Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 6

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Hi friends. Sry for late. Tmrw I’ll post Tere ishq me jana. Let’s start with this next part.

Next day Mohit and sanskar get ready for office. They joined bf with others. They saw Maya sitting with sad face.

Dp: m leaving with ram. U both get ready and come fast after having bf. It’s ur first day.

Both: we r ready only

Dp looks at them from bottom to top.

Dp: u r coming to office. Not any party or outing. Wear formals and come.

Ram and dp left. Both look at each other.

Ap: get ready and leav.

Dadi: maya, serve bf to them.

San: its ok dadi. Wats the need, we will take.

Dadi: I dint ask u. (to maya) dint u hear? Serve. Within few months u r going to b DIL of another home. U shud know and learn all these things. Ap bahu, suj bahu, prepare her. And u too sanskar and mohit. u shud work hard daily and maintain discipline.

Both: ok dadi.

Maya serves to all. All had bf and goes to their particular work.

Mohsan reached office. Dp shows them their cabin.

Dp: today u just observe. From tmrw I’ll tell ur work.

He left. After sometime sanskar was loosening his tie. He openes few buttons of his shirt.

San: now feeling relaxed. I was comfortable in casuals only. Don’t know how I’ll bear this daily.

Moh enters loosinig his tie: soon u’ll get adjusted. Really man its our office, we can wear anything.

He sits on chair and keeps his legs on table. They heard someone opening door of cabin.

San: oh no. I think dad came.

They made their shirt proper. They get relaxed when they see its dadu.

San: dadu, u scared us.

Dadu: my kids first day. How its going on?

San: not gud.

Dadu sits on chair with them.

Dadu: I want to tell u both something. Ur college life is over. Soon u both wil get marry. So before that u shud stand on ur leg. U shud become responsible person. M not telling to b serious all time. But when it comes to work, u shud give ur best.

Both hug dadu.

Both: we will give our best dadu. Thanku.

Dadu: ok lets order some chats. We will celebrate ur first day.

Moh: but spicy food is not allowed for u.

San: just one day mohit. hai na dadu?

Dadu: of coure my child.

They both hi fi.

They ordered (zomato, ?) and started to eat. Dp and ram entered and sees them.

Dp: dad, u also?

Dadu: come on dp.

Ram: inka kuch nai ho sakta. Lets join.

They too join.


Sanskar was looking at his mob.

Moh: u do first.

San: wat?

Moh: msg.

San: wat msg?

Moh: don act. I know u r waiting for ragini’s msg. she may feel shy to msg first. So u do.

San: u r rite.

He sends msg.

‘wat r u doing?’

Ragini was in her kitchen that time talking with swara.

Rag: my hands r oily. See whose msg.

Then suddenly.

Rag: no no. let it b.

Swa: y let it b. its jiju msg. lets see. Hmmm ‘wat r u doing’ wat to reply.

Rag: don’t do anything swara.

Swa: last time ragu.

Rag: no. pls.

Swa: last last.

She sends msg.

Sanksar opens it and gets happy. She sent

‘thinking of u’

San: she’s very romantic.

Moh: wat happened?

San: hmm? Nothing. ( to himself) I think this might b sent by swara.

Here ragini washed her hands. And took her mob.

Rag: wat u did swara.

Swa: again and again u cant tell him my name.

Rag: but I can tell other thing.

She types and sends

‘thinking of using new mob, sry I sent half msg in hurry’

San smiles. He gets ap call and both talk abt shopping.


Two days left for engangement.

Maya: sanskar, I think u shud meet ragini once. U r getting engaged and still u r in msging only. Go to next level yaar. Meet her, spend sometime. U’ll come to know abt each other.

San: but dadi.

Moh: who’s going to tell her. We will make some reason and go out.

Same convo happens between swarag.

Swara calls maya.

Swa: hi. Actually I called to tell u that me and ragini r going out, so wil u join us?

Maya: of course.

Swa: ok, then meet u at 4 near café.

Maya: done.

They cut call.


Ragini was sitting in middle of her all dresses.

Rag: swara, help me in selecting, wat to wear.

Swa: small thing also u cant do. (she took a salwar) this looks perfect on u.

Rag: hmmm.

She gets ready. She saw herself in mirror and blushed thinking of sanskar.

Swa: hello madam. Thoda sa blush bachake rakho for jiju.

Rag glares her.

Sanskar was also confused in selecting dress. Maya helps him.

All left.


At cafe Maya, Mohit and swara sits separately. And ragsan sit separate.

Again there was silence.

Coffee came. They started to drink. Trio were seeing them from there places.

Maya: arey Yaar. I have not seen such shy couple. We took risk and made them meet and they’re still quite.

Ragsan saw other couple drinking from same cup. Then they look at each other at same time. Ragini avoids eye contact feeling shy.

San: did u do shopping for engagement?

Rag: ji. Almost. U?

San: me too. Wat do u like most in dress, I mean saree or salwar or something else.

Rag: anything except shorts.

San thinks something.

Maya came: time over. Today also u wasted in seeing each other. Badi ma called. She told to come soon. Or else dadi will question her.

Rag: thanku for coffee.

San: it’s ok.

Maya, mohit and swara went to parking place telling them to come soon.

After them.

San: r u comfortable?

Rag nods: will meet on engagement then. Bye.

San: ok bye.

Rag left. She walks little bit. Sanskar was still sitting. She again comes back and took sanskar’s cup and drinks some coffee from that and left fast from there.

Sanskar stood and smiled happily.

If u feel that story is moving slowly, let me Tel that as it’s start for ragsan, slowly they’ll feel comfortable with each other.

Hope you liked it.

Love u all ????

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