Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 9

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It was mrng. Ragini was still on bed changing sides thinking of previous nite. a smile unknowingly appeared on her lips.

Swa: some one is lost somewhere. O meri rago. Come out of ur imagination world. We have to go now.

Rag suddenly: so soon?

Swa: agar Mera bas chalta to we wud have leave u and jiju here only. But wat to do.

Rag: idiot. Let’s go.

All left for there home.


Both ragsan were waiting for their meeting again. But it cudnt happen as sanskar joined buiseness and Maya and Mohit also got busy in marriage preparation. They were only talking on mob twice a day. Mrng and nite. That too abt bf and dinner. They wanted to talk more but were hesitating.

Soon marriage day came. All preparations were going on.

Dadi: do everything fast. I want everything to b perfect. Ap bahu, did u prepare wat I had told?

Ap: ji maa ji.

Dadi: Sujata bahu. Wat abt u?

Suj: meet too done maa ji.

Dadi: and… ( She stopped and saw dadu eating laddoo) how many times I told u k mithayi se door hi rahiye.

Dadi: vo….plsss koku..

She glares at him.

Dadu: (keeps sweets in plate) k fine. But after marriage I’ll have. That’s final.

She just glares and left.

Ragini was sitting on bed. All jewelry,lehenga everything was Infront of her. Sharmishta comes to her.

Shar: wat happened Ragu.? Get ready.

Rag: mom. Pls u make me ready today. (Gets emotional) I want u to make me ready. This day is very special for me and I want to make it more special by these memories.

Shar hugs her. Kisses her head.

Shar: my small daughter became so mature. Every mother wud love to make her daughter ready on this day. Come I’ll make u ready.

Sharmishta makes her ready.

Shar: very beautiful. See in mirror. Meri hi nazar na lage.

Shekhar and swara entered.

Both: hamari bhi.

Ragini hugs Shekhar. All share group hug.


Sanskar is getting ready with mohit’s help.

Mohit: dulha ready hogaya. Chalo mantap me, dulhan ko layenge.

Sanskar blushes.

Pandit ji calls groom. Sanskar comes and sits in mantap. Pandit ji chants mantras.

Ragini was waiting in room for her call. Swara comes to her with a small box.

Swa: till today we shared everything. For others we r twins, but we know that we are one and always will b. Till now we never gave any gift to eachother. This is my first special gift to u. All d best for ur new life.

Both hug. Ragini tries to open box.

Swa: not now. After going to home open it.

Just then pandit ji calls bride. Swara takes Ragini with her. She stopped with her near door.

Swa: today for the first time I’ll sleep alone in our room. Ur bed will b empty. I don’t have anyone to talk and share with. M addicted to u. If sometime I call u then pls don’t ignore in ur new life.

Ragini hugs her with teary eyes.

Rag: even m feeling same. How can u think I’ll ignore u. My breathe will stop at the time I ignore my family. I’ll miss u all. Main thing is I won’t b having u by my side to kick while sleeping.

Both laugh.

Rag: don’t make any changes in our room. I want it same whenever I come.

Shar: stop crying both of u. My kids shud always smile. Now come they are calling.


Ragini goes and sits beside sanskar. He looks at her and lost in her beauty. He slowly says.

San: u r looking very beautiful.

She blushed. They stood for rounds. While taking rounds sanskar holds ragini’s hands tightly. After rounds sanskar makes her wear mangalsutra and fills her hair line.

Pandit: now onwards u r husband and wife.

San slowly: congratulations mrs.maheshwari.

She smiles.

Pandit: take blessings from elders.

Both go to dadi and dadu for blessings. They took blessings from ap,do,ram,Sujata and Ragini’s parents.

It’s bidai now. Ragini’s family get emotional.

Shek: m giving u my life. Take care of her. She’s my everything.

San: from now she’s my everything.

He hugs Shekhar. They left in car for maheshwari mansion.


At mansion.

Ap puts kalash at entrance. And keeps thali.

Ap: kick this slowly and come to home temple after keeping legs in plate.

She does thier arti. She was abt to kick Maya stops her.

May: wait. Let me record this.

She starts recording.

Dadi: Maya. It’s not gud to stop any ritual in middle.

Maya: sry dadi.

Ragini enters and goes to temple and does arti.

After sometime ap takes her to sanskar’s room.

Ap: from now this is ur room too. U wait here. I’ll send sanskar.

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