to the hall annoyed and helpless.

The match was interesting and we were on our toes as every ball changed the fate of the match to the other team. We were holding our breaths during the last ball. And the ball went up the stadium declaring a six and our team winning the match.

All jumped together and celebrated the moment. Hugging each other and jumping together and screaming at the top of our voices.

My eyes moved to the dining table where Ragini’s eyes met mine suddenly and I saw her expression blank. It was weird as I have not seen her like this. She just watched me like that and I was not understanding why was she staring me though.

After the match when our team mates settled on the dining table she served us the food. She was smiling when someone praised that the food was good when she served me I sensed coldness in her behavior. What happened to her suddenly. I know her moods change swiftly in this time but this was totally unexpected.

She was cleaning the vessels when I bid bye to the guest and walked to the kitchen. Covering her from behind I placed my chin over her shoulder. She looked up blankly. “What happened?” I kissed her cheek. She did not answer. This was first too.

“Hey” I whispered kissing her ear and she continued her work. Releasing herself she walked to the bed and lied on the bed facing her back.

“Ragini” I called her but she did not reply. What happened to her suddenly? I was not understanding anything. “You will get sleep without your favorite pillow?” I asked her and got no answer. Surely something I did which has made her like this. I started rewinding the things happened.

And while doing so I heard her sobs and that sunk my heart. “Hey Ragini” I forcefully turned her and found her sobbing. “Oh freak. What happened?” I was so scared looking at her like this I could not define how I felt.

“Will you please tell me what happened? You are scaring me” I was worried. Hell worried. She nuzzled her nose and her face had turned pink.

“Please na Ragini. Don’t do like this. Please tell me what happened?” I pleaded her and she looked into my eyes with her fluffy red eyes. And my heart was sinking more and more.

“I don’t like sharing” I looked at her confused. “What sharing? I did not even take the food from your plate” I was trying my best to console her.

“I don’t like sharing you” she said and trust me she made me more confused.

In the next moment she covered me and cuddled in my embrace. “I don’t like sharing your hugs. I don’t like sharing your kisses. Your care and your embrace with anyone” I let out a deep sigh as I understood finally what bothered her.

I know it is common in the cities that we hug our colleagues without considering the gender. And when she was staring at me from the kitchen I was hugging Rinki one of my team mate. Gosh she was jealous.

“Thank god” I uttered relaxing. She glared me looking up. “Oh I’m sorry that I made you go through this. I’m really sorry” I pleaded her and she pouted cutely. “I know there is no sorry and thanks in our friendship but when I hurt the cutest angry  bird on the earth I should apologize” I chuckled and she hit me with her fists.

“Listen” I cupped her face and kissed her forehead. “It is common in cities and trust me I don’t have any bad intention she is like my sister. Not only she any girl except you of course are like my sisters and I see them in that light. And I know these are all hormones working on your moods. And still I’m sorry that because of me you have to swell those beautiful eyes of yours” I nuzzled my nose with hers when she smiled.

“Is it bleeding too much?” I asked her concerned. She did not wanted to discuss it and by the way she avoided it I could understand. “I have taken an appointment tomorrow for the check up.” she looked up at me. “And don’t give me reasons that you have work and it’s all  common problem. I have had enough of it. I have asked your boss permission yesterday itself” she opened her mouth.

“And don’t tempt me like this” I closed her mouth and placed my lips on her lips and we both enjoyed the moment in each others embrace.


She fiddled with her dupatta when we were outside the doctor’s cabin. “Ragini” I held her hand and smiled at her. She gave me a weak smile and worry was clearly visible in her eyes. Her name was called and we walked inside the cabin.

As we settled down the doctor greeted us with a smile. She asked Ragini about the problem. I know she was nervous to discuss. “Um I think she is uncomfortable me being here.” I looked at the doctor. “You discuss it with the doctor and I will be waiting outside” I stood up when she held my wrist.

I looked back at her. She was feeling sorry but I understood her reluctance. “It’s okay. I will be outside and please don’t keep secrets with your doctor. I specially took appointment of a lady gynoc for the purpose that you will share everything without hesitation. Okay” I kissed her hair and walked out.

My phone buzzed when I was waiting outside and I took it to check the mails. “Excuse me Mr. Maheshwari” the nurse dragged my attention and I looked up at her. “Doctor is calling you” she said and I nodded my head and walked inside the cabin placing the phone back in the pocket. When I settled in front of the doctor Ragini was still in the examination room.

“Nothing serious to worry Mr. Maheshwari. She wasn’t following some cleanliness tricks like not changing the pad for the long time. As a working woman that’s the main concern. So I have advised her. If the bleeding is more not to drive the vehicle and take a off from the work if the company isn’t providing disposal of napkins. I have prescribed some tablets as she complained of abdominal pain. Let her follow this and if she is taking care of the cleanliness she will be fine by two months” I nodded my head at the doctor.

She is not from a city to be open minded about  such issues but girls need to understand that it isn’t taboo to talk about such things to your husband and at the same time we also should understand what our wife is going through during this time. We should ignore it saying it is too personal to discuss.

I bought the medicine and some more items from the medical store and then we drove back to home.

Ragini was all flushed not even looking at me after we entered the home.

“Ragini” I called her and made her sit in front of me on the couch. She was still not meeting my eyes. Finding no other way I grabbed both of her hands. “Don’t you consider me your friend first and then your husband” I bent my head and she looked up at me.

She nodded her head in a yes. “So stop feeling embarrassed. It is common and natural thing. You need feel embarrassed that I know about it. I’m your husband and have all the rights to know it” I said and she just looked at me.

“And I have all the rights to help you to reduce your problem. From next month you will not drive in those days alright?” I asked and she nodded her head like a small kid and I so loved her for that.

“And main thing about the napkins. If you don’t want to go to the medical store and ask for it every month I will do it. I know you aren’t used to buy it neither me but  I don’t have hesitation at least” she looked at me shocked.  “Don’t give me that look. I know your major problem is you assume people judge you by that” I said rolling my eyes.

“And don’t your company provide good enough sanitation? Or are you afraid to ask anyone about it?” I asked and she looked down. “Let me do that too. Give me your colleagues number” I grabbed her phone which she snatched immediately.

“No I will talk and will know about it” she said looking down. “It has been six months that you are working and you don’t even know about it?” I asked her in disbelief and she shook her head slowly.

“Promise me you will know  about it and will not repeat this again. And you have to tell me this if you want me to continue talking to you” she looked at me pleading. “No excuses in this matter” I warned her and she nodded her head pouting.

I give credit to her village and upbringing that she is still hesitant to talk about it. And it is the case with the maximum women in our country that they don’t discuss their problems.

“Look at me” I lifted her head. “There is nothing to be embarrassed about it alright. And it  isn’t any bad blood that you are assuming let it go. And at times you will feel weak as the time goes and you will suffer from Anemia. And it can be serious. Don’t ignore it. I know you don’t want to discuss with me. So whenever you have problem just tell me to take you to gynoc I will do that and you can share it with her” I said and she nodded her head.

“And there is something else” I took the bag from the medical store. “What is this?” she asked. “That if I say you will feel more embarrassed” I said when she opened the bottle of V wash.

She looked at me making an embarrassed face. “And don’t tell me it isn’t required all that stuff.” I placed the bottle on the small table and she covered me in her embrace placing her head on my chest.

“You know what?” she asked. “You are the best hubby in the world” she dragged me more close to her and I smiled at her.

“And you are the best wifey in the world” I kissed her hair.

“I love you” she said in a cracking voice. “Hey” I brought her face up. “I never knew I will be so lucky to get you in my life. Where my own mom used to never give importance to my such problems you are worried about every little thing” she said as her eyes filled with tears.

“Because I’m lucky enough to have you in my life. And I should do it in return for what you do for me. I can’t even imagine what and all you go through at this time but you never made me feel that you are in pain or you are uncomfortable. So it is my duty to understand it even though you don’t share it with me or hesitate to share” I rubbed her cheek with my thumb finger.

I know some people feel it odd that a guy talks about it. But we have to remove this taboo from the world that it is shameful for a girl to share her problems regarding this. There is nothing embarrassing to share it. Because that only can avoid the problems in future.

Like if Ragini would have listened to me earlier to visit the gynecologist she wouldn’t have suffered this long.

She was sleeping on my lap and I did not wished to disturb her sleep. Slowly lifting her head and placing it on the couch I got up. Picking her carefully in my arms I placed her on the bed. She moved in her sleep and placed her head on my chest when I lied beside her. My lips stretched to form a wide smile as I loved the fact that she feels the comfort only when her head lies over my chest. How in her sleep too she searches for her favorite pillow.

Caressing her hair lovingly I did not realize when the sleep covered me.


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