Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 11

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Both ragsan comes to home temple where all were already present and ap was doing arti.

Moh audible to sanskar: how was ur first nite bro?

He teased him.

San: very nice. I wish teri bhi first nite aise hi ho.(he remembers her kick).
Ap gave arti to all. Ragini also takes arti.

Dadi: ragini, as u r new DIL of this home from tmrw u shud do arti.

She nods.

Dadi: take blessings from all.

Ragini takes blessings from all elders then she stood beside sanskar.

Dadi: this is ur first day. Take blessings from all elders.
Ragini dint understand.

Dadi: Maya and Mohit r elder than u.

Maya audible to moh: dadi is saying as if we became old. It means she wants Ragini to take our blessings?

Both looked at eo. Ragini went and was abt to bend. Maya suddenly hugs her. She looked at Mohit. He signs her to go as dadi was looking other side. Ragini goes to sanskar again.

Dadi: wat abt sanskar Ragini? He’s ur husband.

San in mind: oh no. Dadi ne to meri waat laga di. Wat Ragini Wil think.

He closed his eyes. Ragini bends and touches his feet. He moved back. Ragini smiles and stood up. He opened his eyes and feels little bad.

Al men were sitting on dining table for bf. Dadi too joined them. There were so many dishes on table.

Dadi: Ragini bahu. Today is ur first Rasoi. Wat did u cook?

Rag: dadi.. vo actually to be honest, I don’t know cooking. During college days mom never allowed me to cook anything. She was only doing everything for us. She didn’t wanted to disturb our studies. As graduation completed marriage happened. So I didn’t get time to learn. Sry.

Dadi smiles: I liked that u said truy. No prob at all. U can learn now. Ap and Sujata bahu Wil help u. And Maya also give u company in learning.

Rag: thanku dadi. I prepared this kheer. I don’t know Kaisa Bana hai. I don’t want to spoil my first Rasoi. So I made this.

She served to all. All liked it. She got happy. All had bf.

Ap: Ragini, don’t feel bad abt whatever dadi told during arti. I know present generation don’t like this.

Rag: maa.. it’s ok. I didn’t mind.

Ap: u go to ur room. During preparing lunch u join us. Spend some time with sanskar.

Ragini blushed. She goes to room and saw sanskar sitting in deep thinking. As he saw Ragini he says

San: m really really sry Ra..

Rag: it’s ok sanskar ji. I know what you wat to say. M ok with that. No prob.

San: till elders blessings it’s ok Ragini. But Maya and Mohit …. And then me..

He bends his head down.

Rag: sanskar ji. Stop now. Did I complain? It’s only for today as it was first day. And moreover I don’t know much abt rituals. Me,mom, dad and swara were celebrating and doing rituals but not so deeply. Here I can come to know abt these things. Don’t b sry and don’t wry abt that. If I feel something like that, I’ll Tel u.

San: thanku so much Ragini. I was really very uncomfortable but now, little relaxed.

He sits on bed closing eyes. Ragini smiles at him. She sits near him.

Rag: sanskar ji. U don’t look good when u r tensed. No one told u this?

San: m ok now. Thanks for understanding.

He got up and and opened a cupboard.

San: this part is urs. I’ve cleaned it. U keep all ur clothes here. If u need anything, Tel me.

She nods. She started to unpack her bag.

San: u need any help?

Rag: no. It’s ok.

San: but I want to help.

He joins her. He saw her clothes.

San: Ragini, u brought only sarees?

Rag: yes. So?

San: don’t u wear anything except these?

Rag: I do. But now after marriage I didn’t get wat to bring. So first I thought this. Then thought to ask ur permission.

San: we r equal. No need of any permission. I bring whatever u want.

Rag: thanku.

San slowly in her ears: I hope for everything no need of permission.

She understood his meaning and blushed. Both arranged her things. Ap called Ragini. She left room. Sanskar laying on bed smiles at Thier talks.

At kitchen

Sujata: Ragini, today no need to work. U just chat with us.

Rag: chachi..

Ap: ha beta. It’s first day. U enjoy. From tmrw everything has to do only.

Maya: ya. I agree.

They start cooking. Maya was chatting with Ragini.

Ap: Maya. U’ll only talk or let us also to talk with her.

All laughs.

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